Subfloor preparation and adhesives

Subfloor preparation and adhesives

Underfloor Heating

Ensure that the Underfloor Heating System is fully commissioned, tested and brought up to maximum design operating temperature before applying Surface DPMs and Underlayments. The surface temperature of the concrete/sand cement screed must not exceed 27C when fully commissioned, as per the British Standards codes of practice and the Floorcovering industry maximum agreed level.

The underfloor heating system should be switched off at least 48 hours before, during and after the installation of the floor coverings, adhesives, Surface DPMs and underlayments and gradually recommissioned in accordance with the manufacturer’ recommendations.

Screed/concrete surface temperatures should be checked using a Raytek (or similar) hand held monitor. Note! Higher surface temperatures will accelerate the curing of smoothing compounds, adhesives and surface DPMs and may reduce overcoating and installation windows (Please refer to Tremco product literature and contact your Tremco Technical Representative for assistance).

During the period of decommissioning an alternative heating source should be provided, if required, to ensure that the area of installation is kept at a constant temperature of between 18C 27C.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in the floorcovering de-bonding, shrinkage, joints opening,

and on some occasions discolouring.

Adhesive Selection

Dalsouple rubber floor covering can be laid with the following TREMCO or MAPEI products.

Treadfast Floor Membranes, Smoothing Compounds and Adhesives

Tremco are a global organisation manufacturing high performance Surface Damp Proof Membranes, Smoothing Compounds, and Specialist Flooring Adhesives for use in Department Stores, Shops, Schools, Hospitals and most commercial and Industrial buildings. Our goal is to understand our customers’ needs and satisfy them by providing problem solving solutions. Our free of charge Specification and advice service includes information on the following:

Smoothing Compounds which can usually receive floor finishes after 24 hours (Treadfast Unitex & Treadfast Unismooth).

Surface Damp Proof Membranes (including Treadfast ES3000, Treadfast Fastrak Universal and Treadfast One Coat Universal)

Primers for most surfaces including calcium sulphate screeds

Specialist Adhesives including conductive adhesives for virtually all internal and external applications.

Tremco Limited, manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and weatherproofing technologies is commited to excellence in protecting the environment. A copy of their Environmental Policy Statement is available by contacting the company address below.

The following Tremco products are recommended for Dalsouple rubber floor coverings.

Please Note: After installation of the covering, most flooring adhesives will require 24-48 hours to develop strength performance. During this period, maintain constant conditions of temperature and humidity and keep the area free from other trades and casual foot traffic.

tel 01942 251400 fax 01942 251410

Mapei Floor Preparation Systems & Adhesives

Have Sales and Technical offices worldwide with over 140 production facilities.

Mapei is the world?s leading manufacturer of adhesives for the Construction Industry. Mapei offer the complete installation system which will give many years of durability when the correct preparation, applications and cure times are carried out with reference to the relevant data sheets.

New or repair Screeds which can be utilised after 24 hours. (Mapecem)

Subfloor preparation and adhesives

Self Levelling Compounds which can be laid up to 30mm thick in 1 application. (Ultraplan Maxi)

Damp and Vapour Proof Barriers applied as a surface membrane. (Primer MF)

Primers to consolidate and seal weak surfaces. Primer G: Mapeprim SP Eco Primer.

Conductive Adhesives for specialised conductive flooring

Adhesives which can be used for all types of installations whether it be domestic, commercial or heavy industrial and in some cases external applications.

Mapei — taking care of the environment

Products that are not only safe for the end user, but for the environment, products that have a very low or zero emissions of Total Volatile Organic Compounds, products that perform to the highest standards. are all provided through Mapei?s technical expertise. Mapei?s commitment to this market began in the early 1970s with the introduction of water-based and solvent-free products and as a member of Responsible Care. the company is totally committed to the ongoing development of safer products, which have been and will continue to be used worldwide.

For more information contact:

Mapei (UK) Ltd ,

Mapei House,

Steel Park Road Halesowen,

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