How to choose the Right Flooring for Your Home Angies List

How to choose the Right Flooring for Your Home Angies List

How to choose the right flooring for your home

This bamboo floor is as attractive and functional as a traditional hardwood floor, but the materials are less expensive and come from a more renewable natural resource.

You’ve made the decision to invest in your home by getting new flooring. Now to decide on what’s right for your family. Whether you choose laminate wood, hardwood, engineered wood, carpet, tile or vinyl depends on your personal preferences, family structure and budget.

Some questions to consider on a personal level might include the following examples:

• Do you mind cold on a concrete slab tile in the morning?

• Do you have any allergies that a carpet might aggravate?

• Will the constant sweeping of the wood be a problem?

• Will shoes clapping on the wood annoy you?

• How often do you need to mop the area?

• Do you like to lie on the floor and watch a movie?

• Do you see yourself living in this home for the next ten years, or do you plan on putting your home on the market in a year or two?

• Have you thought about how much you entertain and what kind of effect this might have on your flooring?

Think beyond what looks nice and into what best fits you and your family’s personality. What is your family structure? Take into consideration how big your pets are and how active your family is when choosing flooring .

Pick flooring that is more rugged for high traffic areas. Selecting a speckled carpet is also wise because it may hide the dirt carried in by a ball player. Did you think about when you drop anything glass on a tile floor it will most likely shatter into hundreds of pieces, but maybe not on vinyl flooring? Getting a wet toddler out of a bathtub is a bad idea on a laminate floor but not on a tile floor that’s made to look like a wood floor. Where does your child like to do his or her artwork? Sometimes the washable paint is not as washable as you thought.

How to choose the Right Flooring for Your Home Angies List

Lastly, think about your budget and you can use it best. Choose an installer who can install tile in your bathroom, carpet on your stairs and wood in your living room. This will keep costs down by having only one installer visit your home instead of three.

Compare the costs of installation provided by a flooring retailer to the costs of having an installation company doing the work. Usually you can save at least 50 percent by hiring your own installer.

Can you do any of the work yourself to keep installation costs down? Can you move your own furnishings and appliances? Can you tear out the old flooring and have it hauled away?

When choosing the right materials for your home, compare pricing for ordering online. You may need to start this a little sooner because samples with need to be mailed to you, but you generally can save money over having to pay for overhead in a retail location.

Once you’ve considered how these things play into your daily life, choosing the flooring you want and need will be easier and save you time, money and maybe a future headache.

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