San Diego Tile and Grout Cleaning — Stone Cleaning — Stone Polishing

San Diego Tile and Grout Cleaning - Stone Cleaning - Stone Polishing

Tile and Stone Cleaning

Restorative Tile & Stone Cleaning

Sealing — Steam Clean Floors — Countertops — Walls — Shower Cleaning

Guaranteed cleaning, sealing and polishing of all types of tile and stones including travertine. slate. marble. granite. and more.Our tile, grout, and stone cleaning package includes machine scrubbing and hand brushing the dirty grout, and high heat. high pressure rinse to give you the best results possible. When requested, we finish our cleaning process with a durable sealant that penetrates deep into the grout or stone to seal for the months to come helping to protect it from spills and other problems Floors, counters, showers – we do it all!

  • Natural stone cleaning and polishing
  • Stone sealing stone safe chemicals
  • Machine scrubbing and brushing ( most tile cleaners do not machine scrub, leaving behind 25 percent more dirt)
  • Truck mounted high heat rinse
  • Final wipe down that will make the surface look amazing
  • Impregnator sealant applied to repel water or stains

Any San Diego tile cleaning company can call themselves professionals, but Silver Olas means it and were # 1. With a staff full of IICRC Certified Technicians and a dedication to the latest industry standards and ongoing training, Silver Olas is the only company that can offer you professional-grade stone and tile cleaning at a fair price using our special secret ( cimex scrubing machine)

Stone Polishing. Marble Polishing. Travertine Polishing

Isn’t it time to restore your dull, uneven, blotchy finish to its original beauty? Silver Olas Can restore your stone to a full shine or honed finish. We take care to do a great job polsihing and then use a great sealer.

A clean home or office is a healthy environment for everyone, and whether you need a bit of help with your carpets, your tile and grout, or even your stone, Silver Olas offers a broad range of services to businesses and homes in the San Diego area. Fully bonded and insured, we’re the only professional cleaning service you’ll ever need. Get the professional results you deserve with Silver Olas.

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Cleaning in All San Diego Tile and Grout Cleaners. Sealing and Polishing.

Step 1 .   Vacuum or broom up loose debris from tile or stone

Step 3.    Hand scrub grout in heavy traffic areas.

Step 4.    Machine scrub all tile and grout ( not done by most companies)

Step 5.   Steam clean tile with hot water and rinse / Steam Clean Floor/Floor Steam Clean

Step 6.    Seal  grout and stone with impregnator sealer that penetrates into surface and protects for approx. 5 to 7 years.  ( Stone Pro Impregnator Sealer )

Tile and Stone Types

Tile and stone floors offer cleanliness, durability, and a historical elegance that is difficult to match using any other flooring material. Whether it be with the natural beauty of sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic cut stone or the versatility of custom tile, these floors are a smart choice for timeless design as well as resale value.

While these floors require little regular maintenance they do need periodic professional cleaning and sealing in order to maintain their long lasting natural qualities. The following are some, but not all, of the types of common tile and stone floors with a brief description and a little insight on their preservation requirements.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are durable, easy to clean, and made in a vast variety of custom colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Properly glazed and maintained, tile flooring will not absorb odors, support allergens or bacteria nor will it burn or scorch. Ceramic tile can outlast almost any other type of flooring.  As a non-porous material the Ceramic itself does not need to be sealed, but the grout that holds the tile is porous and not only needs to be sealed, but needs proper periodic cleaning with an alkaline and acidic cleaner.

Porcelain Tile






Mexican Pavers



Flagstone is a sedimentary rock that is formed over time by sedimentary material. Flagstone can be honed for a flatter matte look or polished in order to make it appear more bright and glossy. Flagstone is porous and therefore vulnerable to outside elements unless properly sealed. Flagstone can be cleaned with alkaline and should be completed routinely. The sealer should be routinely replaced but not necessarily as often as the deep cleaning.


Limestone is a sedimentary stone that is formed by sedimentary animal debris. Limestone is like all natural stones in that it is porous and therefore needs to be periodically sealed as well as routinely cleaned using alkaline. Limestone can be polished to a glossy finish or honed to a flat finish dependent upon the look desired.

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