How to Repair Vinyl Floor eBay

How to Repair Vinyl Floor eBay

How to Repair Vinyl Floor

Vinyl floors are common in kitchens and bathrooms. The material is durable and requires little maintenance, and its relatively low cost and easy installation make it a great choice for surfaces that need regular cleaning. However, vinyl floors are liable to receive damage from appliances. Scratches, stains, and burns are also common side effects from everyday use. It is possible to use vinyl repair kits and household products to return the material to its original colour and texture. Learn more about the options available to you to restore your vinyl floor and avoid the costs of large replacements.

Tools and Materials

Secure new pieces of vinyl in place

Bear in mind that the specific materials included in a vinyl repair kit can vary from one product to the next. Check the contents of a package before buying, and follow the instructions included in the kit for the best results.

Repair Small Cuts and Scrapes

Small nicks and cuts in the floor occur from everyday use. You can fill these small cuts by using a vinyl repair kit. Kits typically include clear acrylic finish, paints, filler compound, and tools to apply the materials. These kits are ideal for small blemishes and cuts no larger than 2 or 3 cm across, though you can also use them to hide the edges on larger repair jobs.

Prepare the Materials and Repair Area

Begin by taping off the damaged area with masking tape. This ensures the paint and other materials do not needlessly spread to other parts of the floor. If there is any loose material on the vinyl, cut it away with the utility knife. Next, mix the paint to the appropriate colour. You may need to try several colour combinations before you find the right one, and some repair kits include a sample piece of vinyl that you can use for trials.

Fill the Vinyl

Fill the scratch or blemish with materials from the repair kit. This process typically involves mixing filler powder with floor bond to create a compound. Pack the compound into the scratch and smooth it with the paddle. Allow the compound to sit for 15 to 20 minutes until it is hard. Lastly, apply the acrylic finish from the kit over the hardened compound. Use sandpaper to smooth the repair work if it feels rough to the touch.

Repair Burns and Tears

Burns, tears, and other serious damage require greater effort to patch, though it is still possible to do so yourself with a few basic tools. For larger repairs, you need to cut out the damaged piece of vinyl and replace it. If you have square patterns, cut along the grout to ensure a similar size piece. Otherwise, securely tape down vinyl with the same pattern on top of the existing material, and then cut through both pieces at the same time with the utility knife to create a precise copy. Next, clean out the space where the original vinyl was by scraping away the old adhesive.

Set the replacement vinyl into place. You may need to refine the edges slightly with a utility knife or sandpaper in order to make the piece fit properly. Once you have it trimmed to the correct size, paint the edges of the vinyl using the vinyl repair kit. Apply a vinyl floor adhesive to the back of the new piece and secure it in place. If any cracks or gaps are present, you can fill them using the filling compound from the kit. If you use the filler compound, be sure to seal it with the clear acrylic finish.

How to Buy Vinyl Floors on eBay

Vinyl flooring and vinyl repair kits are available from the sellers on eBay. The easiest way to locate these items is to type relevant keywords into the search field on any eBay Web page. For example, enter masking tape to see all items tagged with those terms. You can also follow category links to browse a broad selection of items.

Whether it is a small cut or a large blemish on your vinyl floor, you can repair the material with the help of vinyl repair kits and a few household tools. Shop on eBay to find all the items you need to get started.

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