Flooring and Carpeting concrete floor leveling, concrete floor leveling, multitude of sins

Flooring and Carpeting concrete floor leveling, concrete floor leveling, multitude of sins

Flooring and Carpeting /concrete floor leveling


I want to install lamenent flooring in my living room. I have slab concrete foundation. The concrete is uneven from 1/8th of inch to 5/8 in certain areas of the floor. My living room is approximately 20×30 feet. What product do you recommend for self leveling? and the procedure needed.Thank you for your time.


I am going out of town. this is a lengthy question / answer. if you wouldn’t mind waiting I will respond late Monday or Early Tuesday. have a great week end



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The self leveling products are very expensive. sometimes it is easier to get close to flat and smooth by using manually troweled products and some screeds / straight edges. Laminate floors are much less prone to exacting specs due to the fact they have a soft underlayment to hide a multitude of sins.

Yes, do the worst areas, however you can have a minor deviation of 3/16″ without issue.

For the DYI, I would recommend buying a straight 8 foot steel/metal framing stud to use as a screed and straight edge. Lay 1 edge on the floor so you can see the amount of daylight under it. mark the floor with chalk or other suitable writing device. Lo / Hi etc.

Purchase either self leveling products or trowelable products listed here at Home depot or Lowes.

There are many Mapei products to choose from. examine the site carefully or call the 800# for recommends. always use the primer for self leveling products. Find the least expensive products. they all work the same.


Again either trowelable or self leveling. examine the products and chose the one you suitable for you..

Pros and cons of the various methods.


Cost effective trowelable materials can require up to 2 applications to achieve proper height and some smoothing off of the edges. usually dry in 1 hour or less with the aide of a fan. Less expensive. easy to mix with water. not always necessary to use latex primer. a good straight edge and trowel are required as well as a few buckets for mix / rinse. Slightly runny material will still set properly.

Self Leveling:

Expensive. mixing ratios are critical. to much water will cause issues. Primer is mandatory. Mixing buckets and drill motor are required to mix complete bags in one shot. Rapidly sets and without a helper can become problematic. not enough hands. needs some manipulation with a rake or trowel. all areas that would be prone to run off need to be blocked off. Edges that remain high still need to be feather edged to a smooth transition with manual trwoelable products. This product requires much more planning in order not to waste it.

I am not trying to scare you off the self leveling products. just preparing you for the issues I dealt with years ago. I always use a helper when mixing SL products. he mixes. I pour and manipulate.

Prior to pouring I remove base boards and check for cracks that will leak material, if needed I pre fill with a trowelable any and all cracks/ leak prone areas. Even to the extent of using duct tape if needed. The instructions are in the PDF’s and on the bags. the companies all provide 800#’s and technical assistance to aide your application choices.

If I have left anything out please reply with another follow up.

I am happy to help. and thanks for being patient.


Buy a decent trowel (steel) 11.00-29.00)

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