Wood Look Porcelain Tile Review Tile That Looks Like Wood Trends In Flooring

Wood Look Porcelain Tile Review Tile That Looks Like Wood Trends In Flooring

Hardwood Inspired Tile Flooring: Doing What Wood Can’t

trends | On 25, Apr 2012

Fill all the space of your home with authentic hardwood flooring. Except for the bathroom, and the mudroom, and entryway, and possibly throw out the idea of having it in the kitchen. Oh, and don’t even consider placing it in any commercial or outside space without meticulous upkeep. With such natural beauty at a hefty price, application restrictions, and the heavy burden of maintenance requirements, traditional hardwood flooring may not sound so appealing after all.

With that, in comes the genius design gurus of several top tile manufacturing companies who have daringly created multiple collections of porcelain tile that looks like wood flooring. With revolutionary technology in hand, manufactures such as Kertiles, Florida Tile, Daltile, and many more have beautifully incorporated stylish tile creations into their long line of collections to take on the timeless beauty of natural hardwood.

Timeless being the key word, these durable products effortlessly stand up to heavy foot traffic, tough messes, and anything else you can throw into the mix with rivaling style. Complete with ever expanding tile plank sizes to further the authenticity, porcelain wood-look tiles are easy on your wallet, eco-friendly, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain, and above all beautiful. Seamlessly indistinguishable brush over high definition details, follow intricate grain patterns with your figures and lap up all the lavish characteristics of these collections.

Florida Tile met this increasingly popular trend of porcelain tile that looks like wood with their lively Berkshire color-body collection. Evoking nostalgic feelings of natural hardwood, this regal collection channels looks of East coast preps meets the rugged West through revolutionary digital printing technology. Offering a contemporary touch to this traditional style, apply each 6×24 plank to literally any residential and commercial space. Offering looks of reclaimed wood, embrace the five available shades that emulate the distinct characteristics of oak, maple, hickory, olive, and walnut. With subtle shade variations, deeply lush visuals are combined with strong textural details for richly enchanting appeal.

Wood Look Porcelain Tile Review Tile That Looks Like Wood Trends In Flooring

Contrasting greatly from the rustic appeal of hardwood, Daltile presents a sleek, sophisticated collection to take on the high-end elegance of Hampton retreats and sailboat decks for their stately Yacht Club collection. This glazed porcelain collection features the impeccable details of wood with subtle linear movement in a monochromatic appeal that speaks to both traditional and modern design styles. Available in four shades ranging from light cream to brown and even deep charcoal greys, each 6×24 plank beautifully adds class and elegance to your home with applications suitable for residential and commercial walls and floors, along with outdoor patio spaces. Additionally, strikingly thin grout lines further the appearance of wood inspired tile flooring for a truly affluent touch.

The revolutionary manufactures at Kertiles have recently introduced two stunning wood recreations that truly raise the bar in wood emulated flooring. Each 636” through body plank collection features looks that only decades of weathering can accomplish through unmatched revolutionary printing technology. Geneva is a vibrant series that elegantly displays a sundrenched wood appearance of rustic barns and fences. Three light hues feature this lines lustrous rural appeal that glows in any light. Offering a more timeworn appeal, Old Lisbon is a highly defined series replicating the essence of being dockside in Lisbon, Portugal. Two warm, rich hues define an intricately aged appearance that adds a high-end sophistication to both the inside of your home as well as outside.

Serving as an excellent departure from traditional stone tile flooring, these specific collections are just a few lines that further the practicality and style of porcelain tile flooring. Daringly taking on the challenge of replicating natural hardwood, these alternatives are a great solution to stylishly durable flooring with woods classic charm. A rising star, stay tuned for more as we are sure more wood inspired collections are to come.

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