Flooring Ideas to Help Beautify Your Home

Flooring Ideas to Help Beautify Your Home

Use these flooring ideas to add warmth and character to your home

Add beauty and value to your home through wise choices of flooring

When considering flooring ideas remember that floors cover a vast amount of area. Because they are so noticeable, floors often have the power to make or break the overall design of your room.

Think of floors as you would the perfect pair of shoes that complement an outfit. That marvelous dress you chose for a special occasion would be ruined if worn with a pair of scuffed, run down at the heels shoes. However, paired with a perfect colored, delicate strapped heel, you feel like a million dollars and walk into a room with confidence.

First fill out the Floor Analysis Worksheet

Once this is finished, you will have narrowed down your choices and can move on from there.

Consider Use and Traffic Pattern

When thinking about flooring ideas, as with every other step in home decorating, consider how the room will be used and how traffic will be flowing through it. It won’t take long for a wall to wall carpet to look dull and dingy if everyone follows the same path along it several times a day. Along the same idea, if you get out of bed every morning and hit a cold tile floor immediately, you won’t have to worry about getting that first cup of coffee.

What are your options?

Once you’ve considered use and traffic, you can now make a decision between hard or soft flooring. Perhaps it is a room where you may even want a combination of both. Remember, a floor doesn’t always have to be constructed of one material only.

Consider using accent tiles to create borders that visually separate areas of the rooms. In the kitchen, the food prep area can be designed in different but co-ordinating tiles to divide it from the dining area.

In the dining room it is not necessary to use a rug under the table that needs constant maintenance. Consider designing an «area rug» with a wood center and a ceramic tile border that will require nothing but damp mopping or a quick vacuuming to keep it looking good. If you are considering this flooring idea, be sure to make the «rug» large enough so that the table is still on it when it is expanded to it’s full size.

The next step is comparison shopping

Thanks to modern technology and manufacturing methods, the array of flooring is endless and mind boggling.

Take the time to shop at home improvement and flooring stores. Ask questions, take pictures, get measurements.

Check out the pages below before you shop for flooring ideas. Know the basics and you will be able to ask intelligent questions to get the answers you are looking for.

What Type of Flooring Fits Your Decorating Theme?

Check the listing below to match your flooring to your decor. Click on the link to learn more about your flooring choices:

Wood flooring is a classic choice

Use hardwood flooring with traditional decorating schemes such as Federal and Georgian decorating styles.

Softwoods are more often used with Colonial, Early American and Country styles.

Flooring Ideas to Help Beautify Your Home

Because of the wide range of styles and materials, carpeting fits into any decorating scheme. Oriental rugs are classic, braided are country, and wall to wall is contemporary. Check the various home decorating styles to see which one will fit your design best.

When considering flooring ideas, you can’t go wrong with ceramic tile. These are great with Contemporary and Art Deco decorating styles. Even if you have a traditional home, who says you can’t use them if you want to?

Brick, Mexican Tiles, Travertine Tile, Granite and Slate. Who wouldn’t love stone floors? Check these out if you are looking for a floor that makes a statement and impact

Look into the Huge Variety Offered by Vinyl Flooring

Today vinyl dominates the flooring market and can be found in every color, design, and price range. Because of this large variety of pattern, it can be incorporated into most decorating schemes.

Braided and hooked rugs fit into the country decorating styles. Stenciled rugs and floor cloths also fit here.

Textured rugs, sisal and Dhurrie area rugs fit into the modern decorating plan

Floors last a lifetime

Take the time to carefully consider your choice of flooring ideas. Your floors may last the lifetime of your house. Give some consideration to changes in decor you may be contemplating.

Classic wood and tile designs are versatile and easily blended into different styles. Give your choices careful thought, and you will never be in the spot of buying in haste and regretting at leisure.

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