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How to Remove Wax Build Up from Laminate Floors

Oct 2

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10/2/2012 6:40 AM

For anyone needing to learn how to remove wax build up from laminate floors. your prospects are getting on the floor and engaging in a labor-intensive project. Wax build up occurs when improper cleaners, or cleaners designed for hardwood floors, or even linoleum, are used on laminate floors. With repeated build up of waxy residues, the task of removing residue becomes more difficult and time-consuming. This task is never easy, nor quick.

A Few Suggestions about How to Remove Wax Build Up from Laminate Floors

Know what kinds of laminate flooring product you have, the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products, and how to clean laminate floors . Once you know what kind of cleaning agents are best to use, it is time to get on the floor and start your work.

Many cleaning products are not appropriate to use when cleaning laminate floors as they leave a waxy residue, a soapy film, or noticeable streaking. Follow some of these general tips of removing wax build up:

  • Use a hair dryer to heat up small sections of the waxy residue as you clean; this will allow you to get rid of the top layers of the residue, and heating the laminate boards and wax will make it easier to remove the wax build up
  • Many people like to use a windshield scraper, it may be beneficial, just be careful that you do not scratch the plastic coating or penetrate into the laminate board
  • Additional home-made solutions include using vinegar and warm water
  • Be sure to clean your rag or washcloths frequently to remove wax or cleaner solutions as you go through each board
  • Always clean with the lay of the flooring, not across, as that will drive dirt and grime into any improperly sealed tongue-and-groove board seams; also, continue cleaning in one direction as back-and-forth may only push the wax around, not remove it
  • Be careful with the amount of liquid cleaners, solutions or water that you use, as scraping may remove sealant on the board or in the seams, thus allowing moisture penetration into the laminate board or into the subfloor substrate, which is frequently a particleboard that will easily warp with moisture
  • Dry boards as completed as to avoid moisture penetration
  • If you still have trouble, try using diluted mineral spirits (be sure to open windows)
  • Additional methods, although not recommended as they can strip the sealant or cause health hazards include ammonia or paint thinners (this is highly likely to strip part of the sealant away)—Source—How to Remove Wax Build Up from Laminate Floors on

    Just remember one main point about cleaning laminate floors is to use as little liquid as is realistic in order to clean up messes or for frequent cleaning. Cleaning your laminate floors in this labor-intensive method, will eventually remove wax build up, but we recommend that you learn about proper cleaning of laminate floors and how to remove wax build from laminate floors when you are deciding what kind of laminate floors to lay in your home.

    Learn How to Clean Laminates and How to Remove Wax Build Up from Laminate Floors When You Install New Laminate Flooring

    Great Western Flooring offers a wide range of laminate flooring, new composite materials and high-end residential laminates that have differing recommendations. Ask the experts at Great Western Flooring about manufacturer specifications for cleaners and also the best cleaners (or homemade solutions) to use for particular brands of laminates, or cleaners for tile, carpet and flooring choices besides laminates.

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