Eco friendly floor and tile adhesives available — Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save

Eco friendly floor and tile adhesives available - Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save

Eco friendly floor and tile adhesives available

In recent years, the adhesive manufacturing concerns have made it a point to follow Eco- friendly strategies in production and application. Moreover, to meet the highest standard of environment safety and health, they use advanced ingredients in manufacturing adhesives, coatings, potting, sealants, and in encapsulation compounds. The below mentioned flooring and tile adhesive contain zero VOCs, while approved by the U.S. Green Building Council and manufactured under LEED-NC need. Let us have a brief look at the benefits and the latest adhesive products available in market.

Benefits of eco friendly floor and tile adhesives

The flooring and tile adhesives play an important role in renovation and construction projects. Most of the eco friendly adhesives contain zero solvents and zero VOCs. They emit fewer odors and cut the growth of mold and bacteria. Ordinary adhesive contain high volatile organic compounds that are allergic and cause respiratory infections. Moreover, these organic chemicals hold a high vapor pressure at room temperature, which is very harmful to the environment.

Eco urethane wood flooring adhesive

This is a solvent free, easy to spread, moisture-treating adhesive. It has zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), is solvent free, and is right for all eco flooring building projects. Additionally, it offers superior coverage and has no water. It emits fewer odors and remains elastomeric. It is thaw and freeze stable and is available in 2 and 4 gallon pails.

Thermal insulation mortar adhesive (AK-810)

It is a white adhesive mortar used as filler for insulation boards. Furthermore, the mortar is easy to progress that can be used for bonding all kinds of insulation panels and for filling the damaged areas. This white adhesive is very smooth to handle on all mineral floors and tiles. It is weather, water, and frost resistant. It has environment friendly raw materials that emit less CO2. It serves as a best adhesion especially on moist substrates.

Mosaic mortar adhesive (MK-640)

It is suitable for mosaic tiles and glass mosaic. It can be used in moisture areas like swimming pools, water reservoirs, industry, agriculture, and housing. It holds environment friendly raw materials and is flexible for both exteriors and interiors. It is highly used as a covering of substrate in wet and dry functions. It is non-inflammable, temperature resistant, water-resistant, and there are no allergy risks in this adhesive.

Silicate tile adhesive (SK -690)

This is a high quality, alkaline-acid resistant adhesive based on latest silicate binder system. It is suitable in workshops, agriculture, warehouses, commercial kitchens, acid-loaded areas, and breweries. It is not suitable on color sensitive or natural stone (crystalline marbles) flooring. It is non-inflammable, and is highly resistant against alkali, acid and other chemicals. It is used as sub floorings or coverings in wet and dry applications. This adhesive is available in affordable prices and in flexible measures.

Grey rapid set flexible adhesive

Eco friendly floor and tile adhesives available - Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save

It is one of the professional tile and flooring adhesive. This is totally eco friendly, manufactured for natural stone and high-density tiles like ceramics, mosaics, and porcelain. It can be used for internal and external areas. This anti-stain watermark proof adhesive is highly used in wet areas and swimming pools. It is available in kilograms at affordable prices.

Ready mixed ceramic wall, flooring, tile adhesive

This is a mixed acrylic base adhesive right for all types of wall tiles, mosaics, porcelain, and vitrified tiles. It is suitable in internal areas like kitchens, domestic shower areas, and bathrooms. It is non-slippery, ready mixed, high bond strength adhesive. It can be applied to plaster boards, gypsum plaster, cement fiberboards, cement render, timber panels, plywood composite boards, and concrete block works. It is available in 15 kg containers.

Natural stone white rapid adhesive

This also comes under professional floor and tile adhesive. It is highly suitable for natural, eco friendly stone tiles, ceramics, mosaics, and porcelain. It is applied in external and internal wet areas and swimming pools. It has the features of grey rapid set flexible adhesive. It is available in 20 kg packs.


When selecting flooring or tile adhesives, it is necessary to check the contents of the material. If planning to renovate or construct eco friendly building, make sure to use environment friendly products in the entire building. Eco friendly floor and tile adhesives are easily available in affordable rates. They emit less VOCs and do no harm to the family and environment.

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