How To Install Travertine Tile With Proleveling System How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

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Sal DiBlasi: Isee U here is your answerhttps://Complete bathroom install subway glass tile and Carrera marble tile Part 1

MB031: Have you tried 24×24 travertine or 30×30 rectified porcelain with this system?

MB031: I just ordered pro leveling and those guys who sells them in CA told me that best is ATR system,they say that pro leveling,you don’t see the corners under that blue little barrel.What is your opinion on that? I think the proleveling. is the best one..

korencek: it appears some tiles are miss aligned in the screwing direction. apparently if you over-screw it, you’re screwed.

MB031: This system looks like the best I saw..Very nice..

breconmafia: lovely job, i tried the ATR system and didn’t like it. this one looks better, what’s your thoughts on the ATR system? i couldn’t keep an eye on the cross joints with them

Jaycee Cheshier: Thank you. now to see how easy it really is

stratocaster539: nice one Sal, sometimes you can find that a tile has dried in a different position and that’s a real bummer! Available in the UK?

UbahSuai RUMAH: How to get tile level or space

Richard McMahon: Great job Sal. keep up the good work.

Glen Webber: Well done! Informative and not wasting anybody’s time.

Isee U: 1 question. if you don’t use all that stuff. and use only your hands..are you capable to make this right?^I think no!

Elite-Tile Company: How to install travertine tile with Proleveling System

Guy D: We currently use this product, I would not recommend it on a straight pattern. The joints do not line up perfectly. I also observed carefully in the video, when you knocked off your first knob. You can see the two tiles did not perfectly meet. 1/16-1/32 off is still going to be noticed. But. For a staggered pattern (brick). This is the best product. It truly eliminates lippage to perfection. As sal said. You still need to do your prep work and don’t assume that you can use this without any tile experience. Go to the pros. — Done Tile

corvolio: where did you get the leveling clips from?

Guy D: I’ve personally tried it on a 12×12 and a 24×24 in a straight pattern and had no success. My employees had none either. Staggered (running bond). EXCELLENT! 

Klark Ramirez: Thanks for you time 

Nelson Ameida: wow. takes alot of. time 

Guy D: Oh I’m definitely not arguing, any input I’d appreciate it because I love the pro leveling system. 

schelnokov86: do it the old fashioned way take 1 extra minute a tile

moneymoe777: Do you like this system better than the ATR system you recently were supporting? Also what are the pros & cons of this system. Finally, where can I purchase this pro leveling system?

david nelson: Silly knee grows

schelnokov86: and at 4:40 i gotta say with a pallet of tile you need to mix and match boxes and pieces

macplastering: very good vid and job

Kinglivs: One thing I thought of is that these levelings systems might also make people think twice about stepping on the floor after you are gone for the lunch or end of day.

Sal DiBlasi: All depends on what it is and how big the tile is, I never give a price without first seeing the job.

Garciamrcool: Hi mr diblasi. please show me your measuring and cutting tips :) you are expert!

Sal DiBlasi: In most cases a 3/8″ notched trowel is recommended for a 12″ tile, a 1/2 notched trowel will almost always be to big for that size tile.

Sal DiBlasi: 1/2″ trowel is a little to much for a 12″ tile, Since i always seal natural stone or porous tiles before grouting, i must be a pro. That and the 30 years of experience.

thetruth: question should I use self leveling for areas with 1/4″ or 1/2″ gradual dip in the concrete slab?

Imabeast191: How much do u charge to install stone per sqft ?

bakary njie: can i have your Email address

How To Install Travertine Tile With Proleveling System How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

irinkag1717: when you use 3/8 margin like he does on the picture you do need to back butter. Recommend to use 1/2 notch on all floor tile installation using tiles 12×12 and up

thomasjames1999: Where do I get the tile leveling. Thanks.

irinkag1717: dont use that system, if there is deep in the floor, and you pull your tile up with a spacer, next day your tile will be half hollow some spots. Never use that system my floors are perfect and coverage is 90-100 no hollow spots.

Sal DiBlasi: It is Schluter Ditra, and is an uncoupling membrane used instead of a cement board, and is not to make the removal of the tile easier. the leveling system is made by progress profiles.

Sal DiBlasi: I have been installing tile a very long time, and as far as i know there is no premixed thinset that is any good. If you find out what it is let me know. A bucket of mastic is going to cost you more, it will cover a smaller area, it is harder to work with, and you will get an inferior product. Why bother?

Noe Pacheco: what would you do if the ostone come on diferent thickness

Hardiboard: Hi, you know you should use the half inch trowel and clean and seal before grouting,.that’s how the pros we do it.

Imabeast191: I always use 1/2ich trowl for stone 12×12 or bigger

poopship82: Sal you rule. period!

Sal DiBlasi: This system like any leveling system is not meant to correct uneven or wavy sub floors, it is used to aid in reducing lippage between tiles. The spacer between the tiles equalizes the height differential between tiles by slightly pulling up one tile, and pulling down the other. It does not create voids under the tile. If you intend to use this type of system to correct a problem sudstrate, then you are using the system incorrectly.

thetruth: whats the name of the thin is that premix??

Sal DiBlasi: regentstoneproductsDOTcom

Sal DiBlasi: You can use a 1/2″ trowel if you like, I find it to be unnecessary, especially if you back butter each tile.

Sal DiBlasi: This system is for gauged tile. there are systems available for ungauged tile if that is what you are asking.

Melon X: I fight hundred times with the worker and ask him to make perfect leveling but this is really excellent idea. REALLY FIRST WORLD

Kut-Rite Tiles: Hello you really impressed me. where do I buy the Proleveling System? please reply


How to install travertine tile with Proleveling System 4.4 out of 5

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