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Brighouse Flooring Co Ltd are commercial flooring contractors who are happy to advise clients on choosing the best floor covering for their situation. We provide a free of charge written quotation based on our site survey, and supply samples as required.

We supply and install the following type of floorcoverings:

Fibre Bonded Carpet:

This product is very hard wearing and is ideally suited to Offices, Classrooms, Corridors and Staircases. Most are anti-static and therefore suitable for computer suites.

Fibre bonded carpets are manufactured in many colours and designs, and are available in sheet or tile form.

Leading manufacturers of fibre bonded carpet include Burmatex, Heckmondwike FB and Rawson.

Impervious / Gel backed Carpet:

These carpets are normally installed where clean ability is an important factor, such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Nurseries, Staffrooms and Classrooms. The backing of the carpets offers varying degrees of impermability. This allows spillages to be cleaned and removed quickly and effectively. These carpets can be shampooed and wet methods used for regular maintenance.

Impervious backed carpets are available in various designs and colours to suit all environments.

Leading suppliers include Flotex, the Hospi range by JHS, Gradus, Paragon, Desso, CFS, Birch International, and Mercado.

Carpet Tiles:

This product is available in various types fibre bonded, loop pile, cut pile and the colour range is vast. Carpet Tiles are a very cost effective floor covering, and allow design work that would be more difficult and costly using a sheet material.

Installing carpet tiles can be less disruptive in busy offices and can eliminate the “shutdown” of areas whilst refurbishment works are carried out. They also allow repairs to be completed without becoming major works.

Leading suppliers include Burmatex, InterfaceFlor, Tessara, Paragon, Gradus, Rawson and Heckmondike FB.

Contract Vinyl:

These products are available in sheet and tile form. They are in various designs including wood effect, marbled, and mottled etc. The range of colours is vast. When laid in sheet form with thermo-welded joints the finished surface is impervious to moisture making it ideal in areas subject to spillage and soiling. Typical areas of use are Classrooms, Dining Areas, Retail Areas, Hairdressers etc.

Leading manufacturers include Polyflor, Tarkett, Gerflor, Karndean, and Armstrong.


Lino is manufactured from linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, limestone and colour pigments and backed with Jute. It is considered a green product and is widely used in Schools and Hospitals. It is a very durable floor covering which is ideal on corridors and staircases.

The leading brand name in the UK is Marmoleum by Forbo Floors.

Slip Resistant Vinyl:

These products are mainly in sheet form and installed where spillage is likely. The products range from 2mm gauge up to 4mm gauge and when installed with a coved skirting detail provide a easy to clean, safe flooring for Kitchens, Toilets, Laboratories, Treatment Rooms etc.

They are also widely used in public areas, classrooms, waiting areas, dining areas, bedrooms etc where the added benefit of slip resistance is re-assuring.

Tiles are now available in a slip resistant finish (Tarkett Safetred Spectrum) which allow design features and can reduce waste.

Wood effect designs are also available which are perfect for creating a less institutional environment and are perfect in classrooms, dining areas, bedrooms, and sheltered housing etc.

Leading manufacturers include Altro, Polyflor, Gerflor and Tarkett.

Loose Lay / Adhesive Free Vinyl:

Whilst most commercial vinyl floor coverings require to be fully bonded to a prepared sub floor, it is now possible to lay vinyl using different methods. This is ideal where “new” screeds may not have fully cured, existing Granwood is in-situ or where timescales do not allow a surface dpm to be installed. They offer a very cost effective solution and when installed correctly they are very durable.

Altro Xpresslay is a slip resistant sheet vinyl which incorporates a special backing allowing it to be loose laid with all joints and perimeters adhered to the sub floor with Altro Looselay double sided tape. The vinyl can be thermo-welded and coved to create integral skirtings. It is fixed with a special tape system which allows it to be directly laid in circumstances where other vinyls could not.

Entrance Matting:

These products can vary a lot in cost depending on where and how the mat is to be used. Some mats scrape off dirt, some dry moisture, whilst some do both. Choosing the correct entrance matting is critical to ensure that it is effective. The size of the area laid in matting is also important many people do not stop to wipe their feet and therefore the mat area must be adequate.

Effective Matting can reduce maintenance costs and protect the appearance of the floorcoverings within the building.

Entrance matting is available in many colours and Loose lay mats with design logos are popular.

Leading brands include The Coral Range, Heckmondwike Hippo, Rawson Trackmaster etc.

Stair Nosings:

Nosings are the edge of the step protectors, which are drilled, screwed and bonded to the step edge. They help give a contrast edge to the step to meet DDA directives and prevents the edge of the floor covering wearing out. They should be fitted to all step front edges on public staircases in Schools, Offices, Shops etc.

They are manufactured in aluminium or pvc and by selecting a contrasting colour to the floor covering they are highly visible.

Leading brands include Gradus, Quantum and Morley.

‘. We are happy to provide advice on choosing the best floorcovering for your situation. ‘

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