Improve your home with new floors, lighting, counters — Video on

Improve your home with new floors, lighting, counters - Video on

Improve your home with new floors, lighting, counters

Drew and Jonathan Scott, the twin stars of HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” show off ways you can improve your home, such as installing hardwood floors and quartz countertops and using high-end lighting that will brighten a dull room.

September 01, 2014

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>>> this morning on «today’s home,» the highs and lows of home building. figuring out what kind of floors or countertops to go with can be overwhelming so we brought in the experts. jonathan and drew scott are the host of «property brothers» on hdtv.

>> thanks for having us.

>> flooring options. everybody likes the look of hardwood, but as we know it’s expensive.

>> it’s expensive, but it also wears really easy. scratches and dents, so everyone wants the best of all the world.

>> best of the best .

>> not going for a solid hardwood five to nine bucks a square foot. go with an engineered product that’s 13 three and six. we go with a porcelain tile that has a wood grain glaze on it, looks the same as a hardwood but 100 times more durable. will you never have children, dogs, husbands mucking this up.

>> oh, okay.

>> a little more expensive than the engineered.

>> you will get wear and tear.

>> regular hardwood or engineered, but if you’re going to spend the money on a regular hardwood, not an engineered, go for the tile if you have a lot of wear and tear.

>> five to nine bucks a square foot .

>> countertop, used to be granite, marble, those were the things you wanted. what’s the new hot countertop these days?

>> granite and marble, have to reseal them to maintain or they will be susceptible to stains. quarts, great for busy families. don’t remember to do those things.

>> this is not sealed or anything. got a nice shine.

>> crushed quarts with a resin. no way for anything to get in there.

>> okay.

>> but it’s really, really expensive. tends to be more expensive than the granites and marbles so what we do if you want to do your island in a contrast with the butcher block. this you’re looking at 70 bucks a square foot for the skwaurts. ranges usually 50 to 100. this is 67.60, and what i like this.

>> introduce people how to get the champagne dreams on a beer budget. it looks like you’re making a design choice when you are trying to save money. people will never challenge you.

>> butcher block may be for an accent area, as you said, like the area or an area that’s high use.

>> you do have to seal it depending on the humidity in your home, once every month or three months.

>> you can sand it down easy and even if it gets a few marks on it it adds character.

>> we all like the look of custom cabinets, how much are custom cabinets generally going to cost you?

>> don’t have $20,000, $30,000.

>> you can do pre-fab cabinets for around 4,500, the raw materials you need to install or if you have a tired kitchen, white cabinet, swap out the door for a glass door and then add a punch of color inside. you can see i’ve painted the black there in sort of a tiffany’s blue. adds a little bit of class.

>> from property brothers we use 80% of prefab cabinets and we have people that write in saying it’s the most beautiful custom kitchen they have seen but it’s not custom.

Improve your home with new floors, lighting, counters - Video on

>> do you have to do it to get it in there just right?

>> you have to be a genius.

>> i make him do all the work.

>> customizing, putting crown, a light rail. something to customize the box cabinet.

>> you don’t want it to look like it came from ikea.

>> lighting.

>> take two things that look identical and one is more appealing.

>> let’s talk about the lamps.

>> yeah.

>> which do you think is more expensive of these two lamps?

>> i’m going with this one.

>> good pick. however, they are very, very similar. had to think about it for a second. hi to look at it.

>> this is an ikea lamp, a lamp that looks really trendy and modern, 30 to 80 bucks somewhere whereas here a designer lamp you’re going for over 300. just goes to show when you’re staging your home, doing something, think about where you’re spending the money, you can save a ton.

>> new show buying and selling, about staging a home to sell not spending money. that’s why i love this. shows you they are pretty well identical. can you get that designer feel for in the a lot of money.

>> you guys do a great job. jonathan and drew scott, and conn gratz on the new show already airing on hgtv.

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