Inexpensive Ideas For Living Room Flooring

Inexpensive Ideas For Living Room Flooring

Inexpensive Ideas For Living Room Flooring

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When considering the expense associated with renovating and replacing floors in a living room you have to factor in a variety of elements that go beyond simple material costs. There is also the price of installation labor, as well as supplies, and tools whether rented or purchased for the project. Disposal of waste can also add to the price as heavy discards may require the hiring of a team with a truck to haul the refuse away.

Money Saving Living Room Flooring Tips

If you have a current hardwood, tile, or bamboo installation in your living room that is starting to look drab, you can often dress it up inexpensively using throw rugs. These can bring fresh, temporary colors into the space, allowing you to get exotic without having to make permanent irreversible design decisions. Throw rugs can often be machine washed, reducing maintenance, and they will also help to offset the chill of otherwise icy, winter prone floors.

Another low cost option for living rooms is to simply rip up the existing floor and expose the subfloor below. If the space rests on a concrete slab then that can be treated to improve its functional feel and appearance, creating a relatively inexpensive, low maintenance option. If the surface below is plywood then this can also be sanded and stained, or simply treated with polyurethane for a rustic country cottage feel.

When it comes to long term maintenance, the use of flooring that comes in discrete pieces such as tiles and click together planks can push back replacement costs. This is because if individual pieces become damaged, they can often be removed and replaced, without having to worry about redoing the entire flooring installation.

Low Cost Living Room Flooring Options

Inexpensive Ideas For Living Room Flooring

Cork — $1.50 — $4 Per Square Foot — If you are looking for a distinct alternative to carpet, that is soft, safe, and comforting, than cork can be a great option. Made from all natural, readily renewable plant bark, this cushiony material is a great way to make a living room stand out, both with the earthen hearth of its warm colors, and the surprisingly yielding feel of its pliant plush. However cork will degrade over time, requiring it to be replaced every 5-10 years depending on foot traffic in the area.

Vinyl — $2 — $4 Per Square Foot — This versatile flooring option comes in a nearly endless plethora of colors, patterns, textures, and designs, making it easy to find a match for almost any decorative space. At the same time it is extremely durable, requiring only minimal maintenance to keep it looking great. The initial pricing for vinyl sheet and tile can be moderate to low, but this material does start to fade over time and will only last about 8-15 years before you will have to start thinking about a replacement.

Linoleum — $2.50 — $5 Per Square Foot — This material is similar to vinyl in durability and versatility of design, except that it is an all natural product that is very ecologically friendly, causing no harm to the overall environment, or the indoor air quality of a space. Slightly more expensive, it is also longer lasting, and as long as water damage doesn’t occur a linoleum living room floor can look good for literally decades without forcing you to think about replacement and repair costs.

Carpet tiles — $1.00 — $4.00 Per Square Foot — It’s possible to find carpet tiles at very reasonable prices, and they can be easily installed even by unskilled amateurs using the self adhesive backing. While these materials can stain and wear over time, the advantage of tiling is that damaged pieces can be removed and replaced with new ones, saving the overall floor from having to be replaced.

Brick — $1 — $4 Per Square Foot — One of the lowest cost hard surface flooring options, brick can be great for living rooms because it has a gentle effect that can create a sense of inviting warmth, that welcomes people into the space. It’s also durable, and in most mid traffic level family spaces, brick pavers will be able to last for generations with only moderate maintenance required.

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