She Can Do It All DIY Stained Concrete Floors

She Can Do It All DIY Stained Concrete Floors

DIY Stained Concrete Floors

There are so many options out on the market to consider when it comes to flooring. Of course, one of the main points of consideration when looking at these options will undoubtedly be how deep are your pockets. We realized this very early on in the building process for our house. We were certain we wanted hardwood floors however the builder only offered one option for wood floors and they did not fit out style. That ended up being a blessing in disguise because the price tag was quite hefty. This forced us to research more options!

Our first thoughts were to purchase hardwoods and install them ourselves; still quite expensive.  The next option was to purchase laminate wood flooring and install it ourselves.  We actually were set on going this route, had paid our deposit to have the store order the flooring and all, but we still decided to keep looking around.

Now, I will be honest with you here; almost every idea I had when it came to this house was initially turned down by Chris almost immediately.   The funny thing about that is that when it came down to it, we went with about 99.9% of my ideas and now Chris loves everything and tries to play it off like he they were his ideas!  Ugh, boys.

Before we had spent any time talking about wood floors I had suggested staining the concrete.  That idea was immediately shut down.  About six weeks later, after we had picked out and ordered our wood flooring, Chris thought of this amazing idea to stain the concrete!    We started looking around and having it done professionally was going to be just as expensive if not more than the hardwood.

We kept researching and stumbled upon a Rust-Oleum Concrete Stain kit at Lowes.  I must say that this kit is AMAZING!  now, before I go any further, please know that this kit is not an acid-based stained.  That being said, it is more susceptible to wear and tear.  I will tell you though that we have had our floors for almost nine months now without any issues.  We did take precaution by putting felt pads on the bottom of all of the furniture and chairs, but thats it!

Okay, so heres the breakdown.  Using this kit, we were able to customize our floors to look exactly how we wanted and at an amazing price.  Having them professionally stained was going to cost about $3,000.  Installing hardwoods on our own would have cost about $3,000 as well.  Even installing laminate wood floors on our own was going to run us about $2400.  We were able to do our entire downstairs area (about 1000sf since we left tile in the bathrooms and carpet in the closets) for a grand total of just over $300.  AMAZING.

We opted to use two dark brown shades combined on the first layer.  Chris and I walked side-by-side spraying both colors at the same time in order to blend them well.  For the second layer, we went back with a spray bottle of red stain and another spray bottle of a soft white and just sprayed at random for some depth and texture.  The final step was to apply the sealer which also came in the kit.  We applied two light layers of the sealer as I didnt want the wet look that seems to be so popular.  With this kit, you are really just painting your floors with about an hour wait time between layers.  Piece of cake!

Of course, the kit comes complete with written directions and a DVD, but I promise it is so simple.  The hardest part to this process is getting your floors ready.  We had carpet and vinyl down in the areas we wanted to stain so it was a bit of a pain to remove it all.  The vinyl adhesive was the worst, but in the end, it was definitely worth it!  We absolutely LOVE our floors and are constantly receiving compliments on them.  Oh, and the most amazing part of all is how easy they are to clean!  I simply either sweep with a broom or run my Shark sweeper/vacuum (or both because Im so OCD) and then run my steam mop.  You just cant beat that!

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