Ceramic Tile — Why buy ceramic

Ceramic Tile - Why buy ceramic

Ceramic Tile — Why buy ceramic?

There are many reasons why you should buy ceramic tile from its affordability to its durability. You may be surprised at how many benefits could be available to you when you buy ceramic tile.


Many people are looking for eco-friendly flooring products. Ceramic tile is a product that is good for the environment. Ceramic is mostly made up of clay and glass substances. This makes ceramic tile a renewable resource, the earth does not have a shortage of mud or sand and the earth is constantly remaking these materials.

Also, ceramic does not give off any toxins so it does not make indoor air pollution worse and it does not absorb odors so if you buy ceramic tile, then paint the room, the paint fumes will not stick to the tile.

Ceramic tile is also a good insulator and will help the energy efficiency of your home. Ceramic tile has been used for hundreds of years and may have been the first flooring material ever to be used. You just can’t beat flooring that has proven itself over and over again for hundreds of years with little to no impact on the environment.

Safety and Health

When people are deciding what kind of flooring to buy for their home they are often concerned with how it will affect the safety and health of those in their home. As we have already stated, ceramic tile is good for the environment and does not give off toxins that produce indoor air pollution. Ceramic tile is not only good for the world but it is also good for you and your home.

Ceramic tile is fire resistant, can be slip resistant and is non-conductive. It is good to know that your flooring can help you and your home be safer from fire, a fall, or an electrical shock. The fire resistance of ceramic tile makes it a good choice for the flooring or walls around your fireplace and slip resistance makes ceramic tile an excellent choice for bathrooms or pool areas. Ask your retailer about the more slip resistant products.

Many families deal with allergies and these allergies can be even worse in a home with carpet. The carpet can hold dust and mold making life miserable for the allergy sufferer but ceramic tile does not trap dust and it makes it more difficult for mold to grow.


One of the best reasons to buy ceramic tile is the ease of maintaining it and its durability. Ceramic tile is very easy to clean; you only have to sweep or vacuum it. Ceramic tile can also be mopped, as long as you do not use too much water. You do not want to soak your tile floor even though ceramic tile does have some water resistance capabilities. Also, if you are mopping or cleaning your ceramic tile floor, use ceramic floor cleaner to extend the life of your flooring. Do not use soap, ammonia or vinegar on your ceramic tile floor and only use a soft, not scratchy, sponge on your floor.

While ceramic tile is durable and can last a lifetime, it can be damaged, but a damaged ceramic tile is much easier to fix than a damaged wood floor, or even carpet that has to be completely pulled up.

Design and Affordability

Ceramic Tile - Why buy ceramic

Often people think that to buy ceramic tile would be too expensive a cost compared to vinyl or carpet, and if you only take into account upfront costs this may be true. If you look at the long term benefits you may see that ceramic tile may be the cheaper investment.

Vinyl and carpet become damaged easily and they can wear out quickly, especially in high traffic areas like the kitchen or entry way. This may mean that you have to replace the vinyl and carpet every couple of years. If you were to buy ceramic tile instead you could have a floor that may last you a lifetime, saving you thousands because you are not having to keep replacing the flooring.

Ceramic tile also offers design styles for almost any budget and dйcor. Ceramic tile can be as ornate or as simple as you would like. You can even pick different design styles based on the room or area you are placing the ceramic tile in. You may want a different design on your floor than you want on your backsplash or the walls of your shower. They can coordinate instead of being identical.

If you do like to change to look of your room you can use area rugs on the floor to change the style instead of replacing the ceramic tile.

Consider these items when you go shopping for your next flooring material for your home and you may find that you want to buy ceramic tile for your home.

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