Tile Flooring Design

Tile Flooring Design

Tile Flooring Design

Interior design tile flooring is an art unto itself. Tile flooring patterns and designs allow homeowners to create a unique floor nobody else has because they are in charge of the tile flooring design.

If you want to create a stunning floor in your home, tile flooring design may be for you. Interior design tile flooring makes use of uniquely-designed tile shapes and unusual colors to produce flooring themes or even pictures or mosaics. And you can combine unusual tiles with traditional tiles to create your own special look.

If you have ever walked into an elegant entryway paved with tiles that appeared to be small fish, you have seen the magic of tile flooring patterns and designs at work. For the homeowner, tile flooring design offers:

* the chance to hide floor flaws

* creation of unique floors

* a durable floor that doesn’t need a rug

* lasting and value-adding artwork

* easy clean ups

Those plusses are balanced by these points:

* higher price

* complex installation

* time consuming

Tile flooring design depends on unique tiles, a design or pattern, and time for installation. In most cases, the unique tiles are hand made and hand-rolled. To create a design or pattern, a designer or contractor creates a theme or image you will enjoy on the floor. Then, the pattern or design is drawn out on a plan or chart. This helps the homeowner imagine how the final result will appear. This step also helps determine how many tiles will be needed. Based on this design and plan, clay is mixed and shaped before being fired and glazed, or the special tiles you need are ordered. The result is a number of tiles in unique shapes and colors. The tiles are especially glazed to be very durable.

The tiles used in tile flooring design are made to be very hardy — many can even be cleaned with steel wool. Since most manufacturers charge more for these tiles, and since these tiles are handmade in many cases, extra care is taken with each tile. In general, the tiles are glazed to have a MOH (measure of hardness) ranking of about 5, although different manufacturers may produce tiles with different ratings.

Tile flooring design has been part of the decorative arts since ancient times. The Romans introduced the practice of mosaic tile patterns to Europe, but tiles have gone in and out of fashion since then. Often, tiles were used to make churches and cathedrals beautiful, although by the 1800s, finer homes were introducing elegant tile flooring patterns and designs to floors as well.

Tile flooring design has a few drawbacks. One of the major disadvantages is price. Since tiles are often custom made or made in small batches for tile design projects, installation is often more arduous and complicated and the tiles themselves are also more complicated. While the results can be breathtaking, this is one of the most expensive flooring options for homeowners. The process of having tile designs created and the floor layout designed contributes to this flooring choice being more time-consuming, and expensive.

Despite this, the benefits of tile design actually outweigh the drawbacks. This type of flooring is very useful for hiding a number of flaws, including uneven floors. Kitchen tile flooring designs, for example, can help impart a cheerful look to any kitchen while giving the optical illusion of perfectly level floors. Whether you are looking to disguise a flaw or make a statement, kitchen designs (or any other room’s designs) through tile flooring can be a fun way to go. Tile flooring designs are also the most unique and stylish flooring choice, since they allow homeowners to express their personal style and complement their decor beautifully. This type of flooring creates personalized masterpieces of art on the floor, which is not only very beautiful, but can also adds immense value to a home. Thanks to the careful production of tiles, the designs and patterns often last for a long time and are easy to clean, as well.

If you want flooring that is more than functional, tile flooring design allows you to create unique art masterpieces literally under your feet. Stun your friends, family, and guests with a special interior design tile flooring treatment.

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