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Vinyl Flooring and Vinyl Floor Tile BuildDirect

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Vinyl flooring has evolved into a stylish, first quality option for flooring as a part of a modern interior design. The advantages of vinyl flooring remain to be hard to deny. And now in the 21st century, innovative technological advances make it a go-to product for easy maintenance balanced with stylish design.

BuildDirects vinyl flooring under the Vesdura brand of vinyl flooring presents collections of streamlined, efficient vinyl floor planks and tile that are fit for stylish spaces like yours, and with all of the low-maintenance and versatility for which vinyl flooring has always been known. Most of all, vinyl flooring is specifically designed to endure all kinds of everyday wear while retaining its look and delivering stylish visual effect.

Vinyl flooring from BuildDirect is ready for your modern spaces

Modern vinyl flooring has been designed to last for decades, with PVC protective layers, sturdy core layers, and higher resolution imaging technology that makes it almost indistinguishable from the wood, ceramic, and stone surfaces it imitates.

When it comes to vinyl flooring installation, click-lock boards, tiles, and floating floors with innovative backing layers present some of the cutting edge vinyl flooring options for you to consider for a fast, easy option to transform your space.

21st century vinyl flooring is resistant to denting, scuffs, scratches, staining, and more – real life conditions that you expect a high-quality floor to endure. Its supreme water resistance makes it easy to clean kitchen floors, bathroom floors, laundry areas, and mud rooms. All you need is a wet mop to restore the look of a modern vinyl floor to its stylish self.

How we offer vinyl flooring for less

We know that youre looking for products that will deliver decades-long superior style and top quality performance. And you expect value for money, too. So, we go the distance for you, building partnerships with the best manufacturers who are passionate about developing the latest vinyl flooring technology for the benefit of style-conscious, savvy 21st century homeowners.

And then, we deliver these modern vinyl flooring products to you direct from our partners. When you buy from BuildDirect, there are no agents, or third parties involved in the way we manage how our products reach you. This means lower costs on products for us, and lower pricing for you.

Why choose vinyl flooring?

  • Youll have a wide selection of styles to choose from, enhancing any interior design: wood, ceramic, stone
  • Youll benefit from a floor designed to look great long-term in places known for pet traffic, kid traffic, high-moisture, and spills while feeling pliable and comfortable underfoot
  • Youll get supreme water-resistance that makes for a low-maintenance, versatile floor – wet mop it to look like new
  • Youll get an easy to install flooring option for fast, DIY transformations of spaces
  • Youll enjoy an overall lower price point, making it a smart, budgetary option

Learn more about vinyl flooring from BuildDirect

Pick your vinyl flooring by:

Pattern and color

With vinyl flooring, you get a whole range of patterning to serve your sense of style, and to enhance the personality of your space.

From the warm and decorative grain patterns of wood, to refined and stylish ceramic surfaces, to the rugged and venerable beauty of natural stone patterns, vinyl flooring delivers the vital visual effects youre looking for, and within a modest budget, too.

And of course, built into this is a range of colors to go along with high-resolution patterning in vinyl flooring; warm colors to add cheer and hominess, and cool ones to add sophistication, reproducing all of the subtle graces of natural materials.

Vinyl flooring used to be cut from rolls. But, in the 21st century, a number of styles of vinyl floors are on offer at BuildDirect that best suit you, and your space.

If youre looking for traditional flooring boards, vinyl flooring thats installed in a tongue-and-groove plank style, complete with glueless locking systems is the way to go. If you prefer tile installations, vinyl tile flooring that you can glue down, or can click-lock together is the perfect fit.

Vinyl Flooring and Vinyl Floor Tile BuildDirect

Vinyl flooring is offered in a variety of thickness for glue-down installations directly to subfloors, and for floating floors that feel just like an engineered or laminate installation. In addition, the wear layers of vinyl flooring are available in various thicknesses, too.

Thicker vinyl boards supported by sturdy core layers make this option advisable for those who are looking for a stable flooring surface. Thinner options for vinyl floors make for fast, easy flooring installations to be directly applied to surfaces in all kinds of spaces. Vinyl flooring in various thicknesses offers you options that are suitable for all kinds of situations, skill-levels, looks, and functions.

Protection rating

Weve made sure that you know what youre getting for your money when it comes to protective wear layers. Each of our vinyl flooring lines is rated by our own Basic-Intermediate-Advanced protection rating. This helps you to make the most intelligent choice for your space when it comes to buying vinyl floors.

Wear layers are the protective treatment that helps to guard against abrasion, moisture, direct sunlight, and other sources of stress on their surfaces. With BuildDirect, you will always pay less for high quality, and youll be able to buy smart thanks to the industry expertise thats attached to every product we sell.

Vinyl flooring protection rating at BuildDirect

Heres BuildDirects exclusive guide to wear layers applied across our vinyl products.

Advanced protection :

Typically 0.5mm and thicker, starting at 25 year residential warranty & 7 year commercial warranty.

You can use these in any residential setting, and in commercial settings, too. With Advanced protection, your vinyl floor has a strong wear-layer for more protection against denting, scuffs, scratches and staining from everyday household activities.

Intermediate protection:

Typically 0.3mm to 0.5mm thickness, starting at 15 year residential warranty.

Products with this protection rating are ideal for residential installations, and light commercial ones, too. Like the Advanced protection, this rating for protection has a mid-range wear layer compatible with pet traffic, kids, and spills.

Basic protection :

Typically less than 0.3mm, starting at 10 year residential warranty.

This protection rating is best suited for lower-traffic areas in a residence; bedrooms, guest rooms, dining rooms, and anywhere feet arent constantly on the move, and where sources of stress arent as common. Yet, these are still reliable choices for these areas.

Vinyl flooring accessories

Like other options in modern flooring, vinyl flooring can complete your space with the addition of accessories to match. Baseboards especially designed for vinyl flooring, maintenance kits, and moisture barriers all help to ensure that your investment in a long term vinyl flooring product is secure – and looks great.

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