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An idea for Kids Room Furnishing

August 2nd, 2010

Creating an environment which is a blend of fun, learning and comfort for kids is a challenging task. Parent these days try to make the kids room as exciting as possible so that they learn via every aspect of the room. But, room furnishing comes with knowledge and experience. There are certain aspects you need to keep in mind while furnishing a kids room. The process should be such that each corner of the room speaks volumes for itself. Here are some key aspects.

Bed: Here longevity is the key. Bed is the most expensive thing in the room. Without a doubt kids love their beds. You would often find kids even study on their bed. So, choosing the right bed is very important. There are some terrific theme type beds to really add to a room. There are theme beds that are cars, planes, ships, castles, and under the sea motifs. If you could do the right matching bedding, it can add extra charm to the room.

Book Case: This is where the learning factor comes in. A room should offer fun, but should also carry a weight of responsibility. The room should be a clever blend of enjoyment and study. An ideal book case should club both. If you are completing a theme room, try finding a bookcase that goes along with the idea. If you cant locate a bookcase that matches the theme, try adding transfers or stencil theme type patterns on the bookcase.

Toy Box: Without a toy box, the kids room can only be described in one word- Incomplete. This fun box should have all the varieties of toys including arcade, sport and puzzles. Consider the room and theme, the child has before picking a toy box for the room.

Chairs: The chairs in the room should be bought depending on the color combination of other furniture items in the room. A chair that is comfortable for kids should be considered. Try purchasing a light weight chair so that kids can take them from one place to another easily. Chairs can be used around a small table for a play and art center, or can also be used to make a comfortable reading area in the room. The modern beanbag chairs can be a good option for the kids room.

Floor Heating: This is very important as far as the comfort and health of the kids is concerned. In winter seasons when temperature slips below zero degrees, it is important that the heat frictions between the floor and the foot should have a balance. There are many eco friendly floor heating options available that might be of great help. You can always opt for radiant floor heating mats for a perfect floor heating.

Bathroom: This is the most fun filled part of the kids room. A color full bathroom with fancy showers and bath tubs is something that kids look out for. Try to give a more grip based tiles in the bathroom. Greasy tiles may be slippery which is a bit risky for the kids. Unique looking towel bar and toilet holders are also a good idea.

Dresser: Kids like dressing well. So, a dresser with all the essential tools is a must. Having a solidly made dresser that can hold up to having drawers opened and closed is a must. At times people dont prefer a theme based dresser in order to keep the option of room mobility open. If you dont want the dresser to be part of the theme, you can always stick to a neutral or basic color such as white, cream or a solid color.

I hope the above mentioned aspects have given some important information on the various aspects of room furnishing for kids.

Installing an environment friendly stone flooring

Stone flooring is not a new concept and has been extensively used in buildings and structures around the globe. Stone flooring is renowned for its rich visual appeal as well as high durability and sustainability. Along with these benefits, stone flooring is also moisture resistant and does not release harmful by-products. It is the combination of these benefits and the green preposition offered by stone flooring that it is widely being used in households.

Stone flooring is a naturally green option that can significantly change the atmosphere inside your house. However, a number of households refrain from installing stone flooring due to the relatively high cost of stone as compared to other options. Even with its high cost stone flooring can easily become a part of your green home remodeling plan.

As far as the high cost of stone flooring is concerned it is the main factor that deters households from option for this option. However, experts are of the opinion that the cost of installing stone flooring is not more than that of installing tiles. Furthermore, benefits such as low maintenance, high durability and a healthier home cover for the comparatively high price of stone flooring.

Another benefit of stone flooring is its high thermal mass, which makes it ideal for a green heating and cooling scheme. During winter days stone absorbs the solar heat to ensure that the floor remains warm for a long period of time. Similarly, during summers, stone flooring does not get excessively warm and uncomfortable. Along with these benefits, the high thermal mass of stone flooring makes it ideal to be used along with a radiant floor heating system. A radiant floor heating system beneath a stone floor will be more effective and will consume less electricity.

You can make your stone flooring even more Eco-friendly by installing it in a proper manner. Using recycled stone flooring can be beneficial since it would be available at a lower price and would offer similar aesthetics as a new one. It is also advisable to purchase stone from a local quarry to minimize the labor and fuel costs associated with transportation.

While installing the stone flooring you can take several steps to ensure a completely green installation. Using a low toxic sealer and applying seal grout in high moisture areas are some of the ways to get maximum benefit from your stone flooring. Traditional sealers give off, toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and contribute to a number of health issues. Using a green sealant will eliminate all such issues. Similarly, grout can be a potential breeding ground for mold and mildew. Applying sealer can ensure that your stone flooring remains free from such problems for a long duration of time.

It is evident that stone flooring has a number of distinct advantages, and is a green option as well. The green benefits of stone flooring can further be extended if proper care is taken during the installation process. These benefits will ensure that you get maximum value for your investment in stone flooring.

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