Noblesse Laminate Flooring items in Discount Laminate Flooring store on eBay!

Noblesse Laminate Flooring items in Discount Laminate Flooring store on eBay!

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LIQUIDATION SALE! EVERYTHING MUST GO TO MAKE WAY FOR NEW INVENTORY. This is the real thing not a Chinese knock off. Currently we offer 2 great Kronoswiss Brands.

KronoSwiss, A World Class Manufacturer has recently custom created just for us the superior flat-lock click inter-locking mechanism. Currently then I can honestly say that I’m the only laminate flooring distributor in the US with this superior locking mechanism for the KronoSwiss Noblesse Swiss-Click brand. If you are asking yourself at this time, why go through all the trouble to provide the flat-lock Kronoswiss flooring then you are probably also familiar with the phrase, don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.

Was $1.64 Now $1.10 sq ft.

Don’t say, I didn’t warn you so 5 years later when your flooring starts having problems at the seems or during the actual install if you purchase laminate somewhere else.

Was $1.64 Now $1.10 sq ft.

We carry, as of 11-01-06, the latest and most improved Snap-click Kronoswiss Noblesse Crystal-Clic — 8mm heavy textured. Was $1.64 Now $1.10 sq ft.

— Attention Shoppers for Kronoswiss Crystal Clic — It has come to my attention that I need to make clear the quality of the locking mechanism, and wear layer we are offering compared to our competition on the internet. Kronoswiss has completely redesigned their Crystal Click laminate flooring product. We currently provide the latest version of this product in the 8mm.

What other changes did Kronoswiss make with their new product? Above, I have made a chart so that you can compare for yourself.

Isometric Locking Mechanism=No Stress On the Joints

We have sold Silent Step Kronoswiss with a sound barrier on the back for the last three years. Last spring, Kronoswiss made some radical changes in their locking system that has made it even easier to install. It is an isometric locking mechanism that hinges without stress on the long sides of the boards and taps together on the end joints. It is a revolutionary idea that is allowing homeowners to get a professionally installed look on their own.

Ease of Installation

The number one question most customers have is..Can I REALLY install this myself? How easy is it in REALLY? You simply put the tongue into the groove at a slight angle and let the laminate release to the floor. The end joint is locked by using a tapping block and hammer, tapping it to the locked position.


All of my Kronoswiss laminates are 8 mm thick.

Surface Texture=Realism

Are you tired of looking at laminate flooring that has no texture and looks more like a piece of flat plastic or Kmart furniture?

Noblesse Laminate Flooring items in Discount Laminate Flooring store on eBay!

The surface texture of all our Kronoswiss floors appear as real wood. You can see and feel the nice rolling texture. This product cleans with just a damp cloth and nothing will stick in the textured areas as it will with vinyl.

Wear Layer.An Incredible AC3.

All Kronoswiss laminate we sell carries an AC3 wear layer rating, meaning you can use this in a heavy commercial setting, if you wish. Just imagine how long it will last in your home! It is 60% more durable than many other brands.

Looks and feels like hardwood

What does the Kronoswiss Crystal Clic have that other laminates do not?

  1. New Isometric Locking System
  2. Ease of installation
  3. Heavier textures that look and feel like real wood
  4. A sound deadening material sprayed on the back makes it sound like hardwood.
  5. AC3 Wear Layer that is rated for heavy commercial use.


20 years not to wear, stain, or fade

Kronospan AG, the maker of KronoSwiss is a member of the prestigious European Association of Laminate Flooring Producers. Brand manufacturers of laminate flooring products which are members of the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) have committed themselves to compliance with the highest standards of quality and have the necessary production processes at their disposal.

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