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Piece Of Junk, Leaky Shower. How Can I Improve It - Plumbing - DIY Home Improvement DIYChatroom

Piece of junk, leaky shower. How can I improve it?

Before I begin describing all my problems, I’d like to give you an idea of the resources I have available to me. We’re a family of 5, 3 on disability, 2 (including me) currently job hunting to no avail. Needless to say, I have a lot more time than money. I have tools: orbital sander, drill, jigsaw, lathe, mill, handtools, and a dremel. Not a lot, but that’s what I’ve got. I’m very thrifty and can probably obtain simple items, like paint, for free.

So, on to the problems. The shower we have is one of those walk-in shower cubicles that you screw into place. I have pictures here to show you the monstrosity that I’m up against. Now, I’ve just recently moved here, so the state of this shower isn’t my fault :P


First of all, the paint is obviously deteriorating. I can obtain free paint at the waste facility, but what kind of paint should I be looking for?

Secondly, from what I’ve been told the floor in the shower used to be fiberglass. However, it began to fall apart and leak, so the owner had filled over it with cement. The cement is uneven. After I shower, if I move my feet from one side of the floor to the other, I can hear water squishing around the cement. This lead me to believe that water was seeping between the cement and shower wall, so I caulked all around the floor. I’ve also attempted to put down vinyl tiles using Hard as Nails and caulking in between them. They rotted out in no time and I had to remove them. Anyone have any idea how I can improve the appearance of the floor? And preferably improve its durability and ability to prevent water leaks?

Next up, the glass door. It’s one of those glass doors that you can sorta see through, but it bends a lot of the light. It somehow manages to build up some sort of layer of fog. I can’t seem to remove it with anything. I’ve tried soapscum remover, windex, soap, etc. It’ll clear up for a few hours, but then it will just fog over again. Any suggestions?

Piece Of Junk, Leaky Shower. How Can I Improve It - Plumbing - DIY Home Improvement DIYChatroom

Last, but definitely not least, the shower leaks. I mentioned this before, but I thought I’d go into more detail. At first, I believed it to be the result of water seeping around the cement in the shower. However, after caulking the leaks continued. I then came to the conclusion that it was leaking out under the shower door. After all, there was a large gap between the door and the step. I attempted to rectify this by laying a layer of foam under the door, attached to a piece of plastic. I then placed a thick layer of caulk on the step and closed the door. After everything dried, I opened the door and closed it to see if it felt sealed. It seemed to seal a lot better, and the amount of water on the floor definitely lowered. However, it continued to leak. I think my method simply wasn’t good enough. I also sprayed a layer of foam underneath the shower floor, as there is a large gap (1) between the shower floor and the bathroom floor. Still didn’t help. Any ideas?

Sorry for the insanely long post, but as you can see, I have problems. I did my best to come up with solutions, but I just can’t seem to fix them. I want to install vinyl tiles on the floor, but I would need to lay down a subfloor, and the leaks will just rot it away. Until I fix the leak, I can’t improve the bathroom’s appearance.

Thank you for reading and I hope someone can help me out :D

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