Staining Concrete Floors — Color Staining Concrete

Staining Concrete Floors - Color Staining Concrete

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When it comes to staining concrete floors, the color choice and pattern options are endless. But what about your existing concrete, is it ready for color staining? Contact your local concrete staining or polishing contractor and have them inspect the concrete floor. Staining concrete floors is one of the most affordable flooring choices available to consumers today who want to update their ugly concrete floors. Staining your concrete can make it a focal point of your home, business or restaurant. Both Interior and exterior concrete can be polished and stained, and if you incorporate concrete stamping, mix and match your patterns to fit the rest of your design scheme. Whether you want your concrete to match a room in your house, or you would like it to compliment your homes exterior, staining your concrete floors will make a dramatic change to the overall appearance.

By staining and then sealing your concrete it becomes much easier to maintain. Spilled liquids can be easily wiped up, with little risk of stains. The surface itself will be easier to sweep up dirt, and keep clean with a simple vacuum and damp towel. It’s this ease of maintenance and the beautiful color selection that makes it an easy decision for those looking for the best return on their flooring investment dollars.

Concrete floor staining contractors can give you an accurate assessment of your existing concrete and help you with creating a plan for your new concrete floors look. A Concrete Polishing contractor can tell you if your concrete floor is in good shape, or what you will need to have done in order to move forward with your plans. In the event that you have cracks, they can even help you with the repairs prior to the staining process. This can range from small crack repairs, to a full top coat restoration. It is better at this stage to know your concrete is properly prepared for the staining process, than to risk the quality of your end results. Concrete is easy to stain, but you will have to live with the end results, you only have one real shot at this, so get it right the first time.

Once your concrete surface is properly prepared to stain, the next step is deciding on the color and sheen you will want on the floor. There are so many colors to choose from, but your concrete floor staining contractor will be able show you color samples, and make recommendations depending on the application and your particular desires. Your choices can range from a dull stained surface to a highly polished look that will have a shine on it. It is important to note that even if you go with the shiniest look, your concrete will not become slippery. The finishes and sealants used are designed for safety, so you can have that shiny smooth look without the surface being slippery.

Once you have made your choices, it is time for the concrete floor staining contractor to take over. If it has not been done already, he will use the proper heavy duty prep machines to clean and dry your concrete floor. This is done so he will get a good penetration with the stain, and this keep everything nice and even across the floor. Some color stains have to chemically react with the concrete surface and therefore have to be left on for an extended amount of time. Others will be wiped on and allowed to penetrate for a short time. Either way, once the stain is applied it is important not to disturb the concrete and stain as it sets. Don’t allow anyone or anything on the concrete until it has been completely dried and the sealer has been fully cured also. This process could take a few days, so be ready to avoid using that area until the project is complete. Depending on the application, your contractor may set up caution tape or use other methods to ensure his work is allowed to properly set up. His goal is the same as yours, to end up with the best product possible, so heed any instructions he may offer on the care and maintenance of your new stained concrete floor.

Staining Concrete Floors is the Eco friendly way to bring new life to your old gray concrete floors. Call your professional concrete polishing and staining contractor today and let them give you a free estimate on your project. Color Staining concrete floors is more affordable today than ever.

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