Kitchen Flooring Flooring hunter

Kitchen Flooring Flooring hunter


Kitchen Flooring

One of the most happening places in the house is the kitchen from leaks, spills and crashes’ kitchen flooring has got to be one of the most used and exposed to abuse areas in any home so if you’re thinking of redoing your kitchen floors, consider the durability of the material.

So what flooring solutions are ideal for kitchens?

Hardwood. A classic, with proper treatment and caution, hardwood can be installed almost anywhere. Yes, it may have some setbacks but this material will sit about almost any color or furnishing you may have in your kitchen. The hardwood specie and how it is finished will largely determine its maintenance and durability. A constant worry would be the occasional scratches and spills but then as long as you are mindful and attentive, it can be minimized. One great thing about hardwood is that you can always have it refinished to look as if it were new.

Vinyl.If you’re looking for a quick fix which is friendly on the pocket, easy to put it and maintain, then vinyl might be the material for your kitchen. It is available in countless colors and patterns that guarantees you’ll find something the meets your preferences. However, over time, vinyl’s edges might curl up here and there.

Tiles. Whether natural stone, ceramic or porcelain, tile offers a quiet elegance that is visually appealing. There are a variety of colors to choose from when you want ceramic or porcelain tiles and for better stain resistance, choose glazed ones. If you have money to spare and would like to add more value to your property and at the same time make it more unique then you might want to get marble or granite both are extremely durable with very distinct patterns. The key to buying tiles is to remember to buy extra so when something breaks, you immediately have the spare to have it replaced.

Laminate Flooring.If you want to have the elegance and natural warmth of hardwood but doesn’t have enough money to shell out for these pricey beauties and would rather cut low on maintenance then laminate might just be the perfect thing for you. They come in different designs, extremely durable, easy to install and keep.

Green Options. You can let your kitchen go green too. There are several products you can choose from if you want to have green flooring in your kitchens. For one there is linoleum. Yes, its the same linoleum your parents and grandparents had in the 1950s, they are basically very much still manufactured in the same manner with the same materials.

Kitchen Flooring Flooring hunter

Linoleum. Made from all natural and renewable materials, linoleum is extremely durable. A well maintained linoleum can last up to 40 years. Its also been added with a modern touch to make it easier to clean and more stain and dust resistant.

Cork flooring is another sustainable flooring material. Its naturally warm and has very high impact resistant, it is also resistant to water making it an ideal flooring option for your kitchens. Cork is manufactured without hurting the cork oak tree making it renewable. It also has natural chemicals making it hypoallergenic and resistant to  decay.

Bamboo is generally a grass, a very resilient one that is. Like cork it is also hypoallergenic and can better withstand moisture and resist decay compared to hardwood. What one should consider when picking bamboo flooring is if its finish is formaldehyde free and non-carbonized. Non-carbonized bamboo is more durable than the carbon-treated ones.

An important thing to keep in mind is that all flooring solutions will have advantages and disadvantages. Evaluating your needs and identifying which one would be more beneficial for your needs and for your kitchens is the major factor to consider when deciding which material to get.

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