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Kingsbury  The Perfect Choice  (502) 243-0070

Yes. Custom Concepts’ stamped concrete driveways and patios typically run between $7.00 and $9.00 per square foot depending on the size, shape, and accessibility of the area. This makes the cost of stamped concrete up to 50% less than brick, stone, or other hand-laid materials.

How thick is it?

Stamped concrete is generally a poured-in-place concrete that is 4” thick; sometimes more for commercial projects. If existing materials (asphalt, gravel, old concrete) are in place, they can be removed and hauled away. For applications over sound existing concrete surfaces; we would recommend NuLook concrete overlay, or CustomCrete concrete resurfacing.

Will the color fade or wear off?

The color present in the stamped concrete is a cementious-based color hardener. When applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete it typically increases the surface strength of the concrete up to 7000 PSI, nearly twice that of regular concrete. Depending on maintenance and up-keep, the color and durability of the surface will last much longer than regular concrete.

What kind of maintenance should I expect?

Typically we recommend a wash-and-seal every year for any driving surface, due to the use of road salts and vehicular wear, to ensure the elegant look of the stamped surface. Patios and walkways can last up to three years between wash-and-seals. The cost usually runs about 10% of the original investment.

Can stamped concrete be slippery?

The irregular surface of uniformly placed stamped concrete typically yields a “slip-resistant” surface. However, depending on the slope of the surface and the amount of moisture present, stamped concrete should not be considered a “non-skid” product. For these types of situations-granular “slip-resistant” coatings are offered for a nominal charge.

Concrete Resurfacing

How thick is it?

CustomCrete concrete resurface is a two-coat process that is applied approximately 1/8” thick over suitable existing concrete surfaces. This allows installation up against thresholds, pool copings, or other concrete surfaces without creating a trip edge or a drastic elevation change.

Are other colors available?

Yes. CustomCrete can be installed in any color. Custom colors are available at a nominal fee for projects with integrated colors. However, standard colors are easier to match for potential repairs or re-coating. CustomCrete ranges from $3.50 to $6.00 per square foot depending on size, design, and amount of preparation.

Is CustomCrete a Kool Deck product?

No. CustomCrete is an acrylic polymer based product that adheres directly to a fully cured (minimum 21 days) concrete surface. However, because of it’s unique texture finish, it is typically cooler than regular concrete.

How do you clean it?

Usually soap and water or a light power wash will suffice. Since the color-coating has a built-in acrylic enamel, CustomCrete concrete resurfacing is stain and mildew resistant therefore it is easy to maintain. A wash and re-color seal is recommended every two to three years.

Stained Concrete

Are there other colors?

Since stained concrete is created through a chemical reaction with the limestone materials present in concrete; the color choices are limited. However, through the use of color hardeners and/or color dyes, richer earth tones can be achieved.

Can I use more than one color?

Yes. With proper planning and layout; miniature saw-cuts called score lines can be used to design multiple patterns and colors. Existing control joints can be integrated into a design as well. These scores and joints can be grouted in a matching color.

How do I maintain stained concrete?

Like any other interior floor finish, stained concrete floors will scratch or scuff. However, with proper waxing and periodic buffing, these marks can be minimized and your original colors will last forever.

Kingsbury  The Perfect Choice  (502) 243-0070

Can I install stained concrete myself?

The volatile nature of the chemicals and materials used in staining concrete would make it very difficult to successfully install a quality project. Our craftsmen are trained professionals with years of experience in dealing with various concrete surfaces, sealers, and other materials used for stained concrete.

How much does it cost?

Stained concrete ranges from $3.00 per square foot for large commercial floors; $6.00 per square foot for smaller residential floors. All this depends on how many colors used and the amount of saw-cuts or score lines. Compared to tile or hardwood floors; stained concrete floors are more attractive for less money.

Concrete Overlays

What is the difference between stamped concrete and concrete overlays?

NuLook Overlays is a blend of acrylic polymers and a cementious material. It is installed approximately Ѕ” thick over existing concrete surfaces where as stamped concrete is 4” of poured-in-place concrete over a prepared gravel sub-base. Concrete overlays are available in many of the same colors and patterns as stamped concrete. So, they can be used in conjunction with each other.

Is it as durable as stamped concrete?

Yes. With proper preparation of the existing concrete surface and regular maintenance, NuLook Overlays will perform just like stamped concrete without the costly mess of removal.

Can you use overlay on a vertical surface?

Yes. The material used can be applied to concrete step faces and/or walls. The vertical face can also be imprinted to match you horizontal surfaces.

How much does it cost?

NuLook Overlays typically cost the same as stamped concrete ($7.00-$9.00 per square foot), making it an ideal alternative for pool decks, patios, or other unique concrete surfaces.

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