Flooring for Kids Room Kids Room Floor

Flooring for Kids Room Kids Room Floor

Flooring for Kids Room

While choosing flooring for kid’s room, you must know the flooring materials that are anti-slip and having more friction. Kids room flooring should be comfortable, easy to clean and allergy proof that will offer safety to your dear kid. You can blend two floors in one room to give your kids a warm surface. Try rubber or bamboo flooring with area rugs so that your kids will get a soft and safe floor surface for doing their different playing activities or other activities. You have to choose the right flooring for the kid’s room so that it can not harm your little and sweet kid.

Choose from various types of flooring options available in the market so that it efficiently make the kids room attractive and safer for your kids. If you don’t choose the right flooring for your kids, then your kids may get slipped when the floor is wet or damp. Carpets and area rugs are the best solutions to save your kid from being hurt.

Why Kids Friendly Flooring?

Pros of Rubber Flooring

  • Rubber flooring is stain and slip resistant .
  • By using rubber flooring, you can make safe your kids from allergy as it has hypoallergenic qualities .
  • Due to antimicrobial properties of rubber flooring. there are no chances of mold and fungi growth.
  • There is no effect of humidity on the rubber flooring.
  • This flooring provides your kid a shock absorbent surface that will give safety to your kid while falling.
  • You can easily wipe the spills that will appear on the rubber floors.

  • You have to clean the rubber flooring regularly like any hard floor surface.
  • If some liquid remains on the rubber flooring for a long time, then it may loose rubber floor adhesives. So you have to clean up excess water otherwise, it may be harmful to your kids.

Bamboo Flooring

You can make your environment safe and green by using bamboo flooring. If your kid is active and he would like to play freely, then you can choose strand bamboo flooring option that has great wear and tear quality and give your kids the right and safe place for playing.

(Bamboo flooring in kids room)

Pros of Bamboo Flooring

  • If bamboo flooring may get scratched or stained, then you can refinish it.
  • You can make bamboo flooring scratch resistant by using hard urethane finish .
  • Choose such bamboo flooring options that are durable and can bear a lot of your kids playing activities and the high traffic.
  • Try to choose the most environmentally friendly flooring so that it will make safe your kids and the environment.

Cons of Bamboo Flooring

  • Don’t choose such bamboo flooring options that can be scratched easily.
  • Extreme humid conditions may cause crack or warp in the bamboo flooring.
  • When bamboo flooring will get wet, then your kid may slip on the floors.

How to Care Bamboo Floors

If you are installing or using bamboo flooring in the kid’s room, then you have to clean the dust, dirt, debris and spills quickly to make your kids safe from allergies and other diseases. You can also use cork or foam rubber to protect your floor from moisture. If you use area rugs or mats on the bamboo floors. then they will increase the longevity of your floors. But don’t use rugs with rubber backing.

Cork Flooring for Kid’s Room

With cork flooring, you can save your environment from being polluted. Cork flooring gives your kid comfort and easy to maintain. Choosing cork flooring helps you to reduce the global warming and alsominimize the amount of toxins in the kid’s room. Cork flooring is health friendly flooring and makes your kids safe from allergies, microbes and other insects.

(Cork flooring in kids room)

Pros of Cork Flooring

  • Cork flooring gives your kids a comfortable and warm surface to walk or play on.
  • This flooring reduces the household noise.
  • This flooring has hypoallergenic qualities that will make your kid allergy free.
  • This flooring gives your kids a floor surface that is resistant to fungi, mold and bacteria growth.
  • You can make the cork flooring moisture resistant if it is properly installed, sealed and finished.

Cons of Cork Flooring

  • Extreme humid conditions can cause expanding or contracting of the Cork flooring.
  • Cork flooring may get scratched.

How to Care Cork Flooring

If you are applying cork flooring in your kid’s room, then you have to

clean the dust, dirt and debris regularly from the floor. Lay a moisture barrier to protect the floor from the moisture. If the scratches may appear on the cork floors, then you can reapply polish or urethane .

Laminate Flooring

If your kids would like rolling skates or riding their bikes indoors, then laminate flooring is the right choice for the kid’s room. You can afford laminate flooring easily and it looks really superb in your kid’s room. Laminate flooring is available in different colors and designs and it offers you the appearance of wood flooring. You can find the cost of replacing and repairing the laminate flooring is less expensive than wood. If you try, then you can do some of the repairs of laminate flooring yourself.

You can apply laminate flooring over any surface including wood and concrete. as well as existing ceramic tile, vinyl tile, or vinyl or other sheet flooring. Laying laminate flooring is a relatively quick and easy project.

Pros of Laminate Flooring

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