Decorative ceramic tile, hand made tiles for custom ceramic tile floors and ceramic floor tiles

decorative ceramic tile, hand made tiles for custom ceramic tile floors and ceramic floor tiles

decorative ceramic tile, hand made tiles for custom ceramic tile floors and ceramic floor tiles

create a paradise in your home with a custom ceramic tile floor. the possibilities are unlimited� contact us to order your custom custom ceramic tile floor.

just look at this lovely ceramic tile leaf rug design. our client stacy s. from traverse city, michigan, created this incredible ceramic tile foyer / entry rug floor design with a few square feet of leaf tiles .

when i first opened stacy’s attachment with the picture of her new leaf ceramic tile rug. i actually thought it was a woven rug. then duh, i realized it was a picture of the ceramic tile leaves that i sent to her for her loose, shaped-leaf tile order. i must be sniffing too many glazes in the studio. )

if you look closely you can see the leaf ceramic tile colors blend perfectly with stacy’s manufactured tiles, making this a truly custom ceramic tile installation.

stacy’s husband was a little skeptical at ordering custom leaf shaped tiles at first, but now he’s sold. their thinking of making another purchase for a future kitchen ceramic tile installation. another happy customer!

below is a beautiful, rustic style bathroom that comes complete with monochrome leaf ceramic tiles .

this leaf ceramic tile foyer says welcome to all that enters. what a lovely way to welcome your guests to your home.

the tiles arrived. they are too awesome to put on the floor! my husband had no idea they would be this gorgeous. thank you so much! ingrid buxton, milwaukee, wi

at tiles with style. we pride ourselves on creative collaboration with clients, architects, designers, and contractors. we take great care to ensure that your custom ceramic tile floor and ceramic floor tiles are a unique and one-of-a-kind work of ar t. each hand made tile is painstakingly crafted using white, red, or marbled low-fire clays with bits of nature as their theme. tiles are hand-rolled and hand-glazed, so that no hand made tile has the appearance of being manufactured. constant attention to detail is placed on design as well as layout, for completely planned installations.

for more turtle flooring, see our turtle link.

again, i’m just so pleased with the leaf tiles, as i knew i would be. home improvement was never so fun!

nanci bonnell, battleground, washington

if you require a drawing of your floor, prior to its creation, we can create a ceramic tile computer rendering .

click the photograph below for a larger view. the large images may take a few moments to download.

this custom ceramic tile floor in a sunroom uses manufactured tiles for the square and triangular borders and custom leaf ceramic tiles for the center and small outer border. as you can see by clicking the photograph to the left, the combination of manufactured and handmade ceramic art tiles makes a stunning display of functional art.

when you view the photograph of this custom ceramic tile floor, notice how the glazes used in the round ceramic tiles compliment the trim and walls. and yes, those are ceramic decals of fish swimming in the commode. it’s so durable that you can scrub it with steel wool.

this custom ceramic tile floor features aspen leaf ceramic tiles and was designed to match the stained glass window and door. click the picture for a larger more detailed view.

this custom ceramic tile floor comes complete with tile goldfish, ceramic tile frogs, and cute tile dragonflies !

this custom ceramic tile floor features custom ceramic tile leaves with labrador dog footprint ceramic tiles coming up the stairs and across the patio floor.

this custom ceramic tile floor design shows how a small order can make a big statement as a ceramic tile foyer to your home.

this custom ceramic tile floor features late autumn leaves with black raccoon tracks that lead to a beautiful tile leaf shower border. in the shower is a ceramic tile raccoon on one of the shower walls. click the image for more pictures.

this custom ceramic tile floor features a walk on the wild-side! this tile floor uses paw print ceramic floor tiles. the owner of this ceramic tile floor wanted something unique for her pet grooming and boarding business called happy tails of saratoga, wyoming.

hey! who let the dog in with its muddy feet? this small entryway needed some jazzing up. the homeowner really loves her dog and wanted to show just how much with these dog footprint ceramic floor tiles .

this small ceramic tile purchase helped pull together three ceramic tile rooms. broken manufactured tile pieces were added to the mosaic as fillers.

looking for a contemporary design. click the picture to the left to view our ceramic tile floor medallions. these ceramic tile medallions are designed with you in mind. don’t buy out-of-the-box floor tiles when you can have a unique work of art .

if you would like more information on my products or would like to place an order, click my email me link, or call our lan line @ 716.791.3673.

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