Rubber Tile Living Room Floor Ideas

Rubber Tile Living Room Floor Ideas

Rubber Tile Living Room Floor Ideas

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Rubber Living Room Flooring Designs

Walking onto a rubber floor, your foot instantly sinks into the plush material as it rises up to gently hold your heel in its grasp. After that, every step is soft, a whisper of luxury that embraces your footfalls from entry to destination. This can have a gentling effect on a living room, casting a comforting essence across the space which makes the environment feel more relaxed and at ease.

Rubber is generally sold in tiles that are solid, or two tone speckled in color. These can be mixed and matched to create contrasting patterns across your floor. There are also premium rubber tile options that have more exotic designs and hues, and they can even be manufactured with textural features to add dimensionality to your living room flooring.

More About Living Room Floors

The Functional Characteristics Of Rubber Floors

Safety: The living room is a social space, where people come together to interact and enjoy one another’s company. Children often use this space to play, and can be rowdy at times. With rubber flooring, you have a material that is so soft that it is safe, for kids, guests, elderly relatives, and anyone else who enjoys the comforts of your family room.

Durable: Rubber flooring is resistant to almost all staining agents, and is very difficult to puncture, rip, tear, or gouge. This makes it a great choice if you love throwing parties with lots of guests, since any spills or accidents that occur will be a breeze to clean up. It’s also a good option if you have large dogs, or cats that like to scratch, as it will resist their nails, while still maintaining a comfortable and yielding surface that is perfect for a living room atmosphere.

Long Lasting: The inherent durability of rubber means that, if properly cared for, an installation can last for decades. This saves you the hassle and expense of having to rip up and replace your living room flooring every few years. However when it is time to replace the material, rubber tiles can be pulled up quite easily. That handy ability allows you to substitute new pieces for damaged ones, or just remove the entire installation without much effort.

Ecologically Friendly: Rubber is a natural. and readily renewable material that is manufactured using the sap of the para rubber plant. However most rubber tiles are actually made from recycled automobile tires. This helps to eliminate waste from landfills while improving the health and cleanliness of the environment. Knowing that the flooring used in your living room has these ecologically friendly qualities will contribute a subtle comfort to the space.

Potential Problems With Rubber Living Room Floors

Expensive: Averaging $5 — $10 per square foot just for basic tile material, rubber flooring is one of the more expensive options for a living room. Premium options can go as high as $15 or $20 per square foot for exotic patterns or textural characteristics. However, these prices are defrayed to some extent by the ability to install the material yourself without needing to hire a professional contractor, and you don’t generally need any underlayment as the rubber itself is both comfortable, and accommodating.

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