Hardwood Floor vs Everything!

Hardwood Floor vs Everything!

Comparing hardwood floors to laminate, carpeting, or even tile is like comparing a multilevel custom built home to a singlewide trailer house. Hardwood floors add more to a home than just a place to sit your furniture and rest your feet. Hardwood floors add beauty, value, warmth and character to your home. Still, homeowners often find themselves comparing hardwood floors to other types of flooring. Here are some simple facts about hardwood floors versus other floors.


Cost is often the first thing buyers look at when making decisions about floor installation. Hardwood floors are often a larger up front investment than other types of floors. Installing hardwood floors in your home increases the value of your home. As your hardwood floor ages, the value increases. Upkeep on hardwood floors is inexpensive and a hardwood floor will last a lifetime.

Carpeting not only doesn?t increase in value with time, it actually depreciates. What carpeting doesn?t lose with time is germs and dust mites. In fact, time helps these intruders increase. Spills, pet accidents, mold, and foot odor are a few other things carpeting holds onto like Scrooge holding onto his money purse.

Vinyl floors are the least expensive type of floors. However, I wouldn?t suggest that you install a vinyl floor simply because it is cheap. Vinyl floors need to be replaced once every ten years or so.


Hardwood floors will last as long as your home does. These floors can be refinished to bring out their natural beauty if it starts to fade. Carpeting needs to be replaced on average once every seven to ten years. One of the big differences between laminate flooring and hardwood floors is the life of the floor. Laminate floors last a few years longer than carpeting but do not last nearly as long as hardwood.


For health reasons alone hardwood flooring is a better choice. Allergens that are often trapped in carpets aren?t a problem with hardwood floors. Vacuuming your carpet does little for an old carpet. Cigarette smoke, as well as smoke from last night?s cooking disaster, gets trapped in the fibers of carpeting. This mixes with what ever was on the bottom of all of the feet that have traveled across your carpet. These odors become part of your home, introducing themselves to everyone who walks through your door. Hardwood floors do not hang onto odors or hide dust, dirt, hair, and other particles.


Unlike carpeting, tile and vinyl hardwood floors do not go out of style. Hardwood floors are naturally beautiful. Your hardwood floor will go along with your decorating theme as long as trees go well with the outdoors. Laminate floors have started to look more and more like natural hardwood floors.


Hardwood floors have a little natural give in the wood. This helps guard against fatigue and joint pain, even after hours of standing and walking on your hardwood floor. Tile and vinyl flooring do not have the give that hardwood floors have. Even thought you would think carpeting has some give to it, carpeting is placed over concrete with a pad underneath it. This type of floor is just as hard on your joints as a concrete floor. Natural substances, such as hardwood and dirt/grass are the easiest substances to walk on. Dirt floors have been out of style since caves went out.

Several mothers swear by teaching children how to walk on hardwood floors only. Carpets make it difficult to move your feet when you are first learning how to walk and concrete floors are hard when you fall on them. Hardwood floors are also softer to fall on than ceramic tile. In fact, if you drop a wine glass or baby food jar on a hardwood floor, often times it will just bounce. Dropping glass items on a ceramic tile floor not only breaks the item, if you aren?t careful, you can chip the tile as well.

Environmentally Responsible

Hardwood floors do not end up in the landfill. Hardwood is a natural resource. Twice as many trees are being planted than are being cut annually. Carpeting not only isn?t made from natural materials, it ends up in the landfill every seven to ten years. Carpeting has backing that also has to be replaced with the carpeting. Vinyl is also torn out and thrown into the landfill.


Do-it-yourself friendly laminate floors are often easier to install than hardwood. These floors come in planks that slide together and lock in place. The planks also slip apart if not installed correctly. The first home I saw laminate flooring in had planks that slipped, leaving gaps of nearly half an inch between them. This is easy to deal with by sliding the pieces back into place. Carpeting is easily installed with tack strips on the edges carpeting can be cut and placed in a room in little time. Hardwood flooring installation takes a little more effort when it comes to installation. The end result is worth the work.

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