Flooring upgrades that impact home value — Columbia home and living

Flooring upgrades that impact home value - Columbia home and living

Flooring upgrades that impact home value

Hardwood flooring has always been desirable in homes. wikipedia

Did you know some improvements have consistently shown to be a better investment overall for your homes value? There are some improvements that will yield little in the ROI, «return on your investment». That being said, there are a few upgrades and flooring choices that could hurt your homes value, whether appraisal wise, or resale value. Here’s a few improvements that will punch up your home’s appraisal, and a few that will knock it down to the «floor» so to speak.

Best investment

Hardwood flooring

Hands down the single best upgrade for flooring goes to hardwood floors. This is considered an upgrade not only from a design standpoint but by home appraisers, and the real estate industry knows that hardwood floors are a powerful selling point in homes today. One important design note, if you are purchasing hard wood flooring, please be sure to select a color and wood type that can co-exist with the current wood finishes in the room it is going into. Mixing wood finishes comes off as unpolished and unattractive and a little disconcerting.

Also noteworthy is tile. Tile flooring especially in kitchens, bathrooms and homes that are on water fronts, near sandy beaches is highly desirable and in fact expected in these settings. Tile comes in a wide variety of types and be sure to make a careful selection based on your needs. Not all tile is created equally and some tile should not go into areas of extreme moisture if it is glossy stone. Stone tiles in bathroom areas need to have some friction in the texture to avoid nasty accidents with slipping.

Great green choices to look into Cork and Bamboo .

Worst investment

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring in any room of your home is fairly undesirable as an upgrade. In fact, having it in any room besides the kitchen and bath will likely hurt the value of your home.

Also noteworthy is laminate. Although laminate is improving in quality, and beauty it is still considered hardwood’s «ugly cousin». Problems with laminate are the surreal look some styles have, the fact that it is a «floating» floor and can not be mopped. Laminate is an upgrade to vinyl however, and if that is what your budget allows do so. Some people absolutely love laminate and if you aren’t concerned with moving from your home, and you love it’s ease of installation, and the fact it is fairly easy to clean, laminate may work great for your needs.

Flooring that will not likely impact your homes value?


In general all home buyers at the very least are expecting some amount of carpeting in the home. For those who are cold natured, the feel of plush carpeting under the feet are definitely preferable to any other type of flooring. Even high end carpeting is only going to impact your homes value minimally, but it is still the most affordable improvement you can make that will not hurt your homes current value, and if your home has carpet in bad shape you definitely will lose buyers and value so it is a reasonable upgrade for that fact. Homes with small children often benefit from carpeting over hard surfaces as children falling, or babies crawling need them.

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