Horse Stall Matting, Tenderfoot Interlocking Stall Tiles, Equine Straight-Edge Floor Matting

Horse Stall Matting, Tenderfoot Interlocking Stall Tiles, Equine Straight-Edge Floor Matting

Horse Stall Matting, Tenderfoot Interlocking Stall Tiles, Equine Straight-Edge Floor Matting

Tenderfoot Rubber Stall Matting has been a popular addition to horse stalls for years. Horse owners nationwide have come to know and trust the Tenderfoot name for reliability and quality.

Tenderfoot Stall Mats are a soft, yet durable addition to dirt, clay or concrete floors.

Tenderfoot Stall Matting

Rubber Matting is a solid, durable mat that is easy to install. Combining environmentally friendly recycling and USA manufacturing differentiates our products from competition. Rubber mating reduces noise, protects floor from equipment damage, and reduces the collection of dust. The attractive textured surface also offers anti-fatigue and anti-slip protection .

Mats thicknes 3/4″. While the standard sizes are 4′ x 6′. 4′ x 7′. 4 x 8′, our proprietary manufacturing allows us to offer sizes up to a full 8’x10′ and custom sizes are available. All sizes offer resilient, anti-skid and heavy-duty characteristics with an anti-skid texture on one side and a smooth surface on the opposite side. Tenderfoot Stall Mats FAQ

INTERLOCKING or STRAIGHT EDGE DESIGN MATS. This exclusive feature is ideal for covering large or small areas while creating a uniform surface

Dirt floors are difficult to manage and keep clean. Digging out «problem areas» is a constant nuisance. Tenderfoot Stall Mats eliminate «digging» by giving you an even floor that provides stress-relieving qualities for your horse while reducing cleaning time. No more digging out wet spots. A small amount of bedding used in conjunction with the mats absorb the wet spots on top of the mat, allowing you to clean nearly 100% of waste and odor.

Concrete floors are easy to clean. but are uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, even for humans. Large amounts of bedding are required to offer the cushioning support needed for the horse. Tenderfoot Stall Mats are easily installed over a concrete floor. It’s soft, durable surface allows maximum support and traction for your animals. It reduces the amount of stress on your horse’s legs, back, and muscles while standing and at the same time offering you an floor that is easily cleaned. Independent tests have shown that rubber surfaces with the anti-microbial additive kill biological contaminants within minutes of contact.

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With Tenderfoot Stall Mats, the amount of bedding needed is dramatically reduced. The mats provide all of the cushioning support the horse needs, making it necessary to keep only enough bedding to absorb the urine. In turn, your daily maintenance costs will be reduced up to 50%, saving both time and money.

  • Horse Stalls
  • Foaling Stalls
  • Muddy Areas
  • Horse Stall Matting, Tenderfoot Interlocking Stall Tiles, Equine Straight-Edge Floor Matting
  • Barn Walkways
  • Wash Rack Areas
  • Aisle ways
  • Assembly Lines
  • Pools & Gardens
  • Sub-Floor Protection
  • Boat Docks & Ramps
  • Handicap Access ways
  • Electrical Rooms
  • Ski Lodges
  • Spike Protection
  • Gym Floors
  • Weight Rooms
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Golf-Courses & Lounges
  • Ice Rink Blade Protection
  • Steps, Patios, & Decks
  • Changing Areas
  • Basements
  • Runways & Walkways
  • Behind-the counter
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Schools

Durable Made from premium recycled rubber particles and/or colored EPDM rubber pieces ( highest quality colored rubber), each product is especially designed and manufactured for durability. It will not dent due to normal foot traffic, rolling loads, or furniture placement.

Resilient Anti-fatigue qualities found naturally in rubber are further enhanced by a technologically advanced polymer binder used during manufacturing. Each mat is fabricated from thousand of rubber granules and offers superior underfoot comfort and resilience to cushion the shock from running. exercising, walking and standing.

Aesthetically Pleasing The mats are available in a variety of colors is percentages from 10-30% or completely black. The colored particles are uniformly mixed throughout the entire product and will not wear way. The vibrant colors are perfect for dramatic interiors.

Easy Installation Factory sheared edges and controlled manufacturing environments ensure an easy installation.

Installation Products. CX-941 and CX-948 adhesives are a one-component polyurethane-based, structural, industrial grade adhesive. Elastomeric properties enable it to move with rubber as it expands and contracts. CX-22 Sealant/Adhesive is a one-component polyurethane-based non-sag moisture curing Class A adhesive/sealant that is VOC compliant. Sikaflex-R-1a is a premium grade adhesive. high performance, moisture-cured, single-component, polyurethane-based, non-sag elastomeric sealant, meets FEDERAL Specifications TT-S-00230C. Elastomeric Sealant/Adhesive a caulking adhesive used for indoor horse stalls to create a one-piece stall floor, elastic and expands and contracts with the rubber during temperature changes. Cyanoacrylate Adhesive is an aggressive adhesive permanently fuses two mats together.

Easily Cleaned Indoor cleaning involves a broom, damp mop or vacuum cleaner. Outside, a water hose, leaf blower or broom is sufficient. If desired, a mild detergent such as CleanVia CV-1000 or CleanBreak can be used to sanitize the flooring. Multi-Purpose CleanBreak Disinfectant-Detergent is ERA REGISTERED, WORKS on porous & non-porous surfaces, effective disinfectant active against many viruses and bacteria. Rubber Flooring & Mat Sealant SEALS porous surfaces to keep bacteria & viruses out, safe for humans and animals, helps prolong the life of the rubber flooring, water & chemical RESISTANT.

Excellent Traction. even when wet! Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Uses

Manufactured with 100% Premium Recycled Rubber Free from fillers or contaminants and are recyclable. Rubber products are manufactures of 96% post-consumer recycled rubber materials, namely scrap tires. (Colored rolls have 79% post-consumer product) Our products meet and exceed the requirement set forth in Executive Order 13101 Greening Government.

Tenderfoot Rubber Trailer flooring have been a popular addition to horse trailer floors, walls and ramps for years. Horse owners nationwide have come to know and trust the Tenderfoot name for reliability and quality.

These flooring can be cut to fit with a standard utility knife or our company recommended Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Knife

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