Commercial Floors

Commercial Floors

Commercial Floors

Commercial floors are durable, practical, and attractive. Commercial specialty flooring lets you create the look you want and get the durability, comfort and safety you need. Depending on your application, you may want commercial vinyl, rubber, tile, laminate, wood or even concrete flooring. Commercial kitchen flooring is only one use. Consider it for your office, foyer, lodging property, or school. Commercial flooring is better than ever.

The word commercial implies that commercial floors are just for business and providing a ground to walk on. This might have been true in the past, but today designers and manufacturers are giving more attention to commercial floors and how they can help businesses and floors in ways beyond just providing a place for people to walk.

One big use of commercial flooring is in restaurants and other eating establishments. And this is for several reasons. One is the fact that commercial flooring and commercial flooring mats are easy to clean and durable under a lot of stress. These are great qualities to have, especially in the back rooms and kitchens where messes abound and employees are standing for long periods of time.

Commercial flooring in this environment also has some options: tiles, concrete, and rubber. Tiles work well due to their ease of installation, as well as being cost efficient to replace. If one commercial flooring tile is damaged, it can be removed and replaced. Concrete, when used as commercial flooring, stands up to years of abuse from table and chair legs, as well as constant movement of employees. Rubber commercial flooring and commercial flooring mats are meant to ease the aches and pains sometimes associated standing and walking on harder concrete floors for long periods of time. These commercial flooring options, too, are simple to clean and maintain, but provide more cushioning for hard working employees.

For esthetic purposes, restaurants can use commercial flooring to add to their decor. Commercial carpeting can help muffle noises. Wood commercial flooring looks great and is easy to clean. No matter the design concept, commercial flooring can help — it’s not just for the back room anymore.

In office buildings, commercial floors help to keep the atmosphere quiet with commercial carpeting as well. Of course, medical offices benefit from commercial tile or even wood. The surfaces are easier to keep germ and disease free for sick patients.

Let’s talk about each kind of commercial flooring. Wood commercial flooring is available in a variety of grains and woods: maple, oak, ash, walnut, along with exotic woods. They can be manufactured in patterns and designs that are geared to the overall look of the space.

Concrete commercial flooring is certainly the easiest method for flooring as it can be painted or stained quite simply, but it can also be covered by a variety of other flooring types. Many businesses choose to put down slip-resistant flooring that is especially made for areas that are prone to moisture or spills. There are also options that lessen the static charge build up in the floor — especially good in areas of high voltage work, intricate machinery, and even computers.

Rubber and vinyl commercial flooring can also be made for safety with their ability to have non-slip textures. You can also find commercial vinyl flooring that is designed to have the look of wood or marble. The options are endless in terms of safety features and contemporary design.

Commercial floors aren’t just something to cover the foundation anymore. They’re now the way to project your business’s personality to your customers in a creative and safe manner. Look into the various options that commercial flooring can offer. The best answers are right under your feet.

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