Custom Tile Floors, Countertops and Backsplashes Houston Tile

Custom Tile Floors, Countertops and Backsplashes Houston Tile

Houston Tile

Choosing the right tile for your project can mean the difference between an ordinary kitchen, bathroom or floor, and one that will immediately transform any area into an exquisite showplace.  Whether you are remodeling the bathroom, kitchen or flooring of your residence, or if you are a commercial builder or developer, tile can make all the difference, and the variation in the type, style and color of tile makes it essential that you have an array of possibilities to choose from.

At NSG Designs, our design center includes a 10,000 square foot showroom that allows you to picture the tile you want in a setting that shows how it will appear in your home or commercial project.  The showroom in particular avoids giving you a chance to view only a small tile, and requiring you to imagine how it will fit in your kitchen or bathroom, or on your floor.  We can show you not only the tiles themselves, but also how they will appear when installed.  To the uninitiated in particular, the choices can be overwhelming.  They include not only the specific material or materials you wish to install, but also the style, shape, color and pattern that for your project.  As experts in the tile industry with over 50 years of experience, NSG can provide you with the answers you need when making this critical design choice.

What Are My Tile Choices?

Your choice of style and material, while essentially unlimited, will be guided in the first instance by the application involved.  Different materials work better depending upon a number of factors, including the location of the tiles, as well as their function.  You may be looking for a new countertop in your kitchen, a new backsplash, flooring, tile for a bathroom wall, or any one of a number of different areas.

  • Wall Tile.   One advantage when considering wall tile is that you can use materials which would might be too brittle for other locations.  Of course, many of our clients choose natural stone for wall tiles, and this could be granite, slate, marble or travertine.  Some may be appropriate for outdoor walls as well as indoor walls.  Also available, particularly for bathrooms and kitchens, are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and glass tiles.  The variation in style, color, pattern and design of the various wall tiles gives you the opportunity to create an artistic solution that serves a pragmatic purpose.
  • Custom Tile Floors, Countertops and Backsplashes Houston Tile
  • Flooring Tile.   From natural stone to ceramic tile and other materials, there are numerous choices available.  We also offer vinyl or PVC tile, which is generally available at a lower cost, and provides, in part because of the size of the tiles and the nature of the material, an easy solution if repairs are ever needed.  PVC tile is also easy to install, and can even be performed by do-it-yourself homeowners.  But if elegance is what you’re looking for, natural stone provides the rich look and durable finish that more and more people find particularly attractive.  In addition, many of our clients, especially in bathroom and kitchen applications, intend to install radiant in-floor heating.  This fact must be taken into consideration when choosing your flooring material.  Natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tend to work best with radiant heating; carpeting is the next choice, and a thin carpet with a low pile is desirable.  Laminates can be used with in-floor heating, but a proper subfloor is required to avoid warps and cracks.  Vinyl tile can also be used, although it is not an optimal choice due to its lack of conductivity.  And certain woods should not be used with in-floor heating because they may react to both temperature and moisture.  If in-floor radiant heating is in your plan, we can show you which materials are best in terms of both beauty and functionality.
  • Countertops and Backsplashes.   For countertops and backsplashes, natural stone tile is the choice for many, along with ceramic and porcelain tiles.  The look and ease of cleaning are two of the reasons why.  In addition, some clients who are dismayed at the cost of solid granite countertops or backsplashes, for example, are delighted when they compare the cost with that of granite tiles.  Another attractive option is a glass tile, and here the ability to combine artwork and functionality makes glass tiles an interesting and valuable alternative to more traditional tiles.  Ceramic tiles are some of our most popular when it comes to backsplashes – both beautiful and easy to install.  Mosaic tiles are also popular, and allow your artistic side to shine.  And porcelain tiles offer hundreds of alternatives that can enhance the look of any bathroom or kitchen.

Are There Any Limitations on Which Tile I Choose?

While there are no express limitations on your choice of tile, there are choices that are smarter than others.  In order to insure that you are making the right decision in your project, remember that certain materials are better suited to certain applications.  The first question is what purpose the tile is intended to serve.  Second, the surface on which the tile is being laid is important.  Certain materials work best with a concrete or wooden subfloor.  Others are ideal for radiant floor heating.  Some have the durability to successfully withstand heat and abuse better than others.  And some may be too brittle for one application, but may be ideal for another.

At NSG Designs, you get the best selection at the best prices for all your tile needs; you also benefit from our decades of experience in the industry.  We know how well a particular product will wear after being subjected to the effects of a particular application, including its reaction to heat, moisture and the effects of use over time.  Our expertise translates into the choice that’s right for you no matter what your remodel or new project may be.

NSG Designs – Your Tile Store in Houston

Through decades of experience, we have learned at NSG Designs that knowledge and experience, along with dedicated service to help our clients realize their goals, are the keys to success in any remodeling or construction project.  The abundance of available materials and their uses makes it essential that you obtain sound advice whether you are involved in the residential or commercial area.  We have the absolute best to offer in that regard.  Over 50 years of experience, and a showroom and warehouse filled with any tile product you could imagine, makes NSG the right choice for your project.  Call us today at 713-778-0888 for a free estimate, and allow us to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing you with the best in natural stone and other tile products.

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