Corn in My Coffee Pot Faux Wood Floor- Paper-Decoupage-Floor

Corn in My Coffee Pot Faux Wood Floor- Paper-Decoupage-Floor

Faux Wood Floor- Paper-Decoupage-Floor

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So in the progress of giving my bathroom a faceliftI decided I wanted a NEW FLOOR.

ProblemNo Money. The vinyl floor we have now is old,

SCRAPED RUSTY. YELLOWED GOUGED and just plain yucky. Enter brown paper. I had two partial rolls from previous projects. Ive been seeing (all over the place) all the wonderful ways people have used brown paper on furniture and thought Hey, maybe I can do this on my floor!

So I start looking around and found a video on Youtube— Where Jami from the an oregon cottage has been doing this on her floors. I emailed her and asked if shed ever done right over vinyl— she said, No. but offered a few suggestionslike try it first on a spare piece of vinyl. I didnt. But it was good advice I mean really, who has spare vinyl just laying around? Ive got too much other junk laying around no room for vinyl. So I just went for it. THANKS ANYWAY FOR THE TIPS AND INFO ,JAMI! But mainly for the encouragement to do the project.

*** So I cut my paper into about 36 inch lengths and then cut that into strips about 4 inches wide length wise (some strips were only 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide)

This is my dry run—gauging how much paper I would need. As you can see I cut my paper into fairly even strips of various lengths. I then wrinkled them length wise I DID NOT WAD INTO A BALL. I scrunched them into long strips

*** After I cut my paper and separated by size (roughly)

I laid them onto the floor to get the lay out I thought would best resemble WOOD FLOOR.Already, you can see the floor resembles wood planks or strips. FRIDAY. Then I started Friday evening. I used ALL PURPOSE ELMERS GLUE I watered it down in a 1:1 ratio and brushed it onto the back of the pieceonce I got it into the position I liked I brushed it on very liberally,too. I laid it in and staggered short and long pieces just as though I were laying a floor. Now this is our only bathroom; so the above photo is where I stopped over night Cause well, we might need in there! ** you can also see water damage around the cut- off and base of the toilet, not pretty, but I’m just being real folks!

I finished it the next day.Allowing time for drying in betweenagain, I might need in there! SATURDAY: I DID NOT LET IT DRY 24 HOURS BEFORE WALKING ON It was dry with in 12 hours, using my heater. (the glue was non-toxic or flammablePLEASE MAKE SURE AND READ YOUR LABELS) SUNDAY: The next day I finished out the floor and waited the rest of the evening for it to dry by Sunday morning the whole floor was finished drying.

(it blends in with my shoes!)

I bet you noticed my lovely lineswell, I wanted to give a bit more detail so I used this I got this little kit at the Dollar General for $1.50. (it was $5 but they arent going to carry it any longer) It had various shades of brown markers in it. Its a CONCEALER for FURNITURE scratches. I mixed it up a bit and used all of them all over the floor. The Next Weekend— After that was finished. I stained it with Minwax wood stain. It shaded the lines a little to help blend.


I know what youre thinkingbut it looks like paper with child-like colored lines all over. Well, you saw the pictures earlier in the week and

Everyone who read Im showing my new *wood* floor. in the EITHER WAY ITS FAUX post, really thought I put in a floating wood-laminate floor. I THINK IT LOOKS PRETTY GOOD FOR PAPER.

Depending on the light it looks more like wood than at other times. I used a yard stick and drew the lines onto the paper. I made my own and DID NOT FOLLOW the lines of the paper. Instead I let the stain get into the crevices of the paper and simulate a natural grain of wood.

I got it sealed and used 2 coats of polyurethane. I hope to put two more coats on during the summerwhen its warmer and I can turn off the water heater again. We had been walking on it for a week and it has held up just fine. But it needed a good sealer. Since Im putting it in the bathroomI used an oil based polyurethane.

I love it!

***edited to say: I’ve updated on how this floor has held up and you can read about it here

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