Eco friendly rubber flooring is ideal for your household renovations

Eco friendly rubber flooring is ideal for your household renovations

Eco friendly rubber flooring is ideal for your household renovations

Because floor coverings are used to conceal most of your home’s rooms and spaces, it’s extremely important opt for a material that’s non-toxic and nice-looking. Increasingly more people are now paying more attention to the ecological impact of their flooring. As far as rubber is concerned, the ecological nature of the floor depends on the material used to manufacture it. Natural rubber is organically harvested from rubber trees and it is a renewable resource, whereas synthetic rubber is made entirely of dangerous petroleum extracts.

We have a third category known as recycled rubber, and it is considered sustainable because it’s made from old tires and several other waste products. This type is in fact the most eco-friendly because it eliminates the necessity to send resources to the landfill. Rubber is a resistant, durable and long-lasting material, suitable for areas of the house with increased traffic. It’s nonporous, meaning that its water and damage proof. Where to install rubber flooring tiles?

  • Childrens Playgrounds : Because it’s incredibly soft, thick rubber is frequently used in outdoor kids’ playgrounds. The material is stain resistant and highly-durable, thus it will not deteriorate easily and its smoothness will prevent children from injuring.
  • The Gym. Rubber is incredibly comfortable and you can sit on it for extended periods of time. It is also resistant to puncture damage and reaping from the heavy lifts that may fall on its surface. Rubber will also prevent body damage in case someone trips or falls while exercising.
  • Garages : Numerous people choose rubber flooring for their garage because it’s strong enough to resist the weight of a car. Rubber tiles can be textured to become slip-resistant when the area is wet.
  • Entryways and Hallways : Rubber floors don’t get dirty easily and this makes rubber a fabulous option for hallways and entryways. An exterior rubber floor will act just like a regular mat, collecting rubbish and debris, and preventing dust from going inside the house.

Whether you choose to install a rubber floor alone or you’d like to pay a professional to do it, you need to make certain that the right type of adhesive is being used. You cannot opt for something that releases volatile organic chemicals because you’ll put your health and the health of those around you in danger.

Great benefits of rubber flooring

Rubber features a myriad of great benefits. and that’s why the material is one of the most popular flooring choices on the market. It is available in thousands of nice patterns, colors and textures, and it can be used for both interior and exterior spaces. Unlike other flooring options, rubber is resilient and incredibly easy to clean. Avoid detergents and powerful cleaning substances though, because they can scratch and discolor the surface of the material.

Rubber is an extremely resilient flooring material that can last for up to 20 years. Just think about the amount of money you’ll manage to save by going for this eco-friendly home renovation idea. As far as the tiles are concerned, the variety is endless, and if you install the rubber piece by piece, you can always replace some if they wear off in time.

Rubber flooring ideas

Stone pavers that look like real concrete are an excellent choice for your courtyard. Opt for rubber recycled from old tires because it’s weather-resistant, portable, and lightweight. Whether you choose to use the pavers for the outside area of the house, or you consider that it works better the outside, the end result will surely exceed your expectations. For your kitchen design, you can always opt for smooth rubber painted in black. Not all cooking spaces can handle such strong color, but the effect will definitely leave you speechless. The key to an eco-friendly décor is to make everything look expensive, even if underneath all items were cheap.

If you’re eager to renovate your home but you have no idea what material to use for your surfaces, eco-rubber is an excellent choice. Mix and match, play with the colors and add a touch of originality to your home. Rubber is extremely versatile, and providing that you stay away from chemically-enhanced types, you’ll manage to have a beautiful, healthy home for many years to come.

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