Riverside Carpet Flooring and Installation

Riverside Carpet Flooring and Installation

Why You Should Choose Carpet One in Riverside

Easy to Maintain Finishes with Ideal Durability: Stunning Floor Tiles

At Carpet One in Riverside you can take a leisurely walk on the natural side of life with our stunning and luxurious floor tiles. We offer both ceramic and porcelain as well as natural stone tiles. We create the floors that attract attention. Our stunning timeless quality ensures that your surroundings will always look perfect. All of our designs are very appealing and easy to maintain. Your floor will look great year after year with no signs of wear or tear. Whether you select slate, granite, travertine, marble, onyx, mosaic sandstone or quartzite, we offer what youre looking for in flooring. We also feature great accent tiles with glass listellos, stone, profiles, natural fixtures basins and switch plates. We even offer glass mosaics as well as subway, glass mix and listellos. We can then help you select a nice grout and colorants as well as seals and caulks for installation.

Floor Tile: Ceramic

There is an art to firing the rich hearty clay that comes from the earth. This technique is as old as the earth itself. This tradition will continue with our ceramic floor collections. Our floors are forged from the hearty rich clays that are collected from deep within the body of the earth. We then fire them to perfection. Our ceramic tiles are embellished and our methods date back to the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans who always had beautiful flooring. We have continued their art forms and are proud to display our natural elegance. We use vibrant tones and charismatic textures. Our ceramic tiles from Carpet One in Riverside will give you an affordable flooring of tile with gorgeous visual appeal.

Floor Tiles: Porcelain

Porcelain is a beautiful method to use in flooring. Ours is a soft, delicate soothing look with a vivid translucent color. Porcelain is very durable and still looks artistic. We fire our porcelain at high temperatures and our rich palette can often make it a challenge to tell it apart from natural stone. Remarkably durable and forged in flames, it will last your home for a long long time. These floors are not susceptible to clefting from frost damage either.

Floor Tiles: Stone

Stone floor tiles offer you many options and styles. Limited only to what you can come up with, you wont go wrong with this choice in flooring. Swirled tones of slate, sleek travertine or the gorgeous hues of marble will lend an extraordinary air to your home flooring. We offer a variety of tile shapes and sizes which can create unique stone mosaics. Our natural stone flooring is very inspirational.

Mosaic Tiles

Our stone mosaic tiles will transform your room (walls or floors) into unique masterpieces of art. Our intricate patterns and unique lively textures offer a bold impact on many unique spaces. These are designed to portray the finest details of your home and have an unparalleled level of artistry to offer any home surface. Our interlocking square tiles of onlxy to jagged textures are all cut to fit together as a jigsaw puzzle. Carpet One in Riverside offers mosaic stone, porcelain, glass, rock, stainless steel, glass mix, accents, stone and ceramics.

Floor Tiles: Bathroom

Many feel that tile and bathrooms go together. Consider the natural attribute that its waterproof and easy to clean. Gorgeous and if youre opting for a natural stone like slate, its non slip.

Tiles: Entry Way

Entryways are the gateway to your home. Youd be hard pressed to welcome your guests any other way. Warm and inviting a tiled entry will leave a good first impression.

Riverside Carpet Flooring and Installation

Floor Tiles: Kitchen

Kitchens are high traffic areas like kitchens are ideal candidates for tiled flooring. Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone all offer durable easy maintenance as well as a pleasing appeal to the eye.

Floor Tiles: Laundry

Your laundry room is one of the most utilitarian rooms in the house. A tiled floor can offer great personality to this room as well as maintain the rooms functionality.

Tiles: Patio

Most people will go for a boring concrete masonry on the patio. You dont have to. Our durable natural stone allows you to welcome the warmth of tile into your home.


Now that you know the variety of what you have to work with, you can think about the color and style that will best suite your home for the rooms you wish to tile. We offer affordable pricing and designs for every budget.

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