Klimar Agency Inc. In-floor and Hydronic Heating Experts Services

Klimar Agency Inc. In-floor and Hydronic Heating Experts Services

Klimar is your provider of best solutions for hydronic heating system applications. We recommend the finest products by the best manufacturers of hydronic heating components. We specialize in designing custom solutions for commercial or residential hydronic heating system applications. Our services includes planning, custom design, supervision and technical support during inst a ll a tions of the hydronic heating system. We have over 20 years of experience in hydronic heating and have design hundreds of commercial and residential applications across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

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Hydronic Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating systems

How it works?

The Uponor Radiant Floors circulate warm water through PEX tubing embedded in the floor of your home. The heat radiates up through the floor, warming the people, furnishings and air in the room. The warmth stays near the floor where people circulate, not at the ceiling or lost to the outdoors when door, or window is opened. It’s a comfortable, even heat where cold spots and drafts are eliminated.

The Benefits:

  • True comfort — imagine your beautiful floors now warm and cozy to the touch.
  • Works everywhere — under tile, marble, wood, carpet and concrete floors. Radiant Walls and Radiant Ceilings can also create a cozy, efficient environment.
  • Saves money — can save 20 to 40 percent over traditional heating systems.
  • Clean, healthy — no drafts or fans blowing dust, dirt and other allergens into the air.
  • Quiet — eliminates noisy fans, popping ductwork and pinging pipes.
  • Increases living space — lets you live in and enjoy that previously cold basement.
  • Uponor warranty — when installed by a Home Comfort Team (HCT) member.
  • Wise investment — makes your home more attractive to potential buyers.

For more info visit Uponor web site.

Snow and Ice Melting Systems

The concept of utilizing radiant heat to improve your life also works outdoors. Uponor Snow & Ice Melting system keeps your driveway and sidewalks clear by melting snow and ice before it has a chance to accumulate. It can be installed under concrete, asphalt or a sandbed.

The benefits are many:

  • Comfort and quality of life — no more shoveling or sanding and it’s a tremendous time-saver.
  • Safety — keeps access to your home open and free from dangerous ice and snow. Helps prevent slips and falls, reduces liabilities due to snow and ice accumulating in pedestrian’s pathways.
  • Reliable — goes to work to prevent snow and ice from accumulating as soon as it starts to form.
  • Economical — eliminates contracted snow removal costs, eliminates the need for costly and dirty melting agents and sand applications.
  • Cleaner — no salt or sand is tracked into heated spaces.

Just as with radiant floor heating, warm water circulates through durable PEX tubing. The tubing can be buried in concrete, asphalt or a sandbed. The water heats the slab and melts the snow and ice. Systems can be designed to operate automatically or manually with an on/off switch.

For more info visit Uponor web site.

Plumbing Systems

With Uponor AQUAPEX®, you can depend on a proven and reliable plumbing system. Unlike traditional metal plumbing, Uponor uses flexible PEX tubing for water distribution. This clean plumbing system has been tested and installed around the world for over 30 years. What’s even more remarkable is that Uponor PEX tubing has a life expectancy of more than 100 years when used under normal operating conditions. That kind of dependability speaks for itself.

For more info visit Uponor web site.

Fire Protection Systems

Uponor is proud to present the AQUASAFE® Fire Protection system — unlike any other fire protection system on the market. It’s actually part of your cold water plumbing. This means as long as you’ve got water going to your plumbing fixtures, the heat-activated sprinklers have all the water they need to douse a fire before it can do major damage.

The AQUASAFE® system is practically invisible. Whether you choose the unobtrusive recessed sprinklers or our concealed sprinkler heads, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the system is ready to protect you.

For more info visit Uponor website.and

Other Products

Wall Hung Boilers

Baxi® is a is a wall-hung, gas-fired, high-efficiency, tankless boiler. It has a sealed combustion chamber for hydronic heating and instantaneous domestic hot water production. Product line of Baxi® wall hung boilers offer high efficiency heating and domestic hot water production as well hot water production with storage.

For more info visit Luna-BAXI web site .

Modulating electric boiler

Thermolec Modulating Electric Boiler with Outdoor Reset Control for Electric and Dual-Energy Installations. Thermolec modulating boilers are designed to be quickly and easily installed on a wall, requiring very little space.

They offer a safe, reliable operation. Two versions are available: Electric boilers for new construction or as a retrofit installation. Dual-energy boilers for applications where the system alternates between electric heat and oil, natural gas or propane.

For more info visit Thermolec web site .

Flexible, pre-insulated pipes for heating, cold water and hot water systems.

Ecoflex is a flexible, pre-insulated plastic pipe system. Its material properties give long service life and allows it to transport reliably a large number of different liquid mediums. As they are low-weight and highly flexible, the pipes can be installed easily and quickly, even over obstacles and round corners.

For more info visit Ecoflex web site .

Hydronic System Feeders

Axiom Industries manufactures innovative system pressurization packages for closed hydronic heating and cooling systems. Axiom units maintains the required static fill pressure in closed hydronic systems with no connection to a potable water supply. This solves many of the problems associated with system pressurization using a domestic water supply as the source. They are particularly applicable to systems that use anti-freeze solutions, and are commonly referred to as glycol feeders.

For more info visit Axiom Industries Ltd. web site .


The Stelrad radiator range comes complete with all the features expected from a market leader and more.

Combining the most sophisticated production resources in Europe, with substantial investment directed towards testing and verification of performance data, has resulted in the creation of a high output radiators and towel rails with heating performance that exceeds expectation.

For more info visit Stelrad web site .

Heat exchange solutions

Ideal solutions for achieving efficient, cost-effective, reliable thermal performance including: Shel & Coil, Plate & Frame, Titanium, Straight & U-Tube, Double Wall, Brazed Plate and Coils and Immersion heat exchangers.

For more info visit AIC and Secespol web sites .

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