The Carpet Buyers Handbook — Installing Laminate Floors

The Carpet Buyers Handbook - Installing Laminate Floors

Installing Laminate Floors

By Michael Hilton

Accessorize! Genuine Wilsonart Flooring Materials and Tools Ensure a Great Installation. Every Time.

Any mechanic will tell you that having the right tools and materials for the job makes a world of difference — and the same holds true when it comes to installing Wilsonart Flooring. The components that make up our complete flooring system have been carefully engineered to work together for optimal performance and ensure 100% homeowner satisfaction.

Three Great Products — One Great Installation System

One of the greatest advantages of Wilsonart Flooring is it is so well suited to modern lifestyles. It’s low maintenance, highly durable and offers an incredible range of beautiful designs. And now, with the introduction of Tap-N-Lock technology, even installation has reached new heights of convenience.

Traditionally, laminate flooring installation has required gluing planks or tiles together. And with glue, there has always been messy residue and time-intensive cleanup, as well as hassles related to correcting mistakes.

Explaining the Differences Between Tap-N-Lock TM Products

Here are some Questions and Answers to help you understand the differences between Wilsonart Flooring products.

Q: What are the main advantages of Tap-N-Lock installation?

A: Now available in all Wilsonart Flooring products, Tap-N-Lock is an exclusive installation system that offers fast, versatile installation every time. Installers and homeowners alike are attracted to Tap-N-Lock’s direct benefits — there’s no need to apply glue, nor are there cleanup or residue issues to deal with after the fact.

Q: How is Tap-N-Lock different from other glueless installation systems?

A: Tap-N-Lock products are precision machined for flat installation. With other glueless laminate floors, you have to «hinge» the planks together and that makes installation difficult and time intensive near door jambs or cabinet toe-kicks. With Tap-N-Lock, all you need in these areas is a pull bar. Tap-N-Lock also features a double-locking tongue-and-groove system for a stronger connection and self-leveling of the panel or tile surface.

Q: What’s the difference between high pressure laminate (used to manufacture Classic, Estate Plus and Red Label products) and direct pressure laminate?

A: The main difference is the pressure under which the laminate is manufactured: high pressure laminates are typically manufactured using 1400 pounds-per-square inch of pressure while direct pressure products are manufactured using 300-500 pounds-per-square inch of pressure.

The higher the pressure used in the manufacture of laminate, the harder and more resistant to scuffing and scratching the laminate surface. Just as Diamonds are the hardest of all minerals, High Pressure Laminate is the hardest and toughest of all laminate. Its advantages include:

  • Better wear resistance — less scuffing, scratching
  • Better static load capacity — no dimpling
  • Better impact resistance — no denting
  • Better design clarity — higher sheen levels
  • Higher in-carton product integrity
  • No chipped corners

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