What Is Vinyl Deck Flooring Waterproof Decks

What Is Vinyl Deck Flooring Waterproof Decks

Let’s Start Learning A Little History

A PVC Sheet Flooring Material Originally From Chrysler

The first PVC sheet flooring material was made by Chrylser. It became known as «Chrysler Vinyl» and was used to keep decks of boats dry and safe with a grippy surface.

I don’t know if they are the only manufacturer today.

But it didn’t take long before it was adapted for use in the decking industry as a great low maintenance vinyl flooring solution to replacing and maintaining rotting and worn wood decks.

Various Thickness For Different Applications

The material is made in 20 mil, 40mil and 60 mil. Don’t bother with the 20 mil as it is so thin it’s not worth using.

Only the 40 and 60 mil is worth using. The 60 mil is approved for use as a waterproofing material over living spaces.

Sloped For Drainage

Any deck, wood, vinyl, composite should always have a slope to help shed water away from the house. But with a waterproof vinyl deck flooring material its even more important.

2% is a minimum required slope. But even up to 3% or 4% you still will hardly notice it.

And any railing system can be built so the posts are installed just slightly below 90 degrees to appear vertical.

Proper Deck Surface Preparation Is Essential

The vinyl membrane is glued to the decking surface so the plywood has to be smooth.

At least 5/8 T&G is recommended. Glued and screwed to the joists.

All joints should be grinded smooth and then all screw holes and seams trowelled smoth with liquid cement flooring compound so the final surface appears perfectly smooth.

The most critical part of what makes this material shed water is the heat welding of the overlapped seams.

They used to try to do invisible seams without overlapping but they continually failed so don’t every try it.

Appearance And Keeping It Looking Good

Their are dozens of colors to choose. Darker colors are hotter in the sun. But they conceal dirt or debris better.

Darker colors will fade more noticeably than lighter colors. Good vinyl deck flooring has lots of UV protectors in it which is quite effective in minimizing any fading.

What Is Vinyl Deck Flooring Waterproof Decks

There really isn’t a lot of annual maintenance required. Mostly you just have to spray the deck down. But there are some things you have to take of right away:

Hamburger grease

Try to get to this sooner rather than later. Wipe off as much you can or scrape it. You can harden it a bit with an ice cube if needed first. Then apply some Fantastik spray cleaner and rinse it off.

Sap from trees

This is the nastiest stuff to remove and is harder if the texture is really deep. Chill and harden it with some ice. Then use a fairly stiff brush with soapy water. Try some Fantastik cleaner and rinse off.


Fantastic spary cleaner is your best bet here followed by a water rinse. For gooey stuff, use an ice cube to chill and harden it then you can more easily scrape it or wipe it off.

Are You Ready To Do it?

Highly recommended to talk to a professional installation company that guarantees their vinyl deck flooring material and also the workmanship. Duradek is a veteran in this business.

Now you should have a base level of knowledge about the facts surrounging pvc vinyl deck flooring.

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