Practical & Affordable Portable Modular Dance Floors DanceDeck Standard

Practical & Affordable Portable Modular Dance Floors DanceDeck Standard

Modular Laminate Interlocking Tile Dance Floor With The Look & Feel of Wood

DanceDeck (DK) is Signature Flooring’s most affordable portable dance floor. These interlocking tiles are practical, versatile, and can be sized to suit anyone’s budget.

DanceDeck portable dance floors are ideal for use in the home, at hotels and motels looking for a practical special-event dance floor, in dance studios that need a lightweight traveling or practice floor, at trade shows, exhibits and temporary retail displays. DanceDeck looks like real wood, but the no-fuss vinyl tile cleans easily. It is simple to install, transport, and store, making it the most practical portable dance floor available.

Durable Dance Floor Tiles Are Practical & Lightweight

DanceDeck modular floor tiles are 1ft x 1ft x 1/2in, weigh less than 2 lbs each, and use a simple, 7-loop snap-connection system. Individual tiles are constructed from 2 layers: a base layer is made of polypropylene co-polymer and a vinyl-laminate no-wax tile with the look and feel of real wood. The base is specially-molded to form a tray that holds the top layer securely in place and protects the edges from damage. The plastic tray offers great resistance to water and moisture, conforms to most surfaces, provides a durable connection system, and keeps the tile lightweight and easy to handle. The design has channels underneath to allow for drainage and inevitable spills; and provide extra stability on soft or uneven surfaces

If you need additional elevation or the ability to run wires, power cords, or Ethernet cables to power lights, speakers, or computer equipment securely under your floor, we also have Raised DanceDeck version of the modular dance floor tile that has molded-in cable channels 1.625″ high, allowing cables to be run safely under the surface of your floor for a clean, elegant look. ADA-compliant, sloped edge pieces designed specifically to work with the additional height of these tiles are also available to complete your floor.

A Dance Floor That Is Simple To Install

DanceDeck’s simple male-female connection system allows for quick assembly without tools, cams or mechanical devices: anyone can assemble this portable dance floor! A 12ft x 12ft dance floor can be assembled by 2 people in 30 minutes! For added ease, DanceDeck ships in pre-assembled 3ft x 3ft panel sections. Our patented 7-loop connectors (the most loops of any tile on the market) provides the simplest and most secure connection of any other portable dance floor tile on the market. See typical installation times and instructions .

Dance Floor Colors

DanceDeck vinyl laminate tiles are available in 4 colors: dark wood, light wood, black and white. Edging is available in black. DanceDeck is simple to clean and maintain with any standard no-wax vinyl cleaner.

Additional Dance Floor Options

DanceDeck edging and corner pieces provide a sloped transition to the ground to avoid tripping and covers the connection loops for an elegant, finished look for your dance floor. DanceDeck edging is available in black polypropylene. See how to calculate # of edge pieces .

DanceDeck portable dance floor is simple to clean and maintain with any standard no-wax vinyl floor care product. For optimum cleaning, use our specially formulated DanceDeck Professional Dance Floor Cleaner See Specs .

A Dance Floor Transport Cart is available to speed installation and disassembly of your dance floor and can also be used to store it when not in use. The DanceDeck Transport Cart is especially designed to accommodate the 3ft x 3ft panel sections. See specs .

We manufacture our portable dance floors in-house, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about any of our products. You can reach us at 1-800-709-9055 or email to inquire about pricing and availability.

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