Peel & Stick Vinyl Plank Floor Tips. How To Make & Do Everything!

Peel & Stick Vinyl Plank Floor Tips. How To Make & Do Everything!

Peel & Stick Vinyl Plank Floor Tips.

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DJ Chris: Update: floor is still holding up. This is one of the best investments you can make if you’re going with vinyl. The interlocking system is nice too, but it’s alot more labor intensive. 

Sam Trolinder: actually, (at 2;10) you are not installing over existing vinyl floor, you are installing over existing old style VCT which which has asbestos in it. most the time. What you don’t want to do is cut into the old floor and cause fine asbestos dust whereby it may be inhaled. you can go directly over the VCT but do not disturb it. Great first time job on that floor though!

Emily Rocksta: Wow! I’m sold. We pulled up the carpet in our rental unit today and found 1971 linoleum which made us rethink our original plan of tiling the whole place. I think this is the product for us. Thanks for sharing.

cheryl61500: Thank you Thank you for this video. I am on a strict budget. 2 kids in college and wanted to redo a bedroom. I so will be purchasing this weekend. will update you.

JediGTI: will a skateboard work for rolling?

mellownando: just installed this to our house; same brand, different style. How you do keep it clean? It seems like there are different styles, but none seem to work for us?

asanspree: Thank you! I bought some yesterday so I will be putting it down this weekend. Hopefully, mine works as good as yours.

asanspree: Is the floor still holding up? I’m about to lay this floor in my living room. The lady at Lowes said the peel and stick is best. I kind of like the interlocking planks though. 

DJ Chris: Lol @ hulabird.

Mekratrig: Glad I happened across your video. I just purchased what looks like the same brand and style vinyl planks at Lowes to put in a bathroom. Your tips will come in very handy.

Tyler Mcrobert: I’m wondering if I could use this temporarily and remove it later?

DJ Chris: So far so good.

reds7337: Now I know where I went wrong. I need a cigarette

Evamargo71: Hi there, could you please let us know how it holds now that it’s been there for a year or so? Thanks

gamecockfamily: I would love to see an update/ hear a review about the wear. How did you prep the existing floor underneath? Was there and sanding involve or just peel and stick over clean pre-existing? Thanks.

DJ Chris: So far the wear is good. Its a durable vinyl. I had a pre existing commercial tile floor in that room already. All I had to do was sweep out the dust, and mop the floor to prep it. This tile will stick to most pre existing floors. If youre covering a cement floor, example: an unfinished basement. Get the vinyl floating floor that has the adhesive only on the edges. The tiles float over any surface and just stick to each other.

auntjojo1980: we did these in our bathroom in the spring, we used the Henrys floor primer 1st, then a rolling pin after each section was laid. so far so good, only had one tile separate a bit in the middle of the room, we lifted and put a new one down last week in that area & it’s fine now, overall it was quite easy & looks great! thanks 4 the tips, sure u helped some ppl who want to use this product =)) your floor looks really nice too*

TheRadlike: Oh that roller tip made my day, was about to go buy one. Thanks!

HeatofDamage: Awesome tips! Thanks for taking the time to create the video!

musicman1999: Gracias for the help. It makes a big difference having someone go through the process beforehand.

Kristin Hart: Thanks for that tip, I would have used that little ruler also, LOL

DJ Chris: Ty for the compliment. This floor is so easy that it makes even me look like a pro lol. One word of advice, follow the instructions on starting from the middle of the room and measuring the halfway point. I freestyled it, starting from one wall and working across. The floor did come out nice, but on the edges there were a few issues with planks not lining up 100% and I had to make more cuts. Start from the middle, measure properly and everything should fit in neatly!

DJ Chris: Tyler sorry for late response. Since there is no glue to spread and the planks come off clean, I don’t see a problem with that. It really depends on the floor underneath I guess.

Jinxaire: Thanks for the video! I plan on installing the Novalis brand of this in my home. How has your flooring held up since the installation?

chris petkunas: Rafter or «speed» square is even better way to make perfect straight cuts.

Personal Cloud: Thanks for the video. I am about to install the same floor over an existing vynil floor. I hope it comes out as good as your’s did. It really looks very professional.

DJ Chris: Its been over a year and the floor is holding up great. Although this isn’t a high traffic room (office/studio) I still have an office chair on wheels that I move around in all the time. No visible wear and the planks have not become unstuck.

DJ Chris: Thank you :-)

sussexsaxon: Really important to use a floor primer during the prep stage of the existing underfloor. This vinyl plank strip flooring is becoming more popular nowadays because it is better and easier to install than the cheaper laminate flooring. Looks and feels much better under foot in my opinion.


Peel & stick vinyl plank floor tips. 4.5 out of 5

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