Top 163 Complaints and Reviews about KB Home

Top 163 Complaints and Reviews about KB Home

Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Satisfaction Rating 2 /5

Luckily for me, I have not yet had major problems like others have had with their newly built KB Home. I purchased a ‘to be built’ home 2 years in Kyle, Texas. Just a few months after moving in, I started having problems with my back yard flooding. Lucky for me, they came out and redid my whole yard even though they tried to tell me that my two dogs were the reason why my yard started flooding and that they were doing me a ‘favor’ by redoing my whole yard. A year later. I find the grout in my tile floor starting to come up. I called the customer service guy for my neighborhood and he told me that the reason of this happening is cause of my dog’s nails digging into the grout. I have never heard of this before and if you ask me..I call that a BS excuse just to get me off his back. So what happens to everyone else who owns a home with tile and has dogs?

Satisfaction Rating 1 /5

After having discovered water damage in the drywall of the garage, I immediately had someone come to the house to assess the problem. Concerned it may be a leak from a water pipe, I had someone look at the plumbing and even the washing machine/laundry room which sits upstairs somewhat close to the area in question. After long assessments of this distressing water damage, it was discovered that the damage seen in the garage drywall was coming from the roof!

At first we thought it might be some damaged area of the roof that leaked, but I was actually a «design flaw» in the roof: where the roof of the house meets the roof of the garage formed a reservoir. HOW AWESOME IS THAT. So, since I’ve owned this house, water have been collecting in this reservoir every time it rains and eventually saturating through the roof making it through the second floor all the way to the garage, saturating everything in between. Of course, there was no indication of this happening UNTIL THE DAMAGE WAS SEEN IN THE GARAGE.

I immediately had someone fix the faulty roof, and all the damage it had caused (and it was extensive) and called KB Homes to discuss reimbursement for this problem, thinking that they would AT LEAST pay for the repair of the roof design flaw that existed. Their response and claim: Since it was not an emergency KB Homes would have fixed this problem if KB Homes were made aware of it. Since I did not use a KB Home authorized contractor, KB Homes will not reimburse me for the repairs. And since this is not a structural damage issue KB Homes is not obligated and therefore will not pay for repairs related to this claim.

Top 163 Complaints and Reviews about KB Home

I would like to add that is only one for MANY, MANY damaging flaws I have discovered throughout the house since I had purchased it, but this is the most recent and so far, the most damaging and THE MOST COSTLY. I also want to add that it takes a great deal before I complain about anything, but this issue with the roof and KB Homes’ response of utter disregard was irresponsible if not simply unacceptable. Being only one person against the second biggest home builder in the country, what can I do if they, KB Homes, refuse to reimburse me for the repair of their faulty product? Under the warranty after two years, I am not protected against damage resulting from KB Homes’ faulty designs or the repair to faulty designs that would continue to rack up expensive damages.

After a quick search on the internet of KB Homes, I was not surprised to find that there are HUGE numbers of complaints against KB Home that continues to mount! Apparently, KB Home had been building and selling so many shoddy homes that even our State Representative Debbie Mayfield said she wants Florida to stop KB from building more houses until they fix the ones that weren’t built correctly. Wow, so how many incorrectly built houses do you have to build to upset a State Representative in like that. State Representative Mayfield also chairs a legislative committee for the department of business and professional regulation.

KB Home claims to be diligent with repairs to the homeowners’ satisfaction but they neither did any repairs, reimbursed me for ANY repairs on the KNOWN DEFECTIVE DESIGN ELEMENTS of the house, and their claims department was all too happy about pointing out how they cannot be held responsible for the cost of the repairs to this WELL KNOWN DESIGN DEFECT nor the damages caused by it.

In conclusion, I am neither happy or satisfied with KB Home with the house they sold me or the services attached to this house. They have not been helpful nor pleasant about the few issues that I had brought to their claims department (out of many, many issues that actually exists with the house). The simple fact that KB Home refuses to accept responsibility for the cost involved in correcting the design flaw that they knew is common in the roof of these houses, and certainly would not take responsibility for the damages resulting from it makes me feel they are an awful company selling cheap shoddy products that they are unwilling to stand behind.

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