Tile Floor Cleaning, Cleaning Tile and Grout.

Tile Floor Cleaning, Cleaning Tile and Grout.

The first step in cleaning your tile floors should always be the steps you take before you get down to business. Using preventative measures and maintaining regular upkeep will keep your tile spotless and extend the life of your floors. No matter what kind of tile you have—marble, terrazzo, ceramic, vinyl, etc.—taking a few easy tips and having your floors professionally cleaned once a year will save you time, money, and headache for years to come.

The first tip we offer for keeping your tile floors clean is to prevent dirt and mud from making its way inside to begin with. Placing a mat or rug in front of doors and in high-traffic areas will keep abrasive materials for being tracked in and scratching any polishing on the tiles. Taking shoes off in these areas will also keep mud and water out of the grout. Putting rugs or padding under the legs of furniture in the room will prevent cracking or scratching of tiles when rearranging. Just make sure you let your tile dry before laying these down to avoid mildew from building up underneath.

Wiping up spills immediately after they happen will keep stains from soaking into your tile flooring. Blot the spills rather than wiping, so the spill keeps to a minimal amount of surface area. Tile ranges in absorbency, but regardless, grout discolors easily. Be conscious of muddy shoes or boots—remember that home care is a team effort.

Dust mopping or sweeping once a week will keep dirt and abrasive materials from harming your tile. Damp mopping periodically will keep your floors from getting to the point of scrubbing. Keep your grout in good condition, and do not treat it with any bleach or ammonia products, as it will cause it to discolor. Avoid using steel wool or highly abrasive cleaning products on your tile, as they will wear the finish. Also, do not use any oil-based products on tile that has been treated with a glaze or finish. As a general rule, strong cleaners are unnecessary, so it’s better to avoid using them to prevent any damage to the tile or grout.

Routine damp mopping with mild cleaning products or warm water will do wonders for your tile floors. The longer you put off mopping your tile floors, the more work you’ll have to do and the more money you’ll spend in the long run. For heavier-duty cleaning, you may be on your hands and knees with a toothbrush. Or you could call a contracting company to come in and assess the damage and do the dirty work.

Consider having a sealant applied to your tile floors. This will decrease the absorbency of your tiles and grout both, and prevent future stains from occurring. A contractor will look at the type and condition of your tile and use this information to provide you with the best products and services for your unique flooring. Over the years this will save you time and money.

Tile flooring is elegant and durable. If you take the proper measures to maintain it, it will last you a lifetime. If you have any questions or concerns about your tile, contact a local contractor. They will be able to answer any questions and give free quotes for work that you may need done. Regardless, enjoy your beautiful tile floor and happy cleaning!

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