Caledonia. Granite color selection for countertops

Caledonia. Granite color selection for countertops



  • Lisa 07:04PM, Aug 26 2014

I have caledonia counter tops with grey ceramic on floors and light grey on walls. What would be a good cabinet color?

  • — Jack 01:06PM, Jun 3 2014

    I would search for the tiles online and ask the vendor to send a sample.

  • Lori 05:01PM, Jun 2 2014


  • — Jack 01:58PM, Jun 2 2014

    I believe Silver Travertine would complement this stone best.

  • — Jack 01:58PM, Jun 2 2014

    Where are you located?

  • Lori 08:52PM, Jun 1 2014

    The BM 1597 has a little too much blue for me but a nice color. Trying BM Baltic Gray 1467 and 1468 Willow Creek. I’m having trouble finding transparent subway tiles with a slight hint of gray and off white. Thanks.

  • Georgie 06:27PM, May 29 2014

    We are remodeling our kitchen and are doing Caledonia countertops with white cabinets. We love travertine as a backsplash but can’t decide whether we want Ivory, Walnut, or Silver travertine. Help?

  • — Jack 03:40PM, May 28 2014


    What do you think about Benjamin Moore 1597 for paint. For backsplash I would recommend transparent subway tiles with a slight hint of gray and off white. What do you think?

  • Lori 02:23AM, May 28 2014

    We are renovating our 20 year old home and next on the list is the kitchen. I currently have honey oak cabinets that I am restaining with an antique walnut (see picture below) and the Caledonia granite, which I love. We will be using brazilian cherry for the flooring. I’m having a hard time with the backsplash to not to compete with the granite and to choose a wall color that would bring it all together. Thanks.

  • — Jack 06:31PM, May 13 2014

    What do you think about this maybe slightly lighter?

  • Kristen 03:24AM, May 11 2014

    I’m using New Caledonia and expresso cabinets in my kitchen. Can you suggest a hardwood color? Thanks

  • — Jack 06:32PM, May 8 2014
  • Adam 03:09PM, May 8 2014

    Hi there! Would new Caledonia look better with maple spice, honey maple, or coffee glaze maple cabinets, or some other maple colo? We are also going to have desert color elm wood flooring. what kind of backsplash and color do you think would tie the kitchen together nicely? Thanks

  • dmpilc 09:53PM, Jan 25 2014

    Will kitchen counter tops in Caledonia work with cabinets painted in a Queen Anne’s Lace off-white? Would Ornamental be a better counter top choice?

  • — Peter 09:23PM, Nov 20 2013


    It’s okay, but I would suggest going with a granite backsplash.

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  • — Peter 07:14PM, Nov 5 2013


    You’re welcome! I’m not sure what that is. Please send a link.

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  • sonie 05:28PM, Nov 5 2013

    Thank you for the link to the selection. Do you think arte stk bianco running bond is suitable for the backsplash? Please take a look!


  • — Peter 04:22PM, Nov 4 2013

    Sid, I recommend the Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Protector.

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  • Sid 02:06AM, Nov 4 2013

    What is the best sealer for this stone. I have tried Dupont StoneTech Professional Bulletproof Sealer, does not seem to have helped

  • Sonie 06:03AM, Nov 3 2013

    I have Manchester Merillat Cashmere Auburn cabinets and Crema Perle granite in the kitchen. Could you recommend a backsplash? I was considering running bond and keep things tonal. any suggestions?

  • — Peter 03:42PM, Oct 14 2013


    This granite contains Brown, Gray, White, so you’re in the clear for anything, white, beige, or tan.

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  • lynn 12:36AM, Oct 10 2013

    We have antique white cabinets and a porcelain tile floor (slate appearance). I would like to paint the walls a beige or tan color that would flow into the family room. My question is what would be a good choice for counter and backsplash. I really like blue pearl and Samantha blue, but not sure if I can incorporate tan since the floors are a gray color. I also like Caledonia. Can you also recommend a backsplash color/pattern. Thank you.

  • Angela 02:21AM, Aug 4 2013

    We have a shore house that was ruined by Hurricane Sandy. We are finally are at the homestretch now with the kitchen: White Shaker cabinets, Caledonia granite with Armstrong American Scrape Hickory wood floor,color Candy Apple. The walls in the open floor plan kitchen, dining room, living room are Benjamin Moore OC10. What type and color backsplash would you suggest for the kitchen? The total area is approx. 195 inches long by 18 inches high. The kitchen is an L shape with a small island between the kitchen and living room.

  • Peter 05:23PM, Jul 16 2013

    Try a glass tile with blue grey tones along with a slate grey wall, as for the floor I would recommend an Oak Charcoal. Let me know how you make out. Thanks Lyndsey!

  • Lyndsey 02:44AM, Jul 16 2013

    I have linen white shaker cabinets and caledonia granite counter top. Could you give me any ideas about wall colors. I was thinking maybe a gray/blue color, but I am not sure if it would look to dull. Also I could use some help with my floor, I am looking at a wood flooring but can’t decide what color to go with. The backsplash is also a headache for me. any suggestions please?

  • Peter 08:07PM, Jul 15 2013

    I think the Caledonia and Expresso Cabinets together give you a nice sharp contrast and an elegant look. Go for it, great choice!

  • Peter 08:04PM, Jul 15 2013

    Hi Biggi, for paint color I would suggest a Marble Canyon, and for the wood floor Millstead Maple Platinum. Good luck!

  • Natasha 05:48PM, Jul 15 2013

    How does the Caledonia and Expresso Cabinets look together? I was thinking of choosing those two together as well and am worried it will make the kitchen look too modern or too «cold».

  • Biggi 12:25PM, Jul 15 2013

    Hello. I need some help with choosing a wall color. My kitchen is linen white, my appliances are white and my counter top is caledonia.What color paint should I use and also I am putting in a wood floor, what color floor would go with? Thank you for your help

  • — Adrian 06:04PM, Mar 19 2013

    Hi, I would like to thank you for attaching the pictures, it’s really helpful. I’m sorry for misunderstanding about the stone. In terms of design thinking I would recommend you to go with some simple glass and stone mosaic. I have found for your references some examples, which are in the attachments. Piano River Glass & Stone Mosaic, ICL H-134 Glass & Stone Mix, Anatolia Bliss Cream Brulee Linear Mosaic. I hope I could help you !

  • Brenda 05:03PM, Mar 17 2013

    They installed New Caladonia. I would like to find something that does not look too busy  and brings out the taupe and brown in the caladonia.

  • — Adrian 06:37PM, Mar 12 2013

    Hi, I would recommend you to go with natural stone as a backsplash and  tile then you will have an elegant kitchen with your espresso cabinets and New Caladonia stone. Regarding to backsplash you can take a look at Silver Gray Long Subway Marble Tile or Callacata White Marble Tiles. As a tile for the floor I would go with grey Silver Grey Travertine and Benjamin Moor as a warm grey colour of walls.  Please see the attachments with my proposition, I hope I could help !

  • Arneltl 11:08AM, Mar 12 2013

    Hello. We are in the process of purchasing our new home. The builders have already chosen the cabinet and granite. The cabinet will be espresso (almost black) and granite is New Caladonia. Can you suggest a backsplash and tile as well as color of wall to tie everything in together without making the kitchen look dark? Thank you for any help!

  • — Adrian 07:00PM, Mar 1 2013

    Hi, I would like to recommend you a glass and ceramic tiles. I think that the colours should be more neutral and light  in order to light up your kitchen. I would recommend you go with olive green — grey mosaic glass tiles, off — white glass tiles and grey ceramic tiles. I’ve attached you all samples of backsplash all of them will look really nice with the stainless steel rods.

  • Halka 05:39PM, Mar 1 2013

    I need suggestions for a back splash. I have Caladonia granite countertops and would like to paint the dining area in a light olive khaki green. I love the glass/metal/ceramic tiles, especially the rectangular shaped. Can you recommend a color that would blend beautifully with it all. My cabinets are walnut mocha with stainless steel rods (hardware).

  • — Adrian 06:38PM, Feb 18 2013

    Hi Brenda, I’m sorry because of the situation that you are in, I hope that when you finished you will be happy of your kitchen.  and what are the colours of your cabinets and floor . I have found «Early American» cabinets but they have a lot of different colours.

  • Brenda 12:33AM, Feb 14 2013

    I  need suggestions on tile.  Our builder installed New Caladonia instead of the Uba Tuba granite we had chosen.  They will give us a partial credit, but will charge us too much to change it out to our original selection, so we are stuck with it.

    All walls are already painted  what I believe is called»Caravan» by Pitsburg paints.  It’s a nice classic taupe.  The kitchen cabinets are stained with something called «Early American».

    We have an open concept living kitchen dining. I am just sick about this, and have to select a different kitchen backsplash tile to tie everything together now. Have you any suggestions for tiles to use?

  • — Derek 06:56PM, Feb 7 2013

    Hello Joan. I’m so sorry for the late response. The Caledonia is a sleek and modern color that will add elegance to the design for a sharp white kitchen style. In regard to the backsplash, I recommend to consider options such as the ICL Glass & Metal Tiles Mix, or for a subtler choice take a look at White Carrara Marble Beveled Subway Bricks. I’ve attached photos for your easy reference. In regard to a wall color, are there any options you’ve looked at so far that have caught your attention? I’d go for a Benjamin Moore series shade as it’s quite popular and I’m leaning toward a light neutral to top off the set-up.

  • Joan 11:46PM, Jan 27 2013

    We are remodelling our kitchen.  We have white cabinets, and have medium-light hardwood floors. All appliances are SS.  We love the Caledonia granite but need help with a backsplash and wall color.  Any suggestions?

  • — Derek 02:39PM, Jan 3 2013

  • SueVu 04:28AM, Dec 30 2012

    thank Derek,

    I had to let go of the maple because it will be an upgrade, it would cost us $1800 more.

    What do you think of this combo: Cabinet Poplar-English Leather, Floor Oaktown Oak cherry, Kitchen counter Graphite Brown

    And I am still looking for the back splash, what should I use to bring out the white flake in the granite, I am thinking about one row of accent across the back splash while the rest is something white flake

    Thank for sharing your expertise.

    Happy New Year

  • SueVu 04:08AM, Dec 30 2012

    thank, I will choose stainless steel

  • — Derek 01:55PM, Dec 19 2012

    I’d go with the stainless steel, for sure.

  • — Derek 01:54PM, Dec 19 2012

    Hello. For a subtle neutral set-up I recommend to go with the oak or maple cabinets along with Caledonia counters. The tight, consistent grain in this granite along with the overall light background of the stone will create the neutral serenity in the kitchen that you’re trying to achieve.

  • SueVu 05:53AM, Dec 16 2012

    I also have a question about the appliance, I will have stainless steel appliances, oil rub bronze hardware.

    Since this is an open and connect between living, dinning and kitchen area, My kitchen counter will have no riser, sink is under-mound, Should I use oil rub bronze for my swan neck faucet to match with my lighting  or I should use stainless steel to match with my refrigerator + microwave + oven?

  • SueVu 03:57AM, Dec 16 2012

    Hi I would like to have a neutral them for my living, kitchen, dining combo townhome.

    I like dark cabinet with light granite counter. I have a choice of Oak, maple or poplar with uba tuba, black pearl and caledonia as standard. which combo will give me the more neutral color them?


  • — Natalia 07:05PM, Nov 16 2012

    Hello. I feel that a mosaic mix of natural stone and glass tile would be appropriate to add some life and color into the backsplash that would complement the countertops nicely. My specific recommendation for you is the Anatolia Bliss Cabarnet Glass & Stone Linear Blend or an Iridescent Art Glass Linear Blend Mosaic. I’ve attached photos for your easy reference.

  • Diana 02:09PM, Nov 15 2012

    Hi! Advice please! We have white cabinets in a galley kitchen, SS appliances, Gunstock wood floors, and Tiffany-style lighting with mostly red and moss green tones. We decided on the New Caledonia granite to replace our white countertops. We currently have plain white tile for the backsplash, but are thinking that a little color might be more interesting. Do you have suggestions for a nice backsplash that incorporates color that’s not quite as bold as the lovely red below? Or suggestions for another granite/tile combo? Thank you!

  • — Derek 03:42PM, Nov 13 2012

    You’re welcome. Best of luck in the project. -)

  • Mortimerhouse 03:27AM, Nov 11 2012

    Many thanks.  I take it you agree the Azul Aran is a bit too lively.

  • — Derek 03:10PM, Oct 15 2012

    I like the direction you’re going in by considering granite choices with a tight grain and consistent pattern for a transitional design style. They’re very neutral and cool, but I am also leaning toward the Caledonia because the other colors like Silver Pearl are darker than the Caledonia — I feel a little too dark. However, the red accents in the design will make the kitchen pop and offset your granite nicely. The backsplash sounds like a lively idea — go for it! I’ve attached a few red glass tile recommendations for you to consider: 3″ x 6″ Loft Cherry Frosted glass tile and 1″ x 1″ Urban Coverings series Red Glass Mosaic. Hope this helps. -)

  • pudlma 02:30AM, Oct 13 2012

    We will have natural maple cabinets in our kitchen with uppers having a rosewood stained «arts and crafts» style inlay. I would like a counter with contrast but little or no movement and am considering Caledonia, Black Sea Silk, Silver Pearl Antiqued, and Steel Gray. My husband prefers some movement and likes Azul Aran.  We are also considering a backpainted glass backsplash in a red color. Do you have any advice?

  • — Derek 01:46PM, Oct 8 2012

    Let’s focus on the floor tile decision. My suggestions for you to consider are Daltile Fidenza Bianco Porcelain tile and Daltile Franciscan Slate Desert Crema tile. Also, an Onyx Light Ivory Travertine could be appropriate as it can pick-up nicely the pink flecks that you’ve mentioned are in the Caledonia countertops. I’ve attached photos of my suggestions for your easy reference. Let me know your thoughts!

  • Hemlata_negi 12:48PM, Oct 5 2012

    Hi, I am getting my kitchen renovated. The cabinets are made of maple wood with walnut stain,the island is maple wood white washed and the counter top is caledonia(the one with pink flecks). I want to have polished porcelain tiles on the floor but having a hard time choosing the color. The foyer and the open area upto the kitchen has white polished porcelain tiles(don’t know if this should affect my choice). Could you please advise me what would be the best color for the floor and the backsplash. Thanks!

  • — Derek 03:09PM, Oct 4 2012  In regard to your countertop choice, the Giallo Fiesta and Santa Cecilia have warmer hues and highlights, while the Caledonia and Kashmir are «cooler» and more neutral. I am leaning toward the always timeless Santa Cecilia for your kitchen set-up as it complements the design nicely. Best of luck!

  • Zazu 03:05AM, Oct 4 2012

    We are debating between: Caledonia, Santa Cecilia, Giallo Fiesta and Kasmir White for our kitchen. Cabinets are Nutmeg and Floor is also dark wood. We would like to keep the kitchen bright and with a clean look. The knobs and light fixtures are nickel and all the appliances are stainless steal. My understanding with the Caledonia is that is very porous and might need more sealant which  can actually change a bit the color of the granite. The Santa Cecilia I know is a classic, but is not my favorite, I think is too yellow. Please give us some advice, thanks!

  • — Derek 04:20PM, Sep 20 2012

    The Caledonia granite would be an excellent contrast to the dark espresso cabinets. The tight, consistent pattern will give the kitchen set-up a sleek, modern feel. Go for it!

  • Jessica 04:09PM, Sep 20 2012

    We are getting espresso cabinets and gray tile floors in our kitchen. It’s fairly large and gets a good amount of natural light. Would Caledonia granite be a good choice for countertops?

  • — Natalia 01:45PM, Jul 18 2012

    I recommend New Caledonia for more neutral, calm color tones in the countertop to offset the rich and deep backsplash and floor tile choices. However, remember to look at the full slabs in-person before making any final decisions! You should also acquire a sample of the three choices you’ve narrowed down and put them against your design elements in the kitchen light. Good luck!

  • Kenishamcgee 02:01PM, Jul 14 2012

    Help needed. I have mocha maple glazed cabinets with a gray/blue porcelain floor tile and glass/stone tile backsplash that matches the floor. My walls are painted brown mostly resemble a rich peanut butter color and I am unsure if i should go with new caledonia or giallo oranamental or giallo fantasia. please advise

  • Caledonia. Granite color selection for countertops
  • — Derek 05:52PM, May 2 2012

    My recommendations for you are classic and timeless colors such as Santa Cecilia, Giallo Napoleone, and Colonial Gold. In regard to backsplash, take a look at Capadoccia Glass Tumbled Travertine, or Azteca Blank Pinwheel 1″ x 2″ Travertine.

  • — Derek 04:48PM, May 2 2012

    The best answer if you want the rest of the backsplash to match would be to install a full granite backsplash of Caledonia to the upper cabinets for a continuous and flowing pattern. However for tile choices, I recommend to either just use a classic and neutral white subway backsplash or perhaps a mosaic of subway & ming glass pieces. Also, I feel a White Carrara marble tile could blend in nicely. I’ve attached some photos of my suggestions. Good luck!

  • Cathyley12 11:55AM, Apr 28 2012

    I would love some guidance in choosing a granite and tile back splash for our newly remodeled kitchen. Our cabinets are ivory and the floor is a Brazilian Koa wood.  The kitchen is fairly bright due to a set of french doors and a large window. However, the ceiling is rather low, which may make the space feel smaller than it really is. So, I’m  leaning toward lighter colors. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!

  • modaboat 10:27PM, Apr 27 2012

    Looking for some suggestions.  We are purchasing a 7 year old condo and the kitchen has caledonia granite counters, the cabinets are supposed to be a maple but they are almost the color of a lighter cherry cabinet.  The tile floor compliments the pinkish brown of the cabinets.  Here comes my question.  The granite was installed with the typical 4″ backsplash.  I would have preferred a tile backsplash.  I have read that if I pull off the 4″ piece I may find that the granite was not fit well enough to the wall and that tile would not be an option.  So. If I was tile, it needs to be above the 4″ base piece.  Do you have any design suggestions on how to have this look intentional and not an afar thought?  Thanks for any help you can give.

  • Wnappster1 12:50PM, Mar 5 2012

    We are remodeling our kitchen with praline maple cabinets with Brazilian KOA floors and have picked out Sensa Caledonia granite and are having a hard time picking out back splash tiles. Any help.

  • — Derek 03:05PM, Mar 1 2012

    I’m actually leaning a little toward the Sapphire Blue because it will provide a richer contrast to offset the light cabinetry. The backsplash sounds very interesting just make sure it’s not too dark if you end up using the Sapphire. I’ve created a Comparison Chart for your reference, hope this helps:

  • Patelnaiya 04:26AM, Feb 27 2012

    We just bought a townhouse and have options to pick countertops and cabinets. Our floor is a medium brown wood floor.  My husband and I both love the white cabinets and we chose new caledonia as the granite countertop but I recently saw sapphire blue and am leaning towards that more but am confused.  The backsplash we picked is a mosaic glass tile with hints of blue and brown and we are thinking of painting the kitchen a grayish blue color.  Would sapphire blue or new caledonia be the better option? Our appliances are SS. Thanks in advance!

  • — Derek 02:22PM, Feb 23 2012

    It could possibly be overkill and a little too busy, depending on the batch of marble tile you use. The one I’ve attached has plenty of veining and it looks soft and timeless just the way it is.

  • — Derek 07:08PM, Feb 18 2012 My recommendations for you to consider are Bianco Antico, Delicatus, White Spring, Snowflakes, and Ice White.
  • Jsabater03 06:09PM, Feb 17 2012 That looks very similar to something we were looking at. What about adding a strip of black and frosted glass tile in the middle. or do you feel that maybe overkill?
  • — Derek 05:10PM, Feb 17 2012 Why not use actual marble for the backsplash? It’s timeless, classic, and if sealed properly should not stain. I’ve attached a suggestion of 2″ x 4″ Calacatta marble tile. Let me know your thoughts.
  • Nigel 06:00PM, Feb 16 2012 I like a LIGHT countertop with great veins.  My husband (God help him) wants dark.  So I am hoping that maybe we can find something gray with dark veins to keep us both happy.  I definitely don’t want that African beige or anything that looks gold.
  • — Derek 05:39PM, Feb 16 2012 Dear Nigel, are there any granite colors that have caught your attention so far? Are you thinking about using a dark or light color for the perimeter countertops? Do you enjoy movement and veins in the stone, or a more consistent, speckled pattern? Thanks in advance for the clarifications.
  • Jsabater03 03:59PM, Feb 14 2012 I am having caladonia granite installed in my kitchen. I have antique white cabinets and my tile floor is white with gray (sort of marble looking). What do you think the best color for a backsplash is. We we looking at a marble looking tile and using black glass tile as an accent. Thoughts?
  • Nigel 10:08PM, Feb 13 2012 Hello- we are remodeling the kitchen with very minimalistic designed cream cabinets with a cafe glaze, we are keeping one large black painted cabinet with a butcherblock top which will be among the wall of new cabinets.  what color granite would be our best choice?  Floor is light maple as is butcher block.
  • — Derek 03:36PM, Oct 7 2011 My suggestion is a combination of glass tile inserts with subway tile inserts for a beautiful mosaic. You don’t have to use this, there are hundreds of other choices that would fit your design nicely. But I feel like glass tile is easy to clean and looks very sleek & elegant. Some other options you may want to consider for your backsplash are natural tumbled & honed marble tiles such as Botticino or Carrara variety.
  • Pronsha 03:24PM, Oct 7 2011 Thanks Derek. another question.   Why would Glass tile be better over other materials for the backsplash?
  • — Derek 01:55PM, Oct 7 2011 I think using a dark colored granite is a wonderful idea because it will create an elegant and sleek feel as it goes against your cherry cabinetry. San Gabriel Black is a solid choice but you may want to consider some slight movement and occasional golden hues in the granite to compliment your design better, an option I have in mind is Cosmic Black.
  • — Kinga 01:33PM, Oct 7 2011 I feel the Caledonia would compliment your cabinets very well. Since you do not get much natural light, I feel if you go for a black stone the space will feel too dark and visually small. The Caledonia will lighten the space up and work beautifully with your cabinets. My vote is for the Caledonia paired with a White Carrara tile!
  • Libbyhart 02:26AM, Oct 7 2011 Thanks for the reply Derek-  I do like the mini-brick mosaic.  I’m not a big fan of the glass tiles, but thanks for the suggestion!  After thinking about this a lot. I’ve changed my mind, and am NOT sure about the counter tops, but I AM sure about the backsplash! Now I definitely want the carrara Marble brick or subway tile, but now can’t decide between the Caledonia or San Gabriel black (or some other black)  We went for a dark grey slate-like floor, white cabinets, SS appliances and black knobs.  So, new Caledonia or San Gabriel.
  • — Derek 08:42PM, Oct 5 2011 Caledonia is a very elegant and sharp choice for your countertop, and would contrast the color of your wood nicely. For the backsplash, I’d use a lighter colored backsplash tile such as a Subway Ming Glass Mosaic.
  • Pronsha 05:39PM, Oct 5 2011 We are remodeling our kitchen with new countertops, backsplash, faucet, sink and dishwasher.  We have white appliances, Cherry Spice cabinets and an oak/cherry wood flooring.  Would Caledonia Silver/Brown be a good choice for granite countertop? What would be the best color/type of backsplash?
  • — Derek 07:39PM, Sep 28 2011 A White Carrara mini brick mosaic will pick up the highlights in your Caledonia granite very nicely and overall compliment the design without being dark (first image). Another option that may be a little easier to clean is a bianco glass tile mosaic in a brick pattern (second image) for a clean, elegant, and modern look. Let me know what you think!
  • Libbyhart 08:03PM, Sep 27 2011 We are remodeling our kitchen with whit lidingo cabinets (from ikea) I’ve been leaning toward new caledonia counters, but am having a difficult time with picking out floor and backsplash. I do not want drywall/paint combo. I like the look of Carrara marble subway tile, but think it may look weird with this counter top. Any thoughts? I’ve seen black granite with the Carrara, but am worried about keeping them clean, and darkening the kitchen too much( there is very little natural light)
  • — Derek 01:40PM, Aug 10 2011 I’m leaning toward the New Caledonia choice as it has less green undertones than Luna Pearl and it’s still light enough to offset your dark, espresso colored cabinets. Make sure to look at the slabs in-person and make a final decision.
  • — Kinga 09:44PM, Aug 9 2011 I feel the Caledonia would look best if you want a modern look as the Luna Pearl tends to have hues of green which can look more traditional. I do not think the Caledonia is too dark for your space but you should always pick up a sample and bring it home as shipments may vary in color. My vote is for the Caledonia!
  • mags 02:32PM, Aug 8 2011 We are building a house and have chosen expresso colored cabinets with SS appliances.  We are hoping for a modern look in the kitchen and are deciding between new caledonia and luna pearl.  We think luna pearl may look to busy/spotty but caledonia may be too dark?  which do you recommend for a more modern look?
  • — Derek 01:03PM, Jul 14 2011 I’m really enjoying the suggestion Kinga has given you for the floor tile. That tile would compliment the Caledonia granite perfectly!
  • — Kinga 07:34PM, Jul 12 2011 I think this stone would look lovely with your setup.  I do agree that this stone would pop more as opposed to the Luna Pearl. As far as the floor, I would do something in the grey family like the photo I attached. I think a grey floor paired with this granite would make the vanity stand out quite nice. Let me know what you think!
  • Michelle 03:56PM, Jul 12 2011 How would Caledonia look in a bathroom with antique white stained bead board cabinets?  I am torn between this color or luna pearl. I think this color would definitely pop more. If I go with Caledonia, what color tiled flooring would you recommend?
  • — Kinga 01:22PM, Jul 12 2011 Let me know how your project turns out!
  • — Derek 12:59PM, Jul 12 2011 I agree, Madura Gold is perfect, go for it. )
  • Karenita1 01:19AM, Jul 12 2011 Thanks so much — I will do that.
  • — Kinga 03:13PM, Jul 11 2011 Maruda Gold would look lovely against your cabinets. The warm, golden & red tones would be a great finishing touch to your setup. Also, Derek’s Kashmir Gold suggestion is fantastic. Take a look at both stones and let me know what you think.
  • — Derek 02:29PM, Jul 11 2011 I agree with Kinga that a warmer color is more appropriate to go against your cherry cabinetry. Madura Gold would be wonderful, and I’ve seen it used against darker cabinets with great success. Another option could be Kashmir Gold. As for wall color, «Barely Yellow» is an excellent choice, get some paint samples at the store to try out! Good luck.
  • Karenita1 10:08AM, Jul 9 2011 Was thinking about Madura gold since it had gold, reds and lighter tones and might just bring the whole look together. What do you think?
  • Karenita1 01:47AM, Jul 9 2011 DO you have suggestions for a warmer stone? We are about to buy so I really need to make a decision and appreciate the guidance
  • — Kinga 09:30PM, Jul 8 2011 I feel this stone may bring a cool feel to the space instead of the warmth you wanted. You would consider using a stone with more warm tones like golds, reds and yellows to bring balance and a warm feel to your design. As I stated under your other post, keep the walls light like Benjamin Moore’s “Barely Yellow” or “Alpine White” to keep the focus on your cabinets and stone. Hope this helps!
  • Karenita1 05:39AM, Jul 8 2011 Sorry I posted this under the wrong picture before: Remodelling and have Brazilian cherry cabinets and a light tile floor. Would like a light granite counter and am thinking about new Caledonia but all the pictures I have seen make it seem really grey. I am going for a warm feel to teh kitchen. Would new Caledonia work? If no what are some good alternatives? If it would work then what is a good color of paint for the walls? Appliances are black.
  • — Derek 04:43PM, Jun 30 2011 Thanks for the information, now we’re on the same page. You don’t want the red to be too dark, so it does not make your kitchen look smaller as you’ve mentioned, but a nice warm reddish tone for the walls would compliment the Caledonia granite nicely. Please take a look at Benjamin Moore «Spiced Apple Cider» and «Baked Terra Cotta». If you feel these may be too dark, a softer option such as «Pale Petal» is appropriate too. Good luck!
  • lisa 02:53PM, Jun 29 2011 Thank you for your reply Derek.  Originally I had been planning on a yellow, but after seeing the slab, I thought it would be too bland.  Then we were thinking a deep red of sorts (lumber liquidators has an easy tool you can use to see how the floors will look with certain colors) but I’m not sure it wouldn’t make our kitchen look smaller than it already is and not sure how it would go with the stone but I think that would be alright.  Plus, I’m not very brave when it comes to bold.  Now after some of the reading,  I’m thinking of a sort of green tone.  I’ll also consider the alpaca also.  Any suggestions are very welcome.  I’m afraid our contractor may getting a little impatient with me  :-).  I’ll be picking up some samples this evening.
  • — Derek 02:02PM, Jun 29 2011 Any colors you’ve looked at that you like so far? I suggest to consider Benjamin Moore «Alpaca».
  • lisa 10:14PM, Jun 28 2011 Remodeling Galley Style Kitchen, white cabinets, caledonia counters, brazilian koa hardwood floors — what to paint the walls?
  • Marie 12:46PM, Feb 20 2011 I have white kitchen cabinets and white kitchen walls — with one emerald green accent wall already in my kitchen (as well as a green painted under the chair rail on the white wall. I receieved a great quote on Caldonia granite for new counter tops. any feedback on how this would look? Presently we have a green floor in the kitchen that we want to change, as well.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:59AM, Feb 21 2011 Marie: The Caledonia would compliment the light design of your kitchen nicely and has some greenish undertones to tie-in your wall colors, go for it!
  • peggy 11:06AM, Feb 6 2011 We are putting white shaker cabinets in our beach house and have heart pine floors. We are struggling with a granite selection for the kitchen area. Any suggestions
    • All Granite and Marble 12:56PM, Feb 7 2011 Peggy: The Caledonia pictured on this page would create a calm beach-house feel. Another option could be Costa Esmeralda.
  • Renee 01:09PM, Jul 22 2010 Cabinets are autumn oak.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:37AM, Jul 26 2010 Renee: Caledonia on the perimeter and a black granite on the island, that sounds like an interesting combination and it should work. The black granite will provide a nice contrast to the oak cabinets while Caledonia would compliment the design nicely.
  • yolanda 05:04PM, Jul 21 2010 We’re considering caledonia for an outdoor kitchen. Limestone blocks (tones of grey) for base, stainless grill components with galaxy black granite around the grill components (attached). What do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:23AM, Jul 22 2010 Yolanda: Sounds like a natural and organic looking set-up, go for it!
  • Renee 03:41PM, Jul 21 2010 Also considering black granite on island.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:47AM, Jul 22 2010 Renee: What color will your cabinets be?
  • Jeanne 12:45PM, Jul 1 2010 I jsut bought a new home with Caledonia in the kitchen. There are two large grey patches (about 5 inches by 1), very noticable, and a rust color patch, which doesn’t show up anywhere else. Is this a defect I should accept, or should I complain? Seems like poor quality to me. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:29AM, Jul 2 2010 Jeanne: Send a picture using the «Contact Us» section for a better analysis by our team.
  • Peggy 08:14PM, Jun 30 2010 I have white bath cabinets, neutral porcelon tile floors, would caladonai granite look good with cabinets.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:41AM, Jul 1 2010 Peggy: The colors in the Caledonia might be a little too neutral and boring for the already light set-up.
  • Marie 03:51PM, Feb 11 2010 We are building a house and are considering Caledonia. The sample has alot of brown in it to compliment the chestnut color cabinets.Is brown uncommon in Caledonia.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:34PM, Feb 11 2010 Marie: The slabs change between deliveries, so it is not uncommon to have a slight color change over time in granite. All that matters is you picking out the slab(s) that you like.
  • Melissa 02:53PM, Dec 30 2009 We are building a house and looking at using Caledonia as the granite. Custom cabinets will be stained to match brazilian cherry hardwood in living room. Kitchen is a light gray ceramic. Black appliances. How do you think this will look? Not many pictures to look at.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:52PM, Dec 30 2009 Melissa: It will look wonderful, good contrast.
  • angelo 09:00PM, Nov 11 2009 I am building a new home. We will be having antique white cabinets with mocha glazing. The flooring will be american walnut. SS apliances. We were thinking about going with Caldonia, it seems «safe» but boring any other suggestions.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:53PM, Nov 12 2009 angelo: Bianco Romano or Bianco Antico perhaps if you want to stay light, it has more movement.
  • Matt 11:11AM, Aug 21 2009 getting a home built and wondering if the caledonia countertops will look good with cherry cabinets. its gonna have stainless steel appliances, with tile backsplash and butterscotch hardwoods.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:59PM, Aug 21 2009 Matt: They will look fine, but maybe something with the same pattern but a little more browns/burgundy speckling to pick up the cabinets. take a look at Santa Cecilia.
  • rafa 04:30PM, May 21 2008 Builder already got Cherry Oak cabinets and Caledonia counter tops. What do you think I should pick for the floor color that will compliment this arrangement? I’m not looking for dark colors. Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:47PM, Jun 24 2008 rafa: I would probably try to bring in a little bit more color into the room. Are you using tiles or hardwood flooring?
  • Pat 09:50AM, Apr 5 2008 Thank for your input. What can I do to make it not so plain and boring?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:49AM, Apr 5 2008 Pat: Add some color to the kitchen. Im sure you can find stones that have a considerable amount of white, but are a but warmer in tone. Take a look at Rain Drops as a still white, but not so plain color.
  • Pat 07:45AM, Apr 1 2008 I have a white cabinet and a camel color bamboo floor, white appliances. What do you think of caledonia as my choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 06:09PM, Apr 4 2008 Pat: Thats going to make for one really white kitchen. A bit plain dont you think?
  • Karen 10:21AM, Jan 19 2008 Do you have new caledonia?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:47AM, Jan 22 2008 Karen: Is the stone different from this one? Various fabricators often change the names.

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