Salvaging hardwood floors, other progress on the house Shared Interests

Salvaging hardwood floors, other progress on the house Shared Interests

Salvaging hardwood floors, other progress on the house

We were pretty busy last weekend working on the remodel, as usual. Most of the stuff we did was prep work for our tile setter, but even though we put in about 50 hours this weekend we didnt finish any of the tasks on our punch list. However, we did get to 75-95% completion on eight of our punch items. The only thing we did get to cross off the punch list was our HVAC grills, etc. José came out on Friday and installed the grills and our new thermostat. Oh, and one more thing that wasnt on the punch listWe were finally able to get rid of the Blue Office, as one of the crewmen referred to it:

So, what did we do?

Salvaged hardwood from the entry We have about 150 ft 2 of 60-year-old white oak which were going to replace with tile. We also added about 115 ft 2 of new floor space to create the great room, most of which is already covered with the exact same flooring. Since were trying to use green building techniques as much as possible, we were obviously interested in reusing the old hardwood for the new floor. Our hardwood contractor, BeautiFloors. also told us that salvaging would give us the best match with our existing floor. The salvage process deserves an article of its own, but I dont have time to write it now. We managed to get nearly all of our hardwood up we only have 2-3 boards on each side of the entry which we still need to pull, and well probably get them done tonight.

Screwed down the old subfloor

When the house was built back in the post-war years, they used 16 boards laid diagonally for the subfloor. The boards were nailed (not screwed) to the joists, without subfloor adhesive. After

60 years, the old subfloor is loose and squeaky. It wasnt feasible for us to replace the boards with modern T&G plywood, but 10 pounds of deck screws and a few hours of labor was a reasonable investment. If there was any question in our minds about the efficacy of this, it was quickly answered once we got the second row of screws inthe difference between the screwed-down side and the nails-only side of the joist was extremely evident! As we were working, we started to notice that the nailed floor seemed soft or bouncy, whereas the screwed-down area felt stable and solid (and no longer squeaky).

Salvaging hardwood floors, other progress on the house Shared Interests

Repaired the original floor Our house originally had an under-floor heater, which was replaced several decades ago; however, the holes for the heater and flue were still there. Were laying tile over these holes, so we had to patch them.

Laid out Hardiebacker for the floor tile Were saving some money on the tile installation by doing some of the no-brainer work ourselves. Laying the Hardiebacker is pretty simple, but time consuming, considering were putting about 700 ft 2 of tile in the entry, nook, kitchen, utility/laundry room, bathroom, and part of the hallway. Weve got 41 of the 3 x 5 sheets already cut and laid out on the floor, leaving us with 4 or 5 more sheets to finish the job. Once its all cut and placed, well start mixing up batches of Thinset and applying it under each sheet.

The major downside of this is that we had to take down our kitchen and laundry facilities again. Our tile setter assures us that we should be able to set up our laundry and kitchen (for keeps, this time!) on Sunday.

Painted the old front door Eventually were going to install a new front door, but until that happens were stuck with the old door and its unattractive brown/green color. There are quite a few homes in our neighborhood with brightly colored front doors, and Barb and I have always fancied the look. A bright red would be very attractive, but its the most common color in the neighborhood. Since the house is a nice light yellow we thought a contrasting color would look good, so were going to try a dark, rich purple. So far weve only got one color coat applied, and its going to take at least one more coat before Ill try taking a final picture.

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