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To move or not to move? Figure it out with a pros and cons list!

Deciding whether to move or not is a big decision. There are many pros and cons of moving, ranging from the cost to the new opportunities. Honestly, most of the factors at play could either be reasons for or against moving, depending on how you look at it. Lets look at some of the moving pros and cons, along with some questions to think about as you make your decision to move.

The Pros and Cons of Moving

When deciding whether to move or not, there are a few things that are definitely plusses and minuses. Lets explore some of these things.

The Pros of Moving

If I were considering a move, these are things that would definitely be on my pro list.

  • New opportunities. I love a good adventure! Every time I have moved, I really enjoy meeting new people and exploring a new town. When you move, the possibilities are endless and thats a good thing! You have a new town to explore, new restaurants to try, new festivals to visit just plenty of new opportunities all around!
  • The chance to grow. Change is hard, but those challenging times are the times when we grow the most. Moving will present lots of ways for you to grow: personally and professionally.
  • Change of scenery. Not only will moving provide you with a new hometown to play in, but you will also get a new place to live! I think a change of scenery is so energizing! With a clean slate at a new place, you have the opportunity to change whatever you disliked about your old place. Did you hate the cold tile floors? Get a place with carpet! Did you wish your walls had more color? Buy some paint! You have the chance to start over with a new home.

The Cons of Moving

On the other hand, there are a few things that most people consider to be the downsides of moving. They are pretty much inevitable, so Ill give you some ways to make them not so bad.

  • The packing. Many people may think packing is tough, but U-Pack has some great packing tips and a moving checklist to help make the process a little easier. If you start early, you can tackle the packing over time, rather than in a couple of stressful days.
  • The costs. Moving costs money, there is no way around it. From the costs of connecting utilities to the cost of the actual move you will be spending money on your move. However, the cost wont be a huge con on your list if you choose an affordable moving service like U-Pack. Check out U-Packs prices by getting a free moving quote. This will give you a ballpark price estimate of how much your move will cost.
  • The driving. Pretty much everyone dreads driving the moving truck. They are often uncomfortable, unreliable, and gas-guzzlers. You can completely eliminate this con of moving by moving with U-Pack! If you move with U-Pack, you never have to drive. U-Pack drops off the moving container, and they drive them to your new home so no worrying about driving or paying for fuel. Get a free moving quote for U-Pack here.
  • Stress. No doubt that moving is stressful, but you can combat the stresses with our helpful moving tips.
  • Missing family and friends. It can be tough to move away from your loved ones. If you are moving where you dont know anyone, you might feel lonely at times. After you move, you can easily keep in contact with your friends and family using our creative ways to stay in touch after moving.

Questions about Moving That May Be Pros or Cons

There are some things to consider when moving that could be either a pro or a con on your list, depending on how you look at it. If you are moving for a great new job, that is a pro. But if you are moving and dont have a job yet, that might be a con. Lets explore these questions.

  • What is the cost of living like in your new town? Many places around the country have really affordable living costs. Compare the cost of living in your new town and where you currently live here.
  • What is the education system like? If you are moving with kids, the education system should be a factor in deciding to move. You can compare the ratings of different schools online.
  • Can I do the things I love there? Depending on your hobbies, moving may be a pro or a con. If you love snow-skiing, moving to Florida would take that away. Consider the things you and your family enjoy, and check to see if you can continue doing those things after moving.
  • Career opportunities. Do you have a job lined out? What will your salary be like? If you dont have a job, how is the job market in your new town? Consider these things when deciding to move or not to move.

Make your list of pros and cons for moving!

All thats left is for you to make your own list of pros and cons of moving. There may be other things to factor in, but this will give you a good start. If you decide to move, come back here and check out U-Pack. Not only does U-Pack offer affordable moves, but also simple moves. U-Pack does all the driving, so you dont have to worry about that. U-Pack delivers your stuff door to door, so you dont have to drive a rental truck across the country (one less con to add to your list!). If you think of any other pros and cons of moving, please let us know. We would love to add them to our list!

And dont forget, when you are ready to move, start with a U-Pack moving quote .

If you are looking for more information to help you decide whether or not to move, check out these helpful resources.

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