Vesdura Vinyl Plank Flooring Review — 10 Maintenance Tips

Vesdura Vinyl Plank Flooring Review - 10 Maintenance Tips

Vesdura Vinyl Plank Flooring Review — 10 Maintenance Tips

Note: See 10 maintenance tips further down!

It is quite amazing to see how home remodeling technology has evolved over time. These days you can get truly authentic-looking vinyl flooring that looks like wood planks!

One example of this is commercial grade Vesdura vinyl plank flooring. Reviews highlight the long-term warranty and the easy-to-install click-together design of the planks.

You can even go to an online store to order free Vesdura samples (see the link further down!).

Many of us absolutely love the looks and texture of real hardwood. However, budgets are tight and schedules packed, making it hard to keep up with the cost and maintenance. If you want to start out with a more affordable floor covering in your home, interlocking vinyl plank flooring may bring that remodeling project within reach.

Now, it is true that these floors probably will not add the same value to your home as real hardwood, but they can still look great if the installation is done with care. If you follow the maintenance instructions closely, the wood-look appearance can give you pleasure for many years to come.

St Erhard SplasH2O Collection — Vesdura Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

  • This collection is noted for its resiliency, due to the plank thickness as well as the impressive thickness of the wear layer. The flooring planks are tough and durable enough to be suitable for high-traffic areas, including residential and even a variety of commercial settings.

  • This is one of the glueless floor coverings DIY enthusiasts are bound to enjoy tackling. Thanks to UNICLIC technology, the planks simply interlock to create what is called a floating floor. In fact, this floor must never be glued to the subfloor. How does that sound? No glue messes during your DIY job, thanks to wood planks that simply click together!

  • Another point of note in reviews is that the planks are waterproof. This means that this Vesdura line can be used even in basements and bathrooms, provided that the installation is done correctly.

  • The vinyl wood planks are very authentic-looking and even simulate the textures of real wood with shades such as.

    These vary from light to rich in color. Remember lighter floors can be used to offset dark furniture beautifully, while darker wood planks may be better suited to show off your lighter furniture. Plank dimensions are 12″ x 36″.

  • These floors can be used with or without an underlay, although an underlay adds to sound dampening and more comfort underfoot. If you have the cushioning a quality underlay pad provides, standing on the floor for longer periods should be less tiring for your feet and legs. Other Vesdura St Erhard lines come with an attached cork underlay. Talk to your supplier about the one best suited for your installation.

  • The high density core allows for very good impact resistance. This can be attributed to the high density core.

  • Reviews also point out the lengthy residential warranty period, as well as a substantial commercial use warranty. A solid warranty usually shows the level of trust a manufacturer has in the particular product. Keep in mind that you need to follow installation instructions to the letter to make sure you don’t void any aspect of the warranty. The same applies when it comes to maintenance.

    10 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Vesdura Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring

  • Try to use blinds or drapes to protect your floors during the hours of direct sunlight. The sun may cause fading and damage.

  • Use rugs or mats in doorways to catch and grit or grime. Make sure these don’t come with a rubber backing that can damage or discolor your floor.

  • Be careful about spiked heels or untrimmed pet nails. These may damage your floor installation over time.

    Vesdura Vinyl Plank Flooring Review - 10 Maintenance Tips
  • It is safer to use felt pads underneath furniture feet as an extra measure of protection. Your supplier may also advise you to use rubber casters or a chair mat, depending on your use of the flooring. Always check what is recommended.

  • When you have to move heavy furniture, be sure not to drag it over the floor. One tip is to try placing a rug underneath to assist with moving a heavy piece. Make sure that there is no grit under the rug that can scratch the floor in the process of moving furniture.

  • Make sure you get the manufacturer’s recommended product for dealing with scuff marks. Be sure to use it according to the directions.

  • You should not wax your floor.

  • Remember that floating floors allow you to do a section replacement of the planks involved, if there is a serious mishap down the line. To make provision for this, buy some extra planks. If you don’t do this, the line may be discontinued by the time you need them, or the shading may be slightly different.

  • Wipe any spills immediately. Although these planks are waterproof, you don’t want standing water or other fluids on them.

  • Never use abrasive cleaners. Follow the supplier or manufacturer’s recommendation when choosing cleaning supplies.

    You could also check out porcelain tile that looks like wood planks. if you wish. This is another popular and durable option.

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