Community Reed Construction Data — Primers, Floor Leveling Compounds and Adhesives by

Community Reed Construction Data - Primers, Floor Leveling Compounds and Adhesives by

Primers, Floor Leveling Compounds and Adhesives by Schnox/High Performance Subfloors, Inc.

Welcome to HPS North America, Inc. HPS partnered with Schnox to be the exclusive importer of Schnox products to the North American marketplace. Its comprehensive line of primers, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds and adhesives save time and money with its unique characteristics while delivering a better overall flooring project.

Welcome to Schnox

Schnox is a manufacturer of high quality primers, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds and adhesives for use in the building and renovation industry. A large research and development team is always at work developing solutions to the most challenging subfloor issues.

The success of Schnox is measured daily by the ability of each product to meet a customers need. HPS North America, Inc. is the exclusive importer of all Schnox products to the North American marketplace, charged with introducing the products, managing distribution, and providing wide ranging technical support in the field.

While Schnox may be a new name in North America, the company is over 120 years old and active in 20 countries. Its product solutions are finding strong success in all facets of the flooring industry, with answers to subfloor issues that, until now, would have been answered with more costly and time consuming options.

Subfloor Renovation Without Demolition

So much of a strong flooring installation happens before the first piece of flooring is installed. And getting to that point is most of the challenge. Working backwards with demolition of the subfloor followed by reconstruction efforts is undesirable.

Schnox provides a series of subfloor solutions that allow the move from critical substrates in need of attention to finished floors ready for use. And clients appreciate the time and money saved while providing a subfloor that will perform for years. Take a closer look at what Schnox can do.

Renovation projects now far outnumber new construction efforts. And renovations just cant turn into demolition projects. Schnox provides products that allow clients to capitalize on existing subfloor using solutions specialized to specific needs.

Schnox has seen every subfloor challenge and are ready to help.

Theres a Schnox product that will strengthen, smooth, cover, level, patch and even heal a subfloor. Ordinary gypsum substrate has its place in construction, but its subfloor challenges during renovation projects are legendary.

Schnox Self-Leveling

Pouring over ordinary gypsum substrate with the right Schnox self-leveling compound is a quicker, less costly solution than demolition. Removing asbestos is a specialized skill that many renovation budgets cannot handle. Dont remove it. Cover it. And get a smoother floor installation in the process.

Ever asked how the carpet was ever removed with that much glue underneath. Then asked how to ever get the adhesive removed. The best answer is to cover it with a Schnox self-leveler that gives a like new subfloor for a new installation. Well actually, its better than new.

Can LVT, vinyl, and tile floors be installed over wood?


A combination of Schnox products make this a strong and efficient option without costly underlayment materials.

Kneeling to Apply Adhesive

Schnox even has a solution that allows adhesive application for LVT flooring from a standing position.

Standing to Apply Adhesive

Schnox Roll and Go is applied with a roller from a fully integrated installation kit.

Negative Power Plant Emissions

While attempting to make flooring installations their best, those efforts also help the environment.

A By-product with a Second Life

All Schnox synthetic gypsum based products are made with a by-product from the process used to purify emissions from power plants.

Informed Decisions

Good decisions depend on the information available to you. Whether renovating a room, a wing, or a facility, its important to know product selections are environmentally responsible and will perform well. Schnox produces primers, repair products, floor leveling compounds, adhesives, and waterproofing materials that can successfully take damaged, uneven subfloors through to finished ready to use floors. Allow Schnox to brief clients on the key aspects that inform decisions and provide a better way to complete subfloor projects.

Are Schnox Products Made Responsibly?

In business for over 120 years, Schnox manufactures its products in Germany under the strictest quality standards. The company is certified under the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental management standards. Its research and development division works daily to develop solutions that are innovative with regard to performance as well as environmental stewardship.

How Can Subfloors be Renovated Rather than Demolished?

Its exciting to see the amount of reuse, repurpose and renovation projects that are underway, but often subfloors are demolished in the process and sent to the landfill. The array of Schnox floor leveling products allows installers to leave subfloors in place. Rough, damaged, and uneven floors can be covered with Schnox products resulting in smooth, sound subfloors ready for covering. Its a smart solution that is making a real difference in renovation work.

What is Schnox Doing about Air Quality Issues?

Schnox has invested heavily in air quality R&D for many years. The results speak for themselves. Every Schnox primer, moisture mitigation product, self-leveling compound, and adhesive qualifies for contribution to the Low-Emitting Materials LEED credits given their low or no VOC characteristics.

What about Air Quality During Installation?

Often spaces are in use immediately adjoining a renovation area. Dust can be a problem. Schnox has products in each of the floor leveling, patching, and waterproofing categories with dust reducing properties. These products can be mixed within the facility renovation area with minimal dust.

How Do Schnox Products Contribute to LEED Credits?

The USGBCs LEED program is an important consideration when specifying materials. Schnox products contribute to many LEED credits. Please see the website for more details. The depth of its products that contribute to Low-Emitting Materials credits was mentioned earlier. That commitment to LEED is underscored by all of our self-leveling products contributing up to four to six Material and Resource credits each. If specifying materials for a project to be LEED accredited or simply appreciate knowing that specs are strong environmental choices, Schnox has the products for such needs.

What About Health and Safety For Installers?

The dust reducing properties of a number of its products discussed earlier are perhaps most important for installers. Schnox has gone far beyond this with research and development into how its products are installed. Schnox Roll and Go and Multifix adhesives are applied from a standing position. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Further, Schnox iFix waterproofing system is also applied with rollers in a smooth, efficient manner. And perhaps Schnoxs most significant contribution to the health and safety of installers is its producing a series of products that allow installers to renovate rather than demolish subfloors eliminating the dust and debris from that process and not disturbing the materials embedded in subfloors.

Products are Environmentally Responsible, But Do They Still Perform at the Highest Levels?

There is no compromise between product performance and environmental stewardship with Schnox products. Its extensive research and development efforts have produced dual benefits in both areas. And Schnox doesnt have a separate set of green products. It stands behind the attributes of all of its products.

How Does Schnox Technology Improve the Subfloor Process?

Schnox products allow projects to be completed faster addressing tough subfloor issues with a smarter use of installation labor. Its KH Fix primer dries quickly allowing floor leveling compounds to be applied in roughly 10 to 60 minutes. Substrates with moisture issues of up to 100 percent relative humidity are easily handled with Schnox EPA. Many times a quick turn is required with floor leveling projects. ZM Rapid allows many types of floor coverings to be installed 1 to 2 hours after application. The silane technology in our MSP Classic wood flooring adhesive has elastomeric properties that allow the movement of wood flooring in environments with fluctuating temperatures and humidity.

These are just four examples; there are many more.

Is There a Good Answer for Subfloors with Asbestos Cutback?

In many instances, subfloors with residual asbestos materials can be covered with Schnox self-leveling materials. The process is safe and offers a more affordable alternative to asbestos remediation efforts. (Always consult applicable government agencies regarding the removal of flooring and adhesives that contain asbestos.)

Where is There More Information?

Schnoxs website has an extensive Library with Emicode Certificates, LEED information, as well as Safety, Technical, and Specification Datasheets for each product. Please give Schnox a call to talk further.

Why Choose Schnox

Renovation specialistsSchnox has a series of products designed to facilitate renovation work without subfloor demolition.

Green beyond wordsSchnoxs synthetic gypsum leveling compounds are made from the by-product of a process used to make the environment better.

Solutions providerSomeone within Schnox has seen and experienced the subfloor issue a client is facing. And Schnox has the products to address it.

Never standing stillThe extensive Schnox research and development team is working each day to evolve its products to better meet challenges and to do so more efficiently.

Community Reed Construction Data - Primers, Floor Leveling Compounds and Adhesives by

TransparencySchnox wants clients to have a clear view of its products, people and processes. The more information, the better clients feel about choosing Schnox.

Schnox GmbH has been certified according to Quality standard ISO 9001 since 1995 and according to Environmental management standard ISO 14001 since 1999. In addition it supports the initiative Responsible Care of Chemical Industry (

Quality and Product Stewardship

Schnoxs assortment of goods stands out due to innovative system solutions, at the same time taking into account ecological aspects. Being a member of the Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe (GEV), it offers a complete array of very low-emission glues according to EMICODE EC1 ( For many years it has been generating more than 90% of our turnover in the case of floor glues with very low-emission products. Furthermore, all of the products manufactured by Schnox are low-chromate according to EU-RL 2003/53/EC.

Raw Materials

Product stewardship begins with purchasing raw materials. In agreement with the Responsible Care and Product Stewardship initiatives, a system for avoiding and eliminating critical substances was implemented in AkzoNobel in 1996. Within the framework of suppliers assessment, the quality, environment and security standards of Schnox suppliers undergo annual monitoring in order to minimize possible risks in advance.

Environmental Protection

Since the implementation of Schnoxs integrated management systems, it has recorded major success in respect of environmental protection. Today, product-integrated environmental protection and a more and more energy-efficient production process take center stage in its activities. Environmental protection in Schnox focuses on: preventive environmental protection; saving resources (raw materials, energy and water) and waste avoidance.

NewNow and Tomorrow

Every day, Schnox is doing research in the field and laboratories developing better products, improved solutions and new ideas. Its driving course is to never stand still with innovation.

Shared Experiences

Schnox is in the field every day working with the people who make flooring projects happen. Its objective is to support its customers from initial project consultation through the execution of the work, and on to the next opportunity, working together step by step with its customers.

Transparent Products and Practices

Schnox wants its customers, associates and stakeholders to have all of the information needed about its products and operations to make informed decisions. A clear view of what Schnox does and how it does it is at the heart of what Schnox offers.

Schnoxs hands get dirty. It wants to be at the job site making sure customers have what they need, following up on details and helping to solve problems.

Strong Values that Get Strong Results

At the end of the day, Schnox shows who it is by what it does and accomplishes. And that value depends on the results that are achieved for the customer.

Green Beyond Words

State of the art these days should mean that products are environmentally responsible and sustainable. The public is leery of claims. Schnox creates products that cut through the rhetoric and deliver on environmental promises.

Agility with Purpose

Customers need speed, but they also need that speed to produce results. Schnox reacts to the needs of customers quickly and with acute focus.

Access for Impact

Schnox ensures that customers have the information they need and the ability to impact the company with their feedback. Customers have the ability to consult with associates that have varied competencies and skill sets throughout the organization.

Listening. Learning. Teaching.

Schnox learns from and assists customers by visiting with them, looking at their job sites and hearing about their challenges first hand. Schnox wants to share its knowledge about making projects successful, doing more in less time and doing it better.

An Enduring Legacy

Schnoxs products are made to last. It fixes problems. It provides solutions. All with the understanding that every project completed, every problem solved and every solution provided builds a legacy in its brand name. That legacy is more important to Schnox than any short term gain.

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