Using Laminate Floors Where You Cook Kitchen Flooring

Using Laminate Floors Where You Cook  Kitchen Flooring

Using Laminate Floors Where You Cook

Choosing a type of floor for kitchens can be very difficult. Sometimes you just dont know what to pick. Many people like tiles, but these can be very cold in the winter, and if they have a pattern on them, can be hard work to keep clean. Others might choose lino, but designs can be limited and may not always match what you already have. A good choice for kitchens is laminate .

Laminate Flooring in a kitchen may not seem like the obvious choice. Plus, you have to be careful as well as some of the cheaper material can have problems where the boards dont secure tightly together which then cause them to swell and split if water gets in. There is also a misconception that with this product that you can only get something that looks like wood, which might not be something that you would like to have in this area. Fortunately, that is a misconception as laminates come in all kinds of designs as well as shapes.

However, if you buy good quality laminate and get it installed by a professional installer, you will be able to avoid problems like if it happens to get water spilled on it. You can now get laminate flooring that is specifically designed for kitchens, and will be waterproof as long as you look after it properly. A more expensive laminate will also tend to have much thicker wear layers.

With laminate flooring. you can get a wide variety of designs. So if you want your floors to look like it has been tiled but dont really like the idea of having cold, hard tiles (which by the way is not a good idea if you have young toddlers as they can easily slip and bang their head on a very hard floor), then you can get a laminate in a tiled pattern. There are lots of other designs you can choose from as well. You can pick from a wide variety of wood designs as well as various patterns in different colors. There is no reason to think that you cant get something that will match your decor.

The reason a lot of people choose laminate is that it is so easy to keep clean. This is particularly important in this area as its likely that you spill more on a floor here than any other room in the house. If you spill food or drinks on carpets it is difficult to get it out, and it can stain, but on laminate you can simply wipe up with a cloth. You can buy easy floor cleaners for your laminate floor. Similar to a mop but with disposable floor wipes attached so that you can wipe the floor over and throw away the wipe. So no more vaccuming and mopping the floor, you can simply wipe over every day to keep it sparklingly clean and fresh. The wipes also have antibacterial qualities so there is no need to ever have to bleach or disinfect the floor again. Using bleach on laminate is a no-no anyways.

If your space also happens to include your dining table, then this type of floor can really make a difference. It looks really smart and can match any decoration you have in the dining area. Sometimes with other types of floors it doesnt work really well with the dining part is also included as it may just be to cold, or the pattern isnt appropriate to match with your dining furniture. This isnt true of laminate, otherwise why would people use it on the floors throughout their homes!

Which brings us to another point. If you want to use the same type of floor material throughout your house so that there is a sense of consistency in every room, then laminate is ideal. It not only works well here, but in all other rooms of your home as well. It doesnt get too cold like tiles, and you can easily put a rug on it to make your living areas and bedrooms more cosy. In the hallways and bathrooms it is ideal as it is easy to clean, looks good and easy to match up with furniture and décor. If you wanted to use a carpet throughout your house this wouldnt be practical in the kitchen as its just not a good material to have in this space, so laminate is a much better option.

So you can see that using laminate in this space has advantages of not being too cold or hard, having patterns to match any décor, hard wearing, easy to clean and looks beautiful. You can also use it throughout the house to keep a consistent feel.

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