Country Style Bathroom Ideas at Ideal Home Garden

Country Style Bathroom Ideas at Ideal Home Garden

Country Style Bathroom Ideas

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The rustic earthy feel of country decorating is just right for an informal bathroom retreat.

Country Style Bathroom Colors & Themes

Working with country colors and themes helps establish a rustic feel for your bathroom. Nature and the harvest season inspire the country palette, which uses soft shades of:

  • White
  • Barn red
  • Pumpkin
  • Golden wheat
  • Deep blackberry
  • Slate blue
  • Subtle gray
  • Sunny yellow

Themes that work well in a country style bathroom include:

  • Flowers and plants
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Farm animals such as chickens, roosters, cats, pigs or cows
  • Country Style Bathroom Ideas at Ideal Home Garden
  • Plaid

Basic Country Style Bathroom Components

Plumbing fixtures such as tubs, toilets and sinks can either enhance or distract from your bathroom design. Here are some ways to insure that these components blend seamlessly with your country style:

  • Tubs: A claw foot or other footed tub with a rustic, historic design is the perfect choice for country style. If a remodel isn’t in your budget, help your modern tub look more rustic with a fabric country style shower curtain in lace, a solid color, plaid, checks or country themed print. See Rustic Lodge Bathroom Design .
  • Toilets. Bring your commode into the country spirit with a wood seat, pull-chain flush and cute wooden farm signs on or above the tank.
  • Sinks: Try a basin or pedestal sink to help your bathroom look like an easygoing farm retreat. Or give a more modern looking sink a country makeover by adding a fabric sink skirt.
  • Faucets and other fixtures. Choose brass or porcelain for faucets and plumbing hardware to keep your country design consistent. See Types Of Faucets For Every Home Style .

Comfortable, Country Style Furniture & Seating

The right furniture will really help bring a rustic, country feel to your bathroom. You may want to try:

  • A wood or wrought iron chair or bench
  • A cotton or lace chair cover on a straight-backed wooden chair
  • Any painted wood pieces in country colors, soft white or a distressed finish
  • A knotty pine armoire, chest or pie cabinet for your linens.

If you’re working with a vanity style sink, consider:

  • Natural wood finishes for vanity cabinets
  • Natural stone countertops.

Simple Country Window Treatment Ideas

Country style windows take advantage of natural materials, sunlight and fresh, clean air. Any of these window treatments will help bring a light, open country feel to your bathroom:

  • Cotton or lace country curtains
  • Wooden shutters
  • A scalloped valance
  • Wooden blinds
  • Cloth shades
  • Curtains with country-themed prints, solids, checks or plaids.

Rustic Country Walls

For an authentic country look, keep your walls easygoing and simple. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve this effect:

  • Walls of stone, distressed surfaces and exposed beams evoke the feel of a historic country farmhouse.
  • You might also want to install natural wood paneling with a water resistant finish. Reclaimed woods often have an earthy worn appearance, just right for country style dcor.
  • Painted walls are fine too. Stick to subdued country colors or soft, creamy whites.
  • Moisture resistant wallpaper with stripes, checks or a homey country-themed pattern helps your bathroom feel cozy and informal.
  • If you like the look of wallpaper but you prefer an easier project, consider a country-themed wallpaper border.

Country Bathroom Flooring Options

Don’t forget to include your floors in your country bathroom design. These options will keep the room looking rustic and informal:

  • Wide wood planks
  • Stone
  • Ceramic tile in simple patterns
  • Natural braided or floral area rugs.

Country Style Bathroom Accents and Accessories

The little extra touches you add really pull your bathroom atmosphere together. These accents and accessories might be just right for your country style bathroom:

  • Lighting. Try some simple candles, wrought iron sconces and candle holders, or antique lamps with old-fashioned cloth shades.
  • Baskets: Display wicker, pine or wire baskets lined with cotton or linen and fill them with toiletries, rolled hand towels and washcloths or reading material.
  • Ceramic jugs. Fill these with flowers or let them stand on their own.
  • Plant life. Bring in a hearty green plant, a simple vase with fresh flowers or floral wreaths and garlands.
  • Shelving. Install simple shelves made of natural woods, wrought iron or ceramic materials.
  • Towel racks. Wrought iron and wood are good choices. Add some thick, fluffy, white towels for a simple country feeling.
  • Vintage touches. Add a historic creamy white pitcher and basin, old-fashioned glass canning jars filled with Q-Tips or cotton balls or historic country scenes in framed wall prints.
  • Wooden pegs. Use these to hang your hair dryer, hairbrush and other bathroom necessities you’d like to keep handy.
  • Farm-inspired crafts. Display some hand painted country crafts, a framed stitchery sampler or a hand-knit toilet paper cozy.
  • Mirrors. Try one with a distressed wood frame. Or to soften the look of a modern mirror, add a whimsical fabric trim.
  • Knobs and pulls. Replace yours with country-style variations in wrought iron, wood or glass.
  • Scent: Use candles, potpourri or essential oil to fill your bathroom with country fragrances such as apple, pine or berry.

Even if you live in a city apartment, your country style bathroom will make you feel like acres of unspoiled farmland stretch just beyond your window.

Last Updated: November 16, 2012

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