Floor Tile Design Ideas Ceramic Floors Unique Tile Flooring Ideas

Floor Tile Design Ideas Ceramic Floors Unique Tile Flooring Ideas

Floor Tile Design Ideas

These floor tile design ideas demonstrate how versatile, beautiful, and inviting tile floors can be — not to mention they are exceptionally practical and durable. Tile is an easy way to upgrade the look and feel of your home. However, as we’ve said a million times, it’s all in the details! Successful tile patterns are a perfect balance of size, color, texture, and pattern. Look at the pictures below for some great examples. Welcome to our site!

Image from www.cococozy.com

Tile can be luxurious. enough said. This beautiful foyer tile welcomes visitors inside with a soft palette and a sophisticated and graceful tile pattern.

Image from www.cococozy.com

Good tile flooring designs are a perfect marriage of form and function. Here a contrasting zigzagging pattern leads your through a gorgeous dark wood panelled entrance. This foyer has the Old World charm and appeal of a prestigious estate. we love it.

Image from Tile Idea Book by Andrew Wormer

These lovely hand-painted Mexican Talavera tiles demonstrate Moorish, Spanish, and Italian influences with bright, tin-glazed colors and bold geometric patterns. Tiled stairways have been a long tradition in public spaces, but they feel downright luxurious when installed in a private residence. Add decorative tile to the risers and keep the surface of the step smooth with a more practical glazed tile — it will be easier to clean.

Image from Tile Style by Heather Earl Adams

This tiled rug is absolutely decadent! Beautiful hand-painted tiles create the illusion of an area rug without the fuss of having to clean around one. Just be careful, certain tiles can be very slippery when wet. This is especially important for bathroom floor tile .

Image from Tile Style by Heather Earl Adams

Outshine typical tile patterns by blending texture and finishes. This creative floor mixes two shades of sandy-colored limestone with a beautiful white bronze tile. The textured bronze relief makes this floor really stand out.

Image from www.twocherubsantiques.wordpress.com

This gorgeous French tiled floor speaks of a time when artisans brilliantly handcrafted tiles. Back when tile was an art form that graced the most exclusive homes of the wealthy.

Image from Tile Style by Heather Earl Adams

This is a stunning display of craftsmanship! Glass tiles were used to create an inlaid glass throw rug complete with fringes!

Image from www.bedifferentactnormal.com

Floor Tile Design Ideas Ceramic Floors Unique Tile Flooring Ideas

Creativity reigns supreme! This inspired tile floor design shows that you don’t always have to use standard materials. You could tile with buttons or metal bottle tops as far as we’re concerned.

Image from www.claylandtile.com

It’s often the little gestures that make a significant difference. A small band of earthy stone mosaic tiles transforms this ho-hum ceramic floor into a much more interesting design.

Image from www.cococozy.com

This floor is simple divine. It is actually made of Moroccan concrete tiles (drool). The muted color palette is a perfect fit for the oversized pattern.

Image from Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Decorating with Ceramic Tile by Jerri Farris

You can visually expand a small or narrow space by selecting large tiles with fewer grout joints. This nice little entry includes a tiled wall niche which takes it from plain to interesting.

Image from www.creativity103.com

This is a beautiful mosaic of varied ceramic tiles. What really makes this a success is the variation in color and pattern with a dramatic charcoal grey grout.

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