Wood With Tile Floor Ideas eHow

Wood With Tile Floor Ideas eHow


One of the simplest ways you can merge both wood and tile is with a border. Borders work well both ways. Consider a tile border for a rich wooden floor with large ceramic tiles lining against the walls and doorways. This type of design works well for entryways. If you want, you can reverse the design and create a wooden border around one of your main tile areas.


If you are not content with only one tile panel, then forget the focal point and create an entire design scheme. Use a crisscross pattern then mixed tile diamonds with strips of burnished wood, or create a checkerboard effect the same way. Wood makes an excellent border between individual tiles, allowing you to carry the design throughout an area.

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Wood With Tile Floor Ideas. Wood and tile do not usually mix, but as more people experiment with both ceramic tile arrangements.

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Comments You May Also Like. Wood With Tile Floor Ideas. Wood and tile do not usually mix, but as more people experiment.

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